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 Should I smoke weed????
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 if i smoke what happends to me?

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What are some long term effects of smoking weed, ive smoked everyday for about 9 months?

Cancer, long-term psychosis or schizophrenia (if you have cannabis-induced psychosis).

your heart will be weak-ed gradually

Michael Scott

Kittykai M
braindamage. think of all the harmful chemicals that go into your brain.

dudee i suggest you give up the weed

honestly....no one can really answer because studies have not really been done.... so no one really knows what long term use does....

if you're worried about it, then stop.

It can lead to long term memory loss and ofc very, very bad breathing problems. Umm, it can also lead to schizophrenia, just - don't - take it. I'm 14, and I know that you shouldn't, and really, what benefits do you get apart from, I'm guessing a few hours/minutes of mild fun...

luke t
You've probably lost some of your intelligence. My brother hung out with the wrong friends for one year in high-school (parents made him change), and smoked weed a lot. He used to be smart, but just isn't all there anymore. :(

memory loss, slow thinking

Rocky Blair
There has been so much discussion about the long term effects of smoking, such as increased chance of lung cancer and heart disease. There are so many others that while they may be just as much of a concern, they never seem to get as much documentation. If you have ever thought that maybe you would like to quit smoking, take the time to read through the rest of this article to get a better picture of what you may face if you don't quit.

Lung cancer isn't the only cancer that can be caused by smoking. Research also supports the fact that other cancers can be attributed to smoking as well. Some of the more common ones that you might suspect are cancer of the mouth, larynx, tongue and skin. Obviously these cancers are due to the direct smoke contact when inhaling a cigarette. A smoker with these types of cancer can expect to end up needing a stoma, which provides an opening into the throat directly. It often needs to be suctioned out in order to stay open. And, a voice box could be a possibility as well.

Other cancers that can be caused from smoking include kidney, bladder, cervix and breast. Recent evidence from research show that smokers are more prone to these cancers as well. In the case of kidney and bladder cancer it is really quite understandable actually. As the smoke enters the body, it goes into the lungs (which accounts for the high rates of lung cancer). The lungs filter the smoke into the bloodstream, which then is put into the kidneys. The kidneys produce urine, and the urine containing the remaining toxins that have been filtered out collects in the bladder. While in the bladder, the cells lining the bladder will be damaged.

If you're worried about it, then stop.
Obviously nothing good, besides getting high...
Drugs are bad.
just saying.

Since you asked, it causes people to suffer from anxiety, stress and anger and people end up not being able to think about much else.

favorite girl(:

-it screws up ur stress response system (so u'll be more stressed out over little things).
-there's the risk of becoming reeeally addicted obviously
-inability to sleep
-decreased appetite
-depression/risk of becoming suicidal
-some people become more violent
-effects the heart, studies have shown risk of heart attack is 4 times greater if u smoke pot
-affects blood pressure/heart rate (increases both)
-reduced oxygen carrying
-cancer risk
-respiratory issues (such as daily cough, phelgm production, more frequent acute chest illness, a bigger risk of lung infections, and greater tendency toward obstructed airways)
-immune system failure

R.I.P. Harry Kalas
uhhh memory loss i think

hmm. you could get cancer. you could also have memory loss, they say that cannot happen but my mom is a major pot head and it is really hard for her to understand things now, and comprehend whats going on around her. so yeah. if you want to be stupid, keep up the work

loss of brain cells

mark s
this is not the place to ask that kinda thing people on this site are ***** about drugs.
i've smoked weed everyday other since i was 13 and I feel fine if not better for it.

but I do know that 1 in 10,000 people are admitted every year for psychotic reactions to cannabis.





Keep smoking. Don't trip.

You can get respiratory problems. Nine months isn't so long so if you stop doing it every day the risks will obviously decline.

you go stupid, because you're killing off brain cells.... whoops! too late if you're already smoking.

nothin is wrong with me and ive being smoking it with 6yrs keep smoking

John six pack
Yu mispel werds al thu tyme.

Ed S
Dorito stained fingers and perpetual employment in pizza delivery or at the video store

due 21/12/09
keep smoking and when you find PLEASE let me know!!!

: )
short term memory loss. but this is only temporary.

there are NO proven facts that it leads to cancer tho. obvsly smoking of any sort isn't good for you, but that have not linked smoking weed with cancer.

Jake D
your gonna be stoned for 9 months, about it.

I haven't ever heard of someone dieing of smoking weed,
like tobacco.

well first off....wait....what was the question?

Did you ever see the movie Super high me? That guy smoked weed for years, and the doctor told him he basically had no major damage from it. But from personal experience, I would say the effects would be lung damage from smoking it (now if you were using a vaporizer, that wouldn't even be present), acting spacey, forgetting things, eating more :).

I don't care what people in denial say, it is kind of a gateway drug in the sense that, one might just be smoking weed, but then all of a sudden their weed guy has _________ (shrooms, coke, pain pills, fill in the blank). And people that wouldn't have been exposed to those other drugs are, because of where they have to get weed.

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