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Renesmee Carlie Cullen <3
What are the effects of drinking too much pop? Can it become life threatening?
I was just wondering about what the effects of drinking too much pop can do to your body? Can it endanger you or do something to your heart like create a little hole in it?

Joe J
Look when you drink so much pop you can get heart attack or diabetes or kidney stones you can gain weight and get obese you will definatley get yellow teeth and they will start to decay.... So drinking to much pop can kill you slowly and painfully i don't know about creating a hole in you heart...very unlikely. But over time so much pop can kill you slowly.

i think i seen some where don't hold me to it though but i think that i did see that if you drink way too much soda like 2 liters a day that you may die...

You will gain a lot of weight from all that sugar. Even diet sodas with no sugar have been known to eat away at your bones. Excessive caffeine can hurt you heart and sleeping pattern. I like soda but it's not healthy. Everything in moderation.

-It has too much sugar.
-It will make you bloat.
-It could rot your teeth and wear away enamel.
-It discolors your teeth.
-And it won't cause a hole in your heart, but I think I know what you're talking about. I read an article in the Week a few years ago that claimed drinking soda was no good for your esophagus. If I remember correctly, it's because of the carbonation in the soda. When you belch because of the carbonation, you are bringing up stomach acid to your esophagus and causing damage that could create a little hole.

The main effects of drinking large amounts of pop are tooth decay/gum disease and building up insulin resistance, which causes Type II diabetes. The acid in pop is not as strong as stomach acid, so it is not much of a risk unless you already have problems with indigestion or an ulcer. There is no direct effect on the heart, but it can affect the heart indirectly if the calories contribute to obesity.

i don;t know but i can drink a 12 pack of pepsi in a day so i am very intrested to the answers..i do imagine it is bad to much caffeni but i am addicted to it..i would give up alot before my pepsi

Yes, drinking regular pop can have a negative affect on your body. For example, drinking Mountain Dew can rot your teeth, and all other pops (diet or non-diet) can also kill brain cells because of the carbonation. Plus, you can gain weight. However, Diet pop is even worse for you than regular soda. And most sodas these days contain High Fructose Corn Syrup. Which is the worst possible form of sweetener. Your body does not know how to register it as sugar, so it goes directly to your thighs, stomach, face, etc. You can find it in Coke, Sprite, and most other major pop brands. I know this is a little much, but im no doctor. So I advise you to read up on the information I have given you. Hope I helped. -Amy :D

Novella J
No, but it can lead to life-threatening conditions. You could develop sugar diabetes which, if not carefully monitored,you can die from. Youcoul also rot away your teeth, leaving you prone to infections that can reach your jaw, getinto your boodstream and from there, the infecion can get to any part of yor body and kill you.

i know if you drink too much coke that it's possible you can get diabetes

May J
dark soda is bad...like Coca Cola they use it to wash blood off High Ways, and a nail, put it in a bottle of dark soda wait for some days and I'll be gone.

(@[email protected])
It can give you cavities but nothing that serious

It's not going to burn a hole in your heart, or anything dramatic like that. Instead, it's a slow process of wasting away from rotting teeth, stomach ulcers, and diabetes.

you'll mess up you kidney

osteoporosis, cavities and gum disease, diabetes, weight gain, ulcers, hyperacidity/acid indigestion. You need to at least alternate a can of soda with a bottle of water.

How many are you drinking each day?

Naughty Puppy
Pop isn't good for you in general. Sugar from regular pop (corn syrup) is horrible for your health in large doses (and even a single can contains large doses). The diet soft drinks aren't much better as even if you ignore the artificial ingredients, the way they get to be sweet and still 0 calories is to get your body to not absorb them. This also messes with regular digestion and you'll be weaker.

Caffeine is also hard on a person. If you are drinking more than a can a day, you can really start to suffer the effects.

no the worst is tooth decay (if you dint brush your teeth ) or or getting fat

diabetes, arthritis, and weight gain. it's something you want to limit.

kidney stones, diabetes, fatigue.

звездный ?вет
Bad teeth, diabetes, weeeiiighhtt gaiiinn.

Anything can be life threatening in excess; even water (it essentially drowns you from the inside). This goes for soda as well. Also, given the acidic content in soda, it can eat away at the protective coating on your teeth called enamel (thus, a cavity). I'm sure there are many ways soda is life threatening, actually. As far as I know it can't literally create a hole in your heart, but it can give you a heart attack (the sugar content in sodas is extremely high, which isn't healthy for the heart and can clog arteries). Of course it can also make you obese, not a healthy thing either. As far as diet sodas are concerned, they can be just as hazardous. Artificial sweeteners have been shown to stunt growth and act as a carcinogen (a caner-causing chemical- but then again everything causes cancer these days, and I don't think it's scientifically proven). Hope that helped. All of these, I believe, are potentially life threatening, except perhaps the tooth thing ;)

Theeffects of drinking too much pop can lead to diabetes, weight gain, teeth problems, and much more...and yes, i you drink too much the acid from the pop can create damage to your heart and your body..

drink juices instead of pop..or a nice glass of lemonade can be amazing..only have pop on special occasions..you have to li yourself on pop..as one said..all in moderation..

Hope this helps!

Pineapple Octopus
it's very much so one of the most dangerous food/drinks that are available.... so many people get fat by drinking soda regularly.

Staci E
well, anything can be bad for you in to large of a dose. I reccomend switching to diet soda, or switching it up by drinking tea, flavored water, snapple, juice, and my favorite, those FUZE drinks or koolaid.

weigh gain, i drink dr peper and coke and i gained 10 pounds in the last 4 months just cuz of soda!

Pop will rot your teeth, there is not any nutrition, just loads of sugar & caffeine. Over time it could cause diabetes, and maybe cancer.

Live your life,drink what you want when you want because if your always worried sbout your health,are you really living/If a problem arises ,deal with it then.your body well tell your brain to stop when you start feeling like ****.

Kidney stones! My mother drinks a lot of Pepsi and didn't consume enough water so she paid the price. Aside from that it will ruin the enamel on your teeth. You also have a higher risk for kidney disease. The second link down gives you the ten most common diseases linked to soda consumption.

Weight gain, type 2 diabetes, caffeine addiction.

It can create stomach ulcers. and rot your teeth.

Zeta Reticuli
I used to drink gallons of Coke a day and I now have diabetes. That's one of the health risks all that sugar can bring about.

Jungle J
1. It's called SODA
2. Yes, soda has a lot of sugar in it, you can get diabetes.

Only drink soda in moderation.

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