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Basically the coursework deadline has been brought forward and its TOMORROW! i have to complete near enough a whole folder of work! I need to stay awake tonigth and get on with it all or i fail.

Is it bad if you accidentally eat food with maggots in it?
I went to the grocery store today and I bought a bag of Tortellini. As I began to eat I noticed some dead maggots on my food. I had already eaten some of the Tortellini. Has this ever happened to anybody else. Is this bad cause I do feel pretty sick. I am feeling weak and nauseated. Could it be food poisoning?

Jake H
No. it is always a good idea to check the food first (common mistake) haha
but you aren't dying, you are probably just a little woozy from eating it and finding out there were maggots.
people in most 3rd world countries consider it great to eat things like roaches, grasshoppers, maggots [etc.]
those insects are like pizza or in your case, tortellini :D haha
so you should be safe

The Ghost of Azzurri Man
if you swallow a live maggot its really worse.

Was the tortellini cooked? WTF

that is just nasty...full of protien though haha...good luck

Go to the doctor!!

Na...good source of protein.

I would think so

I know it's nauseating (anybody would feel the same!) but rest assure that you will be fine. Your body will digest the maggots and so you have nothing to worry about. :-)

Misty Eyed
I think you are nauseated because you are thinking that you ate maggots.

Not to make matters worse, but maggots don't last that long, it could have been like a weevil larvae or something. There are many creepy crawly things that live in grains.

If you are really concerned, go to the doctor.

it probably is food poisoning cuz it happens to me when i eat rotted food

call the customer service number on the package. they need to do a recall!

of course not! u get more for ur money! u didnt pay for em and u get em anyways!!! think of it as a bonus.

Just pretend nothing happened and wait...

The sickness is probably psychalogical. maggots are a good source of protein :) lol

Foxy Diva
I don't think it will do anything to you. You are feeling sick because you know you ate some maggots. It will pass! But, if the feeling persist after a bowel movement go see a doctor. Until then take some Pepito Bismal to help with the nausea! Feel better!

it has never happened to me before, but it could be poisinous and it might make a litte sick for at least 2 to 4 weeks. don't worry You Won't Die!

umm, this happened to me b4.. instead it was a mini cokoroach i ate some of the food but i dont think i ate any part of it.....you will be okay.....i started feeling as if i was sick..but i think it was just cuz i was seein the ugly thing in my food....you should try to drink lots of water to flush your self...that should do it..and if that doesnt work CHECK A DOCTOR just incase...

Love my baby girl!
Yep you could say that's food poisoning.. Well I would say that it is not a good thing. You should go to the doctor.

It's probably just your feeling grossed out at the thought of having eaten maggots. If the feeling doesn't go away, call your doctor, otherwise, just try not to think about it and throw out the rest of that tortellini, yuck.

EWWW...I accidentally did that once. I bought a bag of sandwich meat, deli turkey as a matter of fact, and needless to say I took a bite of my sandwich and blow and behold there was a maggot in my next would of been bite. No its not going to hurt you or kill you, just don't recommend eating them! Maggots are there for a reason. Spoiled and rotten food!

well i mean im no expert but i would say you are fine because unless there was a lot of maggots you should be fine beacuse they are so small they wouldnt be able to affect you. You should be more worried about the food it self because maggots only eat rotten or spoiled foods. It could also just be in your head that you are sick but you might not be.

Lucy Blue
That's so gross! But it probably won't hurt you. Maggots, disgusting as they are, have been used for medicinal purposes, although I think live ones. The food itself probably had bad bacteria in it which is what's making you sick. Mild food poisoning usually subsides within 24 hours but you might consider going to the doctor to be on the safe side.

William K
The maggots probably won't hurt you. There is a people in India who eat cheese with maggots. It's the idea that probably makes you feel ill. However the food could be bad and that not the maggots would be making you sick. More than likely you will be feeling better soon, if not call a doctor.

I'd call the grocery store immediately if I were you.

You might get free stuff. Haha. Plus you can warn them that they have spoiled food.

~Shadow Dancer~
That's gross ewww- they wont hurt your health in any way- they are very nutritious, but the thought will make you feel queasy.I would call or bring what you bought back to the store so they know and they can pull the rest from the shelves.

Yes it can be bad for you.

If you still feel bad tomorow go to your doctor and ask him if it was ok to eat them.

And if i was you i would take that back to the shop you bought it from, complain and ask for money back, If they say no sue them for giving you out of date food without saying 'out of date' you could win that case ;)

Hope i've helped, please vote best answer if i helped ;)

First off, you're probably okay - haven't you seen the survival shows where they eat maggots all day long?

Second, you need to take that to the supermarket's manager and demand a refund. Save your receipt. If you do fall sick, a law suit will be in order with that supermarket!!

Luke M
no it isn't your over reacting. Yes you shouldn't eat food with maggots in it but maggots only eat bacteria. In fact you can actually eat maggots and some culture dip them in Chocolate. Your not going to die or become ill. Maggots are perfectly harmless even hostables use them to clean open wounds.

If they were frozen then you are probably OK. I think that the fact that you saw the maggots made you sick, not actually eating them.

Dorothy. :)
Maggots themselves don't have the tendency to hurt you (they're actually nutritious) but if it's from an unclean source you may have ate something else and you could have food poisoning. Check with your doctor to be sure!

gwen w
The critters will most likely die in the stomach. Even if not, they will be unable to multiply, for they are immature. your stomach acid will kill them..PS you are probably nauseated at the fact you ate some of them.that would gag me as well .oh also, i read that the critters could be larvae of grub worms and caterpillars.you will find those answers as well on the link i sent to you here

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