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its not for ...

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okay , saying im stupid?
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Mine are a 4
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all you people talking about DONT SMOKE it DUH! Ur Idiots I have to drug test for a job and i dont smoke all ...

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Sticky Fingures
Should I Start Smoking?
am age 14 and i been thinking about smoking . i see all these people smoking yet i see absolutely nothing happening to them. i walk around downtown and i breathe smoke from other smokers and it taste like a piece of crap but if it taste like a piece of crap why would they smoke it? so i think it must taste good if your the one smoking it then i see all these famous people especially rappers like lil wayne and the game i know they smoke but they been so successful in what they do. i see my grandma grandpa and uncle smoking everyday not one thing happens to them. i see people that go to my school that am good friends with smoke too they quit after a while but they end up looking like they never did anything but enjoy themselves so i thought to my self should i start?i wonder how it feels when you do [[&& yes i do pretend to puff smoke when its cold outside.]]
Additional Details
i know everyone is like dont smoke! dont its bad for you but then theres a first for everything

no! u loose 6 minutes of ur life on 1!!!!!!!! u die nooo bad idea my uncle died cause of it! it's a filthy habit and i know people who shun people who smoke no i hope i helped

david m
listen. lil wayne and the game do not smoke cigarettes! they smoke weed. and smoking is very bad for ur health. u get lung cancer after a while and u die! yes smoking cigarettes taste like crap and they never taste good, they smoke them becuase they are addicting. cigarettes are one thing. weed is another. both are very bad for you. but i started smoking when i was in 7th grade and that was weed. and there is nothing bad happening to me yet. but there prolly will when im older. but that doesnt make it right! remember just because the best rapper alive (lil wayne) smokes doesnt mean you should

Only Mama Knows
No, don't smoke and it doesn't taste good at all. In fact its terrible, people smoke because they can't stop and its addicting. And you can't see anything happening to them because it happens internally on the inside of them and over a period of time.

Just don't do it. I tried it once and never did it again. Its just gross and I'm not even sure why I tried it at all. I'm so happy I never got hooked on it or liked it. And just because you see everyone doing it does that mean you have to do it too. If everyone jumped off a cliff and seemed to like it would you?

And also I'd like to point out all the famous people who died from smoking and got cancer from it like Steve McQueen, George Harrison got throat cancer from smoking and even most recently Amy Winehouse getting sick from smoking. Why even take a chance with your life just to try something that is proven to kill people?

I wish you the best and hope that you'll stay away from smoking. Take up a hobby or go into sports to take your mind off it. Oh, and I think most people smoke because they think it helps calms their nerves but in the long run, they find out that they actually "need" to smoke and that is just has bad as what caused them to smoke in the first place.

People smoke because it is a great stress reliever. Being 14, I dont think you have any real stress in your lift. Your friends smoke because they wanna look "cool". You dont look cool @ all.... it's really disgusting. And girls hate smokers, the good ones anyways.

After starting and stress is releving, it's hard to quit, and they cant stop. So its better off not to start.

Smoking causes: lung cancer, bad breath, yellow teeth, and much more.

Let me ask you something. You like to swim right? All kids love to swim. What if you and your friends were having a breathing contest? No kid likes to lose. Imagine your friend (who doesnt smoke) can hold his breath underwater for a whole minute. And you have trouble after 10 seconds.

Spark up kiddo, and don't look back. You will never find addiction so enjoyable

Don't do it, it's highly addictive and a very expensive habit! Most of the people who smoke actually want to quit, but it's very hard. I never smoked, didn't even try it. My dad and aunt were smokers and it always smelled so disgusting, and i still can't stand the smell. At 14, you might think it looks cool, but trust me, there are ALOT more guys out there that like a girl who doesn't smoke. Most of the guys i know are turned off by girls who smoke. Besides all that, it causes lung cancer. Not to mention all the poisens they put in them! You'll regret it if you start, so don't bother starting!! :)

Don't listen to the people telling you "it's fun"
Do you think it will be fun to pay $5 for each pack, because that's what it costs, and maybe more where you live!
You can have lots of first, but smoking shouldn't be one of them!

Last Action Gyro
Dont smoke. its not cool. I've been doing it since i was 16 and wish I had never started (im 20 now and i smoke around a pack a day.)

Emma H
OK don't. First off the people who you think are better off now, in the end won't be. By smoking you increase your rate of getting cancers in your brain, heart and lungs. Plus not everyone is doing it, if they where cigarettes would be harder to get. Now your grandparents made their decision, that doesn't have to be your. Smoking tobacco doesn't show it's affects right away. A lot of the side affects are internal, not external. So they may look fine and well on the outside, but internally have been damaged. And it doesn't taste any better than the smoke. The reason these people keep smoking is they are addicted, not for the taste. At least 80% of people who start smoking wish they could quite. And a lot of famous people are fine now, but later they will be washed up, unhealthy hags.

If you don't smoke you will be better off in the long run. Plus you won't have to deal with trying to get cigarettes illegally. Plus do you want to take the risk that you aren't the first. And you already said you are addicted to somethings, your risking your health unnecessarily.

NO! The effects of smoking aren't apparent right away, and I know plenty of people who want to quit now, but are having a really hard time. It is also a REALLY EXPENSIVE habit. Think of all the money you could save if you don't take up smoking.

HELL NO. Don't do it. Where have you been for the last couple of years? People have been basically screaming in your ear "DONT SMOKE!!"

Ta-Zu (&Miku)
they smoke it because they got addicted.

you should so start so you can end up wasting your money on cigarettes for years to come.

the red scare
what were you expecting, that one puff on a cigarette and someone will drop dead???? its a long ordeal and yea the people die slowly

no you shouldn't... it does taste bad. well ive never had one (don't plan on it either)

its just nicotine makes part of your brain feel pleasure. and it takes about 20-30 years to develop emphysema/ lung cancer....

u see tobacco companys try to make kids addicted because then you'll be addicted for the rest of your lifee.

y would u do that 2 urself??

you're kidding right? dont smoke dead *** :| you assume nothing happens to them. smoking gives you lung cancer weak heart baddd breathe teeth yellow and shorten your life dnt do it

do not do it! it gets very addicting and you can seriously get cancer, my grandma is only 50 and she has to walk around with a tank with oxygen in it 24/7, and she also has emphesima and shes gonna die soon, shes only been smoking for 1 year too! goes to show ya doesnt it? dont smoke, you ronly FOURTEEN , smoking doesnt make u cool...dont do it

please dont, i know i dont know you, but i dont care, you cant see the things happen to them, but things happen inside, please dont start. it can cause lung cancer and can kill you. please dont.
i wonder if it tastes good too, but i will never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever smoke. im not giving up my life.

Sam S
DO NOT SMOKE! it so unhealthy for you and when the people who are "pressuring: you realize that they're addicted you will know that you aren't and feel better....don't try it you'll get addicted.

love story <33
no smoking is very very bad for u. u can die from it. and 14 is extremly young, anyway.

Dr. L
what you do not see is the damage being done to internal parts like the lungs and blood vessels...cancer takes years to produce symptoms..
smoking does not make you successful or improve your health or social status. people that smoke die sooner than nonsmokers

Jonathan K
it is totally crap, nicotine is the first of many drugs people go on to take an abuse, alcohol for one and marijuana for another, dont even bother going down that road...check out


for more info on drugs and stuff like that, stay well clear, even if you cant get your friends to stop that doesnt mean you have to!!


im thirteen.
and NOOOOO, dont smoke.
girls think thats super unattractive.
and why do you want to shorten your life?
you'll deeply regret it if you start.

this-is-my s
NO!!!!!!!!!! DONT BE AN IDIOT!

i think you shouldn't smoke your really young and if you keep smoking sooner or later you will probably get lung disease

NO NO NO . wish i had never started and its hell trying to give it up.
and the cost has gone through the roof.some of them are over £5.00 a pack, times that by 7 packs a week and you are burning £35.00 that you could spend on clothes make-up holidays or whatever you desire. and you wont get lung cancer if you dont start.

Melanie P
i've never smoked but i wouldn't do it if i were u u are too young it can cause serious health issues.

i am 64 and i im trying to quit, it is the hardest thing i ever had to give up. it will ruin your lungs, you may get away with it for years but eventually you will die from it. i have some lung problems now. i smoked for 50 years. so i was your age when i started. dont start it dosent take very long to get hooked.

wow you think if you smoke your gonna be cool.....
get a life
lil wayne is a bad influence and everybody knows that why wuld you try to be like him you pathetic peice of crap

Come sleep at my house one night and listen to my dad cough like he's dying when he wakes up in the morning and then tell me nothing happens to you. Also, smell someone's breath/hands/clothes/house/car that smokes. It's so gross. Not to mention how much it costs. This question honestly makes you sound like a child. "I want to smoke cause it looks cool and this rapper does it. And I pretend I'm smoking when it's cold out." come on. Grow up.

Everyone on Yahoo Answers are always like "z0mg smokings bad it killz you!!!". but im 14 too, smoking for about half a year. its fun with friends and stuff, kind of annoying though like when we take so many precautions to not get caught (smell, hiding, buying). but i love it =), im the best runner in my personal fitness class, mile in 7 minutes. Give it a try, if you like it, keep on, if you dont, its not hard to stop (when i visit my dad two weeks straight with no cigarettes, i never have had a withdrawal) Hope I helped!

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