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 how do u get marijuana out of your system?
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What is a way to wash marijuana out of your system within 2 weeks ?

Additional Details
its not for me

Yes, but its complicated. If you have a steralized needle, injecting franks hot sauce into your blood stream will act like a catalyst for killing off blood cells and replacing them with new ones. The THC from marijuana attaches itself to the actual cells and not the blood plasma, so doing this replaces your cells and thus, there aren't any with THC left on them to be detected. But careful! An overdose will be bad for you. Only use about 1 millilitre of franks, and have it diluted with water in the needle.

Stop right NOW.Dont drink anything with caffiene in it, lots of water and fresh fruit.Stay clean,and enjoy life minus a joint in your hand.

it should stay in your system for a month, but I had a friend who passed a drug test by drinking 3 gallons of water everyday. He peed about every 10 minutes, but he didn't get caught. The trick is to dilute your urine so much before the test that they will get such small amounts that either won't be detected, or are so small that they retest. If they retest, you will have had extra time to get it out of your system.

good luck!

Chris L
Drink dill pickle juice that is the fastest way, or you can drink a lot of coffee or iced tea whatever will flush you out.

get some charcoal pills and drink lots of water
, try milk thistle,

these detox you, don't know about marijuana

Jeremy W
lots of water...

Zach W
Buy a detox kit, you can find them at head shops, or many places online. They have instructions on them and are usually 99.X% effective.

I'm sure people will come on here telling you to drink lots of water, which isn't going to do anything. THC is stored in fat cells, drinking water does absolutely nothing.

However, drink lots of water 2 hours PRIOR to the actual test. Your urine will be slightly diluted. Remember: there is no reason to drink lots of water until this time.

Unless you were smoking quite frequently for a month or so, two weeks is plenty of time to get it out of your system. If this was one of your first times smoking, you'll be fine in a few days.

John S
It takes a little longer than that for the metabolites to be flushed from the system. You could try to minimise the levels by drinking a lot of prune juice, and eating green vegetables and other foods that promote liver and kidney function.

Many standard drug tests don't detect it anyway.

1. Drink lots of water and 100% juice for the two weeks (add a tube of liquid golden seal to the drink for the first 2-3 days)

During the two weeks you also need to workout and sweat a lot.

I have also heard of using:

Pickle Juice
Golden Seal
Detox Drinks

It also depends on why you need it out of your system because you could always use synthetic urine. with a warmer (ask your local head shop/ pipe supplier for it)

Do not use the urine if you are being tested for the military or if you are watched during a test.

You can't..it takes around three mths to completely go.

You could always give the sh!t up ever thought of that hmmm?

LOL! My brother does this kinda stuff. I have seen him take a cap full of bleach in water. I have seen him take a spoon full of baking soda in water. Also drink alot of fluids. To even pooring in a small pack of salt. And still pass a marijuana test. But I would not bet on it. As all things... ***Results May Vary***

ed d
marijuana only stays in your system for about 7-10 days in some cases after long use it is stored in fat cells and i don't know how long it can stay in there but i'm pretty sure it an be for a long time

Drink alot of orange juice, &obviously dont smoke ! But even with these things I hate to tell you sweetie, but if your taking a urine test two weeks is NOT enough. If you smoke on a daily basis or even just a few times a week it will take atleast a month 1/2 to fully flush your system. If they mouth swab you, 2 weeks could be enough.

Lots and Lots of pickle juice. The vinegar flushes your system. Go to this site too...there's some products that supposedly flush out your system just to be sure http://www.herbimport.com/home.php?cat=259

ummm.....try this....drink allot of buko juice/green coconut
it may help

It depends on how much you've taken (maybe you ate it), and how much you weigh. THC is stored in fat cells, so drinking allot of water, exercise, peeing, and taking things that increase your metabolism like drinking diet green tea.

If your a heavy user, and an average weight (around 200lbs?), you might have better luck masking your urin with a "shake" they sell them at head shops.
or here
it dosent always work..

Best bet, exercise, eat right, flush your system with water and green tea.

you can get detox stuff, depending on what type of test you are getting
you can get different kinds of detox kits(blood , urine, hair) http://www.detoxshops.com/ ........... check this place out or go to your local headshop.

The walking dead
you can't it at stays in hair molecules for months, why you ask think thinking of joining the crooked police

drink as many liquids you can and if you live near like a blue boutique or place like that they have this solution that takes it out of your body in a week!!!

Killer Orchid
One strand of your hair will show if you've had ANY drugs in the last 4 years.

a **** load of sunny D makes you pee like a race horse

If you're a heavy, every-day smoker, you really won't be able to. But if you're an infrequent smoker and you're relatively fit, you should be able to flush out your system with water. Just don't overdo it, and if you drink lots of water before your test (which is what I'm assuming you're worried about) remember to take a few b12 vitamins to recolor your urine. Also, for some reason, it's a common stoner practice to take four aspirin before you get to your test. It's supposed to trigger a false negative or something. It's a trick I learned from my uncle, and it worked for me.

You could also go to some head shops in your area and check out flushing teas/juices or fake urine.

nicholas o
listen i had a job interview with a urine test and i had the same issue i was told to drink cranberry juice and vinegar for a day than water for a day and so on..... after a week i took my test and i passed well at least i got the job (i was a real pot head)

hope this helps

oh and the ratios is 3:1 not a whole class of vinegar

drink lots of water and exwrcise. it was out of my system in 6 days

drink crazy amount of water. not if you start feeling sick though. exercise A LOTTT. marijuana gets stored in your fat cell.s

army wife
i heard water and cranberry juice (lots of it) flushes you out, but depending on how much u smoked it may be more than that. just go to cvs or any pharmacy and buy a drud urine rapid test, so u can see if and what will register through your urine sample if u are getting drug tested.

Drink lots and lots of water and I've heard prune juice works. I heard of someone drinking bleach, but I'd recommend against that. They sell stuff that claims to clean your system out at places that sell pipes and other "tobacco" accessories.

Actually, I think it was cranberry juice.

lots of water and if u wana spend money go to a health store with vitamins and stuff and buy this drink called STRIP its 32 oz. and really gross but it works but its like 50 bucks

Balls I
lots of water lots of cranberry juice lots of excersize.the faster you get your blood to go through n through the better.i think fiber helps to.if your a guy n yr desprate you can buy like this thing that attches to ....your thing n have someone who YOU KNOW is clean piss in the little packet so all youll have to do ispress the button n let it flow

Lesley C
there are diets that clean toxins out of your body

You can most likely be rid of it in two weeks by drinking a little extra water....unless you have a lot of body fat or unless you smoke A LOT!

My friend ben, huge guy, 6'7", not fat, but don't know his weight was on probation and had to take piss tests monthly. He would take the test, go home and smoke pot every day for two weeks straight, then stop for two weeks and he was always clean for his next test. Everyones body is different though.

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