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Weed Or Alcohol Which Is Better?
People say that weed is better for you then alcohol
i occasionally do weed but not sure if its better or worst then drinking

Neither! geez its like" why dont i srew up my life or damgae my lungs or kill myself" its like saying dat dont throw yur life away just make something out of it!
even if i knew u in person id report u to the police hahaha lol

I'm sorry, but neither one is good for you. Both will kill you eventually.

laidE bright eyes
Weed has bad side effects on your brain. It makes you lazy and kills your brain cells. And can become an addiction.

Alcohol has bad effects on pretty much all your organs... especially your liver. Alcohol can take your life. And can become an addiction too.

They are both bad but alcohol is worse.

Do you guys really think God intended it to be smoked though?

Thomas L
Heroin... my mom said if your going to do something do it right.. might as well go all the way!

well yes weed is its an herb but i prefer alcohol i never smoke be4

it is a common misconception that marijuana is worse for you because it is illegal, if you trace its history its reason for becoming illegal has nothing to do with health side effects... There are no long term side effects of marijuana, and there has never been a death linked with marijuana...

Drunk drivers, alcohol poisoning, and liver disease are leading killers around the world... Alcohol is by far physically worse for you.

that being said, marijuana is not GOOD for you by any means, but it is not the harmful feared thing that media has made it out to be.

weed because alcohol messes up your liver. you should avoid both

Corvette Boy
Weed, but it's still dangerous to your lungs and employment opportunities. Alcoholics disgust me. Worst shouting match I ever had was when I freaked on a drunk women for trying to drive home. They are terrible people (not terrible as in a terrible character) they are just not cool to be around. Plus, alcohol kills the liver.

god made grass
man made booze

devi k
weed is better for you
if u want to be more fun drink alchahol but if u want to have more fun watching finding nemo then weed is good

Weed: Better for the mind , body and soul.

Think about what drunk driving does.....

Mr. ???
weed, mother nature made it


well good ol' willie nelson will say
"God made weed, man made beer. Who do you trust???"
Thats an actual quote from the man himself

Both are not very good for u...but i do not think weed should be illegal. If alcohol is legal, then weed should definitely be legal. People can die from alcohol poisoning....whoever heard of weed poisoning? lol It is pretty near impossible to overdose on marijuana. Alcohol is proven to be way more addictive. Weed doesnt cause husbands to beat their wives. Weed is way better. :)

Alicia ‚ô°

Lost Pants $100 Reward
Weed helps you study.
Just watch Fast Times at Ridgemont High.
You'll see.

She's the greatest dancer
Weeeeed!!! It gives you a brain high.You feel like your on top of the world.No nasty hangovers or drunken arguements(that may arise)with others.THeirs no chance of you turning into Mr.Motherf***er and ruining a party.Weed makes you smile.With that being said go smoke one,eat your favorite food(lots of it) watch a funny movie and wrap up in a comfortable place.Only do this in your leisure time dont let it interfere with school or work,thats when it becomes a problem.Smoke on my friend.

no idea about it
but i think its weed

Alcohol is a lot worse for you.

Weed isn't all that bad for you really I don't think.

That's what I heard anyway. One of my friends uncles told them the reason that it is not legal is because the government or whatever can't get sales tax off of it.

But, I am not completely positive on that one.

I am pretty positive alcohol is way worse tho. Hope this helps.

Weed is better for your body, hands down.

Marijuana does not kill brain cells. If you research, there are studies that state it does, and studies that say it doesn't.
Binge drinking (drinking on weekends) has been scientifically proven to kill the hippocampus of the brain, responsible for memory. Alcohol can shrink the hipppocampus by 20%

Weed speeds up your heart rate, getting your blood and heart to move faster. Not good for people with heart problems or prone to blood clots.
Alcohol, thins your blood. Very bad if you cut yourself, can limit oxygen to the brain. Resulting in possible aggressiveness, light-headed ness, headaches etc

Weed speeds up your metabolism. Temporary, giving you the munichie feelings.

Weed also increase the white blood cells in your body, which help fight off sickness. That is why its called the healing drug

Weed does not cause lung cancer. In Heavy users, weed damages lung capacity. Not allowing the person to breathe as deeply.
Alcohol, kills your liver cells.

Occasional weed smokers dont have any side effects other then those of which happen While on the high.

And even better, when the high is over you are fine. Alcohol gives you nasty hang overs.

To over-dose on marijuana you will have to smoke your entire body Weight. That's fricken impossible! It's very easy it to 'over-dose' on alcohol.

The Gravity
Its so blatantly obvious that weed is not nearly as bad for you than alcohol. Its not my opinion, its a fact. If you strongly disagree then atleast attempt to try and back up your opinion.

Eliot K
Alcohol ages your skin, makes people more aggressive - which leads to fights, murders, violence sometimes.

Weed relaxes you.

Drinking every day is very hard on the body - and can harm your relationship with yourself, your friends, family and loved ones.

By the way, I have never used weed, and I seldom drink - maybe two drinks a month - but only if it's free!

if you were drunk you would be passed out and not asking this question. smoke another joint and keep on typing.

Chicago Legend
Marijuana Alcohol makes you loud and obnoxious usually leading to a fight with your best friend who should have never looked at your girlfriend that way but he denies it and you get so upset you punch him in the face

Alex H


(god made weed, man made beer - in god we trust)


alcohol works by poisoning your liver. the "drunk" effect we experience is our body trying to deal with the poisoning. ever heard of alcohol poisoning? ever heard of weed poisoning? - no...

weed is natural and occurs naturally in earth. alcohol is something that people created.

don't put anything unnatural in your body!

smoke it up!

If you think weed is worse than alcohol and the only reason you can give to back that up is the fact that weed is illegal, then you are definitely retarded. If you look at how both effect you physically and mentally, then youd know weed doesnt even slightly compare to how much worse alcohol is for you.

Quit saying that you can die from weed because if you were smart at all youd know that you can NOT. To overdose on weed, you would have to smoke over your body weight within an hour which is obviously not possible. Weed only hurts your brain and your lungs, which overtime can recover completely. And Im not even going to try and list the many positive things that comes out of smoking weed.

Alcohol abuse permanently damages your body and you can most definitely overdose on alcohol. Including the fact of how many other people are effected by alcohol abusers.

For those who are convinced that weed is the worst thing ever along with the people who do it, then you need to relax and smoke a joint.

Dont be stupid people.

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