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What can I do besides eat when I'm stressed out?
I'm not over weight at all, but I recently lost 10 pounds through a strict diet while I was off school. I was super proud of myself but today I went to class finally and after I got home I couldn't stop eating. School stresses me out beyond belief and I don't know what to do besides eat my problems away. Anyone have any ideas on how to cope besides eating? Nothing stupid either, this is a serious question.
Additional Details
I don't eat junk food, I've just been eating a lot of cereal, like Special K.

You can try journalling, praying or meditating. I also find listening to music calms your nerves.. try it.

Boxing or jogging is a great way to stay in shape, and beat out all your frustrations. Exercise is a great way to deal with stress. Find fun ways to exercise, you will stay in shape and kill stress. Sweet.

Nutsy drama queen
This may sound crazy but learning to play a instrument that requires you to breathe a lot might help you. (flute clarinet trumpet) It makes you breathe deeply which helps relaxes you (don't know if you are the musical type)

Your body might not feel like exercising, but it really helps
Take a walk outside, and get some fresh air.

Banjo and Sullivan
I meditate. It can be incredibly revealing and relaxing. It relieves pain, frustration and anger. It takes quite a bit of discipline though and you must learn how to clear your mind. I think you have it in you though. The trick is breathing properly. In through the nose and out through the mouth. As slow as you possibly can. Clearing your mind begins with counting down from a hundred, as slow as you possibly can. all of this and a quiet environment will turn your stress into relief. Best of luck.

Steven M
take fluffy for a walk and play and if you dont have a dog then if i were you id look into getting a cat. cats are womens best friends and i think they totally understand each other.

Several things actually.
Drink. Drink a lot of nonalcoholicc, non-carbonated and non-stimulant liquids. Water is always good.
Chew gum. Sugar-free gums are a great way to help ease stress, freshen your breath and keep your teeth healthy as well.
Drink sleepytime tea. It's a great tasting lavender and mint tea sold at most food stores.
Put on some head phones, crank up your tunes as loud as you can and scream along.
Exercise. Find some form of exercise, dancing, martial arts, tai-chi, swiming, running, climbing trees and jumping. Anything that you find fun will probably help you relax.
Read. Absorb the words and visualize what you're reading, works better than a movie any day.
Baths. Long hot bats, 1/4cup sea salt, 1/4cup baking soda, add your favorite fragrance, soak for 10-15 minutes. Very relaxing.
Visualize and meditate. Breath in through the nose for 3-5 seconds and repeat in your head, I am taking in the good that life offers, all of the good, positive energy in the world around me.
Blow out through your mouth for 3-5 seconds and say to yourself I am letting go of all the bad in me, all the sickness, sorrow, worry, pain and hatred, I am releasing all the negative energy.
While breathing in and out and repeating in your mind visualize steady colored streams of light and life coming into your nose and filling up your body while every exhale you will visualize a black oily stream racing out your body.
Biggest thing during visulation and meditation though is remember no sudden actions, do everything, including pushing away unwanted or fearful thoughts, softly, gently, slowly.
Hope this helps you.


Exercise is a great way to take out frustrations and get rid of stress or you could take a bath, or if you have a hobby like drawing or scrapbooking do that hope that helps :)

Why not walk the stairs a few times. If you have a pet walk the dog. Pet the cat. Read a book or newspaper. Count. Soak your feet. Do some crafts.

Lots of people eat when stressed out. In fact, it is real common and does cause weight issues for many people. Not you though. Another way to beat stress is with exercise. Even just a brisk walk for 30 minutes in a safe area. Or, stay inside your place, put your favorite music on and do sit-ups, push -ups, dips with back of chair, jumping jacks. This always helps me and helps curb my eating habits as well as keeping in shape.

Meditation is another good one. But, I like the work out way better.
Hope that helps. Gary D

ya what i do is just go upstairs and scream or i grab a stress ball and stay as far away from the food as posible

hit things it makes me fill alot better

Rachel D
Work out. Or just go for a jog. It will help you decompress.

Well i would say go blaze but that would just make u hungrier lol
So you should go get into some kind of sport or after school thing

i am the same way and so is my mom we feel sooo much better if we go for a walk or exersize or something like that you should try

Go for a run or a walk. It really does help with stress. It is some chemical thing just make sure to stretch before especially if you are not used to it.

Simply Lexi.
okay, you can do crunches and push-ups? exercise! it helps me relieve my stress! go running! that's a good one, or you can write poems/ stories to relieve your stress from the day. that helps me(: no matter how terrible they are! you can also dance(: listen to your favorite songs, and dance(: let yourself be free. and if you get hungry, choose a glass of fat-free milk and eat a granola bar! (: or fruit! i hope i helped(: good luck! ^.^

I do the same thing. I'm not overweight but I do compulsively eat when I get stressed. Try to get immersed in something else that you have to use your hands for, like some sort of hobby (playing guitar, knitting...) Another way I can keep myself from eating a whole bag of chips or thing of ice cream is to just not have them in the house. If they are here, I will eat them, so if I just don't buy them and instead have things like oranges and string cheese to munch on when I get the urge, I won't consume as many calories. And plus, it's not like you would WANT to eat like 6 things of string cheese or 3 oranges, so that helps with portion control.

Well there are many things u could do
1.Play a game that releases stress (i don't know of any but you can look one up).
2.Play with a pet.
3.Talk to a boyfriend or girlfriend.
4.Go out with a friend.
5.Toke a blunt (works trust)

You can count on my answer !
Take a walk ?

to cold, read.

Nothing else? Try going to the store to walk around

Find a hobby! Reading, writing, biking, video games ect.

- go excersice (best way)
-go read a book
-go watch a comedy movie
- listen to relaxing music
- anything witch makes you busy

these are garunteed ways to help you cope

Go for a long walk. clear your head, you have to give yourself rewards. watch a movie, read, color, anything!

I had the same problem as you this is what worked for me:

I eat sugar less gum when I get sugar cravings. (half of it is psycological)

I eat whole grain cereal like and oatmeal cereal to fill me up as a snack?

Oatmeal supresses appetite.

Also cardio 30 minutes supresses appetite.

good luck!

be our bee
Have you tried tea? Yogi makes a stress relief tea that is very good. You could also try taking a long walk. I find that when I walk my dog for a long time, it really helps me relax.

Answer Boy
find a hobby that realoly suits you

DO something. Go for a walk, jog, swing, do something. Music helps too, and tea.

Get a punchbag and punch your stress away!

Just backing up what 'Rachel D' said: work out! Jog! Run! All of these do wonders for me if I'm stressed...and even if I'm not ;-)

scream to your favorite song,
punch a pillow,
write in your journal,
write a story,
close your eyes, imagine you're in a room full of blue, and breath.
drive out in the country with the windows down and the music up
listen to death cab for cutie =]
re arrange your room

that's usually what i do.

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