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OK FIRST of all i dont ...

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1st thing for all you judgers this is serious no lies shes been ...

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Which is worse: Drinking, Smoking, or Cutting?
I know that they are all not good, I'm just wondering which is worse...

It's hard to say... I'm going to say drinking. Smoking comes very close to it, though.

I think drinking is worst. It impairs your judgement so that you can't think straight.

taylor m
They all have effects.
Drinking effects the mind and makes you not think clearly.
Smoking effects your health and well cause you pain.
Cutting I think is the worst. My friend as at least 50 scars on her from self inflicted wounds. You cut because your upset and think this will take away the pain it wont.
She has written things across her arms and almost caused her to die.
Cutting is a terrible thing.

Seraphin Falls
That depends.

One of the leadings causes for cancer
Parents who smoke often have children who smokes
Not Hot, seriously people
Pollutes the air and our lungs, but keeps the trees living
Ew, it like makes your fingers yellow
You kill other people (second-hand smoking)

My great-grandfather had a cigarette company and was one of the richest men in Manila, Philippines, but his employees and himself died of lung cancer.

Depressant. People drink to feel better but it makes you feel worse.
Makes you do things you normally wouldn't do (rape, murder...)
Kills other people (drink and drive)
At parties a lot, cause its 'cool'. So teens try it and die...
Kills you.

Losing blood, not cool.
Might make the person lead to suicide.
Easily prevent, just take away the knife or whatever.
Makes the person addicted to that high feeling.
Blood >< Ew.
Might make the person depressed...Not sure, I'm not very educated about cutting.

I think smoking and drinking are the worse of the three, but if I had to choose one, it would be smoking.
Smoking kills other people, and once they inhale that smoke, the damage is done.


depends on what your smoking / drinking if there cigerats "i mean to spell it that way" hat the worse cuz of the tar and nikateen drinking is not as addective and cutting is just dumb"like my spelling"

Charlotte Q
all of them but probobly drinking cuz it messes ur head up and anything could happen , hope it hellped

All of them are bad, but cutting is pretty bad.

Darren M

♥@|¥$§@♥ ♪|○\/£§♪ ☺¥○U☺
dont even ask. they are all bad.
>smoking is bad beacuse:
it turns you teeth black
it turns your fingernails yellow
it kills you
it damages your lungs
it gives you smelly breath and BO that is hard to get rid of
>drinking is not as bad if its an "only once in a while sip"
but it is bad because:
you get addicted and the you want to buy it all the time and then you waste a whole lot of cash on some worthless drink
>cutting is bad because:
you can lose too much blood
you can damage your skin cells
you can leave hideous scars

these are all bad, but i think the worst is smoking. no, drinking is worse. but cutting is bad too. WELL I DONT KNOW, THEY ARE ALL BAD!!!!!!!!

*just say no.

Riley's Mommy
CUTTING because your hurting yourself right then and there.

drinking your hurt in the long run same with smoking.

Omg you mean like cuuting your wrists? How ******* stupid. Get a grip.
Emo much?

Smoking and drinking are also bad.
But I choose drinking instead of smoking.

yeah none are good. and they're all self inflicted too. cutting is a one time thing if you let it be. its physical pain so you can just choose NOT to cut. drinking and smoking both cause addictions. drinking can alter your mental state and make you different or violent. smoking is just disgusting. so i'd have to say drinking is the worst..if your an alcoholic.

Nicholas S
They are all very bad for you so just don't do any of them!!!!!

Well smoking gives you a slow torturing death drinking is a little faster by maybe getting you in a car wreck or giving you cancer and cutting is a lot faster so you be the judge!

Drinking, you become crazy and then, smoke and cut yourself... so drinking is the worst

I think cutting because it may indicate other issues..

peace + love = happiness
Smoking because it harms you, people around you, and the environment. Cutting only harms you and drinking only harms others sometimes. They are all bad choices though.

smiless :D
There is no better one! They all can be addicting and horrible! If i had to say i would say smoking!


Ferret Lover

Cutting! It directly influences your life because if you cut a vein then you could lose a lot of blood!

depends on what you are smoking and what you are cutting and what you are drinking


It all depends which one is more damaging on a person.

Some people take smoking overboard, and end up with lung cancer. Some people take drinking overboard, and getting their stomach pumped. Some people kill themselves from loss of blood by cutting.

I think that the long term effects of smoking would be the most harmful, but they all could be the worst, if you give it a bad enough situation.


Smoking: it is basically suicide.

Ray R
cutting..but it really depends on how deep you cut..how much you drink or smoke because they can result in death..

heart o' gold
Cutting is the worst. Drinking and smoking are addictions, cutting is a mental health issue. If this is an issue for you or someone you are close to, please get help through your school or social services.

e h
uhhhh...all of the above

probally cutting, because its the quickest killer

Susan C
they're all a form of self-harm...

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