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Chelsea S
My Kidney's have hurt very much in the past three days what could be wrong?
I can not go to the doctors, because I just have no way to go, there has to be something I can do to relive the pain. Any ideas?

kidneystones drink coke acola

Chelsa dear call 911 if you are in US they will take you to Hospital or else drink Barli water or coconut water or milk with ice and sugar ( modrate ) and take it sip by sip and you will get Relief.However Doc is a must in this case dear

Plain truth
Stones, infections or blockade maybe. Search medical attention as soon as possible anyway!

Drink more water, lots of it. Get some real cranberry juice down too. Make sure it is authentic not just the drink crap make sure it has juice. There are pills that work great called cranberry pills. I'm sorry you can't go to the doctor but I've been in that spot as well because of the expense. Lots of water. Stay away from tomato products, and citrus products. High in acid. Eat more bland foods for a while. Mashed potatoes, cereal. I take a tylenol while it isn't beneficial for healing the kidneys it does cut the pain. Drink more cranberry juice this helps too with lots of water start flushing them. Thats what your doing by drinking lots of water.
While you can cure this yourself....if it is a mild kidney infection IF IT IS MORE>>>>you are in danger. You really need antibiotics and can do permanent damage to your kidneys or liver. Is it really worth not seeking medical advice? Surely someone can take you in. I have a degree and personal experience please listen to reason.

Probably kidney stones.
1. Go to the doctor
2. Drink lots and lots of water and 100% cranberry juice. The idea is to flood and flush your system which will eventually flush the stones. BTW did I say lots?
3. No coffee, caffeine, or soda pop (get the picture)?
4. Check out webmd.com for symptoms
5. Go to the doctor if you haven't already.

Yankee Empire
Sell one before it's worthless....

could be gall stones or a kidney infection, and i would try and go and see the docotor ASAP

you need to go to the doc, could be urolithiasis.

Alex Trabexk
First of all how do you know it's your kidneys? Second of all if it is your kidneys there is no home remedy for this problem. Make time make a way to see the doctor. If you have a sever infection you could lose kidney function or an entire kidney. Then you'll be on dialysis for the rest of your life and that will be even more inconvenient! Go to the DOCTOR

k probably due to kidney stones, drink beer every night for about two weeks , trust me it works.
Drinks lots of water
Or take SPASMOPROXYVON----> my relative used to take it , but it is made out from some extract of grass i think.
R u taking any other heavy medication?

NOTE: this information is for entertainment purposes only, plz consult a proper doctor

Stones...see a doctor

there is something wrong....have you had urinary problems? have you been exposed to any chemical that may cause kidney failure. FIND A WAY TO GET TO A DOCTOR. KIDNEY PROBLEMS ARE SERIOUS.

try drinking cranberry juice.

You should get to the doctor.... are you sure that is even your kidneys that are hurting you? Most people don't know exactly where all of their organs are, so they don't know what the source of pain is. You say your kidneys hurt plural....usually with a kidney ailment the pain is on one side or the other. they wouldn't normally be hurting at the same time....yup GO TO THE DOCTOR!

could be kidney stones. check with your doctor

Urinary Track infection. Seek medical help

Sheesh don't mess with your kidneys.

Drink water all day, atleast 11 glasses worth but you NEED to get to the Doc.

well you need to drink plenty of water and get a big bottle of cranberry juice that will help you then get to a doctor as soon as possible good luck

My first guess would be that you don't drink enough water. If that is true, try drinking alot of water! It will flush the kidneys. If you do drink plenty of water, then maybe you have lifted something heavy in the last few days, resulting in pressure to your Kidneys. If you are having any additional symptoms such as painful urination...you may have a kidney infection, you can try drinking alot of cranberry juice, but an antibiotic is only thing to cure the infection.

stive br
Hi There. I think you might have Kidney Stones, No way, you should refer to a Specialist Kidney Physician as soon as possible.

It may be grave and in a critical condition. Then, Doctor can bring out your kidney stones with a Laser Radiation, without you feel it.

Take care and good health.

well you could drink one tea it is for that .. I am from croatia and I do not know what it is named in english so I will tell on croatian UVIN tea and keep them warm :)

Seriously, GO TO THE DOCTOR!!!

Could be a kidney stone. I had two.
Symptoms: discomfort in the kidney area. Blood in urine. There's nothing you can do. If it is a kidney stone you need to go to the doctor in case it's too big to pass.

when i drink too many soft drinks especially cola flavors i get back aches - when i switch to more water they go away

Alicia F

see if you can take the bus or have a family member or friend take you in their car.

Kiala L
CRANBERRY JUICE!!!!!!! WATER. No caffeine for a few days. Drink alot you could be dehydrated!!

drink more water but i also agree with every one elese GO TO THE DOCTOR

Lucky Mesmer
Well, try to get to the doctor, but in the meantime try to use a heating pad to ease the pain. Pain killers (especially ibuproffen) can actually make things much worse.

Try to drink lots & lots of water,. If you drink alot of sodas & alcohol that will make problmes for you so stay away from those. Good luck!!

Carl J
kidney stones?

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