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 Sick!! should i go to work?
i am not really at deaths door, but im training to be a nurse. im a bit sniffly and it would really cause havoc to not show up for me as i need X hours... should i go into hospital? i just have a bit ...

 How can I get sick fast?
my dad and my sister have the flu, and i want it aswell. What should i do to get it. I dont know if i want them to cough on my food or anything. If i laid in my sisters bed would i get sick?


 i killed a fly by drowning it by accident how to save its life?
i only only killed it for a second then rescud it help ...

 did you know that marijuana isn't bad for you?
and that the government is only making it illegal so they can take your money.
Additional Details
the way they make money is that every arrest costs money and a good amount of arrests ...

 drug test tomorrow i smoked yesturday?
I have a drug test tomorrow for work
is there anyway i can pass ?!...

 why do people sneeze?

 thinking about starting smoking?
ive recently started college in the uk about 12 weeks ago. since i started ive become best friends with a guy who smokes and ive noticed that when im around him and he's smoking that i start 2 ...

 Am I over weight?
I am 5'6' and weigh133 pounds.I'm also 13.If i'm over weight what are good ideas to loose weight....

 is it normal to be this tall at this age?(10pnts)?
i am 5"11 1/2 at 13 almost 14yrs old and female my mom is 5"2 and dad id 6"3 is it normal because i tower over alot of ...

 I'm afraid to eat?
Today I stayed home from school because I have a sore throat. Both my parents said I felt a little warm but the thermometer said my temperature was normal, but i think i did have a fever cuz i didn&#...

 should i go to school tomorrow?
my throat hurts a lot!... ive had a fever on and off today and i have felt dizzy and week

should i go to school
Additional Details
weak* sorry can't ...

 How do I get rid of stomach aches without medicine?
I get stomach aches a lot. I don't know why, or how to get rid of them. I don't need to take medicine, because they are not always that bad. What do I do? Please help.
Additional D...

 What happends when your high?
I never get high and i NEVER wil because i think its stupidbut pretty much ALL my friends get high and so does my boyfriend...why? is it an addiction, whatsso special about it and why would u doit? ...

 Headaches everyday? Help please?
My girlfriend's 16 and she has been having headaches everyday for over a couple years now and she hasn't been getting it checked out?
What could be causing it and could it be something ...

 What's The Last Thing You Do Before You Go To Bed?
No Rudeness Just Fun Friendly Answers!...

 should i cheat on my boyfriend?

 What does smoking Pot do to your Body?
Everybody always tells me that Pot is so bad for your body, but nobody has ever told me what exactly it does to your body. Does anyone know?...

 How can I make my day better if I feel like everything's horrible?
Sometimes, I don't feel pretty at ALL! (When other times I do feel OK) And I feel like nothing is going the least bit good, and I have no idea what to do about it. Any suggestions?...

 I am tired but i can't sleep any suggestions?

 What is something you want to do in your life before you die? Also, How do you want to die?
There are so many things I will like to in my life before I pass....

Reeeenniiiieeee <3
What size are your feet?
Mine are a 4
Additional Details
or a size 3

Jerry Springer told me so™
9 1/2. In Canadian sizes, that is.

Patio of Fun
I lurch about on size 13 hooves.

size 5, and i'm 30! aren't shoes hard to find when you're an adult with small feet?? zappos.com is the best.

10.5 - 11 men

9 in womens


Elle x
uk size 4

im frowning upside down :)
depends on shoes...7 1/2 i gess

8 in womens

i'm 16 and a size ten.

i'm such a clown.

6 in women

11w mens US, and a thick 7.35in .

a 6

bigger than a foot ball field

Do you have a foot fetish?


i'm nearly 16 and i'm only a 3 :(!

8 1/2 women im 18

10 1/2

Lil D
I'm a size 10.. but i'm also tall.

Be responsible towards others

6 in women xD Got big feet. :]

7 in mens

UK 5.5 and very narrow (im tall 5 foot 8.5 and 15 yrs old)

Im a 10 in mens.

I have HUGE Feet.

I'm 17 and my feet are size 81/2. I found that size 3 and size 7 are just about the same size because when I was younger I went from kids 3 to women's 7 and both fit my feet exactly the same.

Todd S

Iam 11 i wear 40 eu

Patricia C
7 1/2

11 and 1/2

And you know what THAT means...

...I wear big shoes.

awe ur feet r cute and small! mine r size 8

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