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Hi, thanks for everyones answers. Hopefully will work!
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Vlad s
What is about Cigarettes that people enjoy smoking them so much?
I am 23 never smoked cigarettes, all my friends smoke i recentley decided to try to smoke to see what it is about cigarettes it is that they like. After smoking two cigarettes i felt nauseous and Dizzy and could not stop coughing? how do people start smoking with side effects like these to get addicted?

Nicotine is addictive because it triggers the release of endorphins. They are hormones that make you feel happy. Exercise causes this release as well, so smokers usually find it helpful when quitting.
The nausea and coughing fits go away with experience :P

i love him(:
smoking is stupid and causes lung cancer

Julie R
yeah when you first try it you hate it and it tastes disgusting. my mom always had to have a big drink next to her or else she said it was too gross. but it is addictive, and one is all it takes. plus people say its calming. dont smoke again!

Corr Blimey!
Do not smoke, They usually always STINK. :)
so yeah.


once people do it a few times ("to look cool") they get addicted to the chemicals in it (nicotene) most of the time people dont really like the cigarettes that much

I despise smoking It is the most pointless habit going!
It does what? Wastes your money, time, makes you smell, can give you cancer, makes your teeth yellow, makes you irritated? I just dont get it
I tried one once to see what the fuss was about, and it made me feel sick.
Some people just cant help it, they are hooked and cant stop.
Some people think they are cool
Some people do it cause they are bored
and some do it because it keeps them slim because it dampens your appetite.
Personally, I'd rather have to exercise and eat healthily to keep slim, I would rather find things to do, things productive than get bored and would never get hooked in the first place!
And with the new smoking ban of smoking indoor (in England) it means the smokers have to go outside in the cold or rain to have a cigarette.. once again, why??
it seriously baffles me! I have nothing against smokers, many of my friends smoke.. i just dont understand!!!!

Catherine P

I don't know, but I think they're freaking nasty. I hate being around it and I hate exposing my kids too it. I hate people who hover around entryways smoking because its not allowed in public places and I really hate seeing people that work at restaurants outside on their break smoking.

various reasons..peer pressure, parents do it, they want to be rebellious, etc. i've never smoked so i can't be sure of this but i don't think that the side effects are the same for everybody. they might have been really extreme for you and somebody else might not really be affected. it's just that the nicotine is so addicting that once they've started it's hard to start, so i'm happy you didn't like it because smoking is really bad for you. stay healthy :)

I am with you, it is totally gross. I used to smoke, I think maybe to fit in and to pass the time. The only time I ever think I might want a cigarette is when I am totally bored.

Luiz E
ITS ADDICTIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…

Mickey Mouse
I don't know, but the nicotine is addictive. Never smoke again.

Mum Mum
The same way you did, until they got addited to the nicotine !

nausea dizzy and coughing go away...some people smoke because they enjoy the dizzy feeling...some started so young that they're addicted beyond control and I personally smoked for social reasons and found myself enjoying the act of smoking itself (tho i've quit)

Alaskan Wolf
I suppose it helps calm your nerves, people probably also like the taste of it.

When people get started they have those same side effects usually, but because the nicotine gets so addictive later they can't put it down and tell themselves no. Then it becomes addicting.

Smiling JW™
the enjoyment of having your nicotine fix and the pleasurable hit a smoker gets at the back of the throat when inhaling.
Smoking is very pleasurable when you are a smoker that is why it is so difficult for many to begin the choice of quitting and so much effort it takes to break the addiction.

I quit because I wanted to do the right thing and I aimed to progress to baptism. Though I am long no longer an addict and free from the claws of nicotine, I have understanding for those who do smoke just as I used to smoke. I do not agree with smoking but I am also understanding.

Death to False Metal
for some people it makes them feel more relaxed. For example, watch a shaking nervous man light one up and he will be still like a statue.

I'm almost twice your age and have never smoked. Yes, nicotine is addicting, but something made people get started, long before they became addicted. Apparently they find smoking to be relaxing, or a distraction, or they like how it tastes and feels, or a combination of several things. It can be a social activity and a habit. Some people light up a cigarette every time they're on the phone, for example.
The alcohol analogy is a good one--not everyone who drinks will become an alcoholic. Not everyone who smokes will do it because he's addicted. There's a lot more going on, and, like you, I just don't get it. I can't stand the smell of cigarette smoke and can't imagine inhaling it on purpose.

cigarettes contain nicotene, which is a drug that is very addictive. also cigarettes apparently produce feelings of calm while also raising you blood pressure. the nicotene is the main reason though. but the psychological dependence is also a big factor....for instance the physical dependance on nicotene goes away if they don't smoke for 2 weeks, but the psychological dependence ("oooh i need a cig it keeps me calm") lasts longer. but the nicote is what gets you hooked initially, before the psychological dependence sets in.

seven 2 seven
Okay, people who are already hooked, I understand. But people who do not smoke, why would anyone ever start to begin with, especially with knowing what it does to your body, not to mention your wallet? If you smoke an average of a pack a day at about $5.00, that's $1,825 a year you're wasting on something that's going to kill you. Besides, as a non-smoker, have you ever kissed a smoker? OMG! It's like licking an ashtray. I will never date another smoker in my life.

well there is a little enjoyment in them but the thing that lets people smoke is the desire of smoking, it is very strong and it lets you feel that there are rewards after you smoke but after you finish smoking you don't feel anything so the cycle continues.

Ciara ;)
it's the nicotine that's soooooo addictive

Matthew Buote
im 18 i started smokin 5 years ago i tried to quit and it hasent worked so instead i just cuz down and only have one when i need one not everytime i get a chance, idk y i do it anymore i just cant help it. i guess thats called addicted? lol

The bottom line is the chemicals inside of cigarettes that create an addiction. Nicotine is a drug that, over time, makes your body dependent of it.

Ben Dover
People become addicted to the nicotine.

Daydream Lamb ♥
Nicotine is addictive

Aubrey Santiago
its addicting more mentally than anything for most people who think they really are addicted. i thought i was addicted because i smoked for two years almost a pack a day, and everything i did i would find a reson to smoke a ciggerate. but i got pregnant and just dead quit. yes i wanted to smoke but it wasnt like a drug withdrawel or anything.
it really is just a bad habit overall. like biting your nails. you can stop without it killing you if u really want to its just u want it so u do it.

William L
Its got nothing to do with cigarettes.

your question might as well be why do alcoholics enjoy drinking alcohol

Its just one of the many addictions that are freely avaliable to society, There is nothing unique about it apart from the fact that its very addictive

From your question: it looks like your one of the lucky ones...your body prob has a low tolerate to nictoine. It affects most people this way at first but they get used to it and if you persist you may well get used to it as well

It starts out as a social misnomer. People who are going through problems or are reaching out to others for help often start smoking because they know it is wrong and they are trying to invoke a response from another party who does not approve as a way of open rebellion.

Others light up in the beginning because of peer pressure or because they think it will make them look cool. The body responds the way it does to smoking in the beginning because it is telling you that you are poisoning your body, but like any substance abuse, the body eventually develops a defense mechanism against the initial coughing or other negative reaction by literally changing the cell structures in the epithelial cells lining the airways leading to your lungs. The nicotine, and other addictive chemicals, that the tobacco companies enhance into their product also guarantee a dependence on the drug will follow with consecutive and consistent smoking as time progresses.

So the quick and simple answer to your question is most likely social and/or emotional problems. Personally, I have a very biased and negative opinion toward alcoholics and smokers because only a weak-minded person cannot handle the stresses and problems in their lives without going to a bottle or lighting up. It's a cop out and pathetic that people don't step up and be responsible adults and deal with their problems head on rather than depending on a drug as a constant and temporary way of escaping the reality of any given situation.

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