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What is best to do when your'e sick?
Ok i am REALLY sick. my eyes are all watery and itchy. my nose is runny. my whole body feels tired. my thought is sore (but i am not coughing yet). Whenever i lay down and then stand up my head hurts for a few seconds and i feel a little dizzy.
What can i do so that i can feel better. i took medication, but what else?
Take a hot shower? a cold shower? exercise? soup? ANYTHING!!
Please!! I feel horrible!

Will H.
Rest. Your body needs to put all its energy into healing and the only way it can put the most amount of energy it can is by you not giving it other things to do. So lie down, watch a movie and sleep.

soup :)
eat lots of fruit :)

sleep, hot tub, and medication, warm water and soup and sprite may help to, try warm showers.

Take some benadryl (Diphenhydramine). It will dry up your itchy watery eyes and make you sleepy. Get a good night's rest. Hope you feel better.

ḋøṃïṉø 僃ε?τ
you should get outdoors.fresh air is good for the body..eat lots of fruit and vegetables...chicken soup..and if the problem persists see a doctor!

Kyle S
For sinus problems, here's a little family trick I learned from my girlfriend.

You will need: 1 good sized mixing bowl, 1 can vapor rub, 1 beach towel (or 2 bath towels), 1 tea kettle, 1 chair, and 1 table.

First off, fill the kettle with hot tap water and boil. Set the bowl on a stable table near a comfortable chair, and drop one tablespoon of vapor rub into the bottom of the bowl. Put on some soothing music, or an audio book, or NPR's Prairie Home Companion. CAREFULLY fill the bowl with boiling water, settle down into the comfy chair, and drape the towel(s) over your head, shoulders, and bowl. Breathe the steam until the cools enough to stop steaming. Repeat as needed.

i actually felt the same way last week, but i WAS coughing.

i took a hot shower to get clean and then a nice warm bath to
i had some chicken noodle soup and stayed in bed.
i watched a few fun movies for as long as i could stay
awake through them. (=

get plenty of rest and drink lots of water...

hope you feel better!!

S.H. Rooms
Drink O.j., the stuff in the carton. The golfer in jail will kill you.

Skip school and stay home all day!

take a hot bath and put bath salts in it. that will help with your headache, sore throat, and you sineses! =]

Get lots of rest, watch tv or read a book, but stay in bed. You should drink water and if it continues for too long see a doctor.And don't rub your eyes it will make them worse.

Sleep and rest will help your immune system fight off the virus, and drinking soup and other fluids will make you pee (which helps drain the virus from your system).

But if you want to help the symptoms for now, here's what I suggest based off of what I know works.

Sore throat: Chloraseptic, if you don't mind the taste. It numbs the pain and gets rid of any spreading infections. Lemon tea: tastes good and helps soothe the redness. Gargling salt water: the sodium draws the water from your tonsils and tissue lining, reducing the redness and swelling.

Runny/ Stuffy Nose: Try taking a hot shower and just slowly inhaling the steam. It helps clear your sinuses. Also, runny noses are good. The mucus buildup is draining, which means it's not congesting your lungs.

Drink lots of water for your light-headedness. What the problem is is that your head is getting a low blood flow. Water increases the blood flow to the brain, which will prevent headaches, as well.

Just take it easy, and don't try and force yourself to get rid of it.

Hope this helps!!

exercise, drink lots of water, plenty of rest, ask doctor for some medicine maybe. hope u feel better soon!!

Go and take a nice nap

Brittany M
first try a hot shower, if that doesn't help at all try doing a little bit of exercise but don't wear yourself out because you'll just feel worse. take that one slow. and keep some tissues nearby :)

hot steamed bath

take some panadol and rest

get lots of rest.. drink lots of water.. and eat.. its good for your metabo.. and will make you feel better faster ;)

christina's amazing!
take a nice warm shower and sleep and rest A LOT!

sleep, drink juice and water and sleep more

Take a Paracetamol and a multivitamin then sleep.

You'll feel a lot better when u wake up.

SLEEP!! and take HOT baths! :D
Hope you feel better!

Just sleep and rest, this is the best thing for the body. Drink plenty of fluids.

Sleep and take some Vitamin C.

spicy food will clear your sinuses. heavy breathing will do it too. other than that, bed rest and plenty of fluids

drink lots of fluids and get lots of rest. you'll be better in no time!

THUMBS UP 4 ME?!?!?!?!?! O_O
Watch T.V.

Read a book.

Infect the local neighboorhood children.

idk what els

Eat, sleep and watch tv

Cole M
have mama make some soup and rest

Take a hot shower; it will increase circulation which will help you get better. Stretch your neck gently to help with the sore throat. And chicken soup is good, if for nothing else, the comfort factor.

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