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And, yeah some are from Last year.

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I saw a women and a man get killed?
i could not beleive wat i saw
it was dark and i was walking down an alley and i heard a women scream
i was going to see wat was going on but when i got there i saw a man shoot her and then a man with handcuffs on behind his back ran to her side
then he was shot to
i dont think the killer saw me but i ha ve had some weird things happen to me like
when i go out to the store there is a car that follows me ever where i go
it happened like 2 years ago and i have been in hiding since then
i dont think its working tho
i dont kno wat to do
i think i should call the cops but the might have all my phones tapped
Wat should i do?

go to the police, duh.

Don't call the cops, go to the police station and talk to them.

Mark J
wow so unrealistic. YOU LIE


what do you think we're gonna say?

i dont believe you at all you lie


Sarah B
go to the police station and tell them you witnessed a crime, they should help you.

Use one of those pay phones, or ask to use someone else's phone. Why would those possibly be tapped? LOL

Anyways, as for thinking someone's following you around, it could be true but I think it's just paranoia. You should tell someone IMMEDIATELY, however.

wow. wtf? where the hell do you live...

Pink Milk
Are you serious?

Yes, get your phone lines tapped, but also try and stay in another location other than your home. Stay around people you know and try not to panic. panicking never helps anything.

Have you tried Jesus? Ask Him to help you and he will take care of everything. He does it for me every time

Tommorow Came Yesterday
Go to the police directly.

contact the police or help immediately. I say get in your car and drive down there asap!!!! answer mine please!!!! http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=Arm3NQ8omg6iF1Wx3qBtQTnsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20090429134707AAmpn0A

go to the cops you shouldve done it the minuet you saw what happend. i doubt they want to kill you or are followiing you if they wanted you dead they wouldve killed you already its been 2 years but you need to help bring justice plus the cops will help keep you safe good luck and P.S after you go to the cops go to therapy what you witnes probably left damage also you could be in danger so go to the cops now if you dont want to call cause they might have your phon taped use your cell phone or go out and buy the cheapest pay as you go disposeable phone you can find and use that phone as soon as you get it hope i helped

so what......u want a cookie?

You have been holding this in for 2 years? If the cops find out you can be held in contempt. Then, you will be in jail along with the killer. I'm sure you wouldn't enjoy this much. Don't be too paranoid, I'm sure the killer didn't see you if you're not dead by now. Go to the police station, explain yourself and good luck dealing with all that. It was very irresponsible for you to not report this immediately. If you're telling the truth about this, then stay safe. Ask for witness protection if you're still worried. You never know, the killer may have already been arrested and you've been in the clear for months!

Get the liceanse plate number off the car.
Then go to the police station and find out who's number it is.
Go live with relatives or friends for a while or take a vacation, so they won't know where you are.
When you come back if you see them following you again, then call the police on your cellphone.

Bob the duck
go to the kitchen, grab knives, run out of the house and try to get help. if he attacks, knife

That IS really scary!What I would do is call 911 and tell the operarter about everything and the address of where the crime took place.OR run to the police station and tell them in person. Remember we have to get justice for these people.Oh and tell them what the murderer looked like.

It's me
Go to the police

go to a friends house and call the cops

you need to go to the police. end of story. If it happend two years ago then shame on you for not saying something sooner.

shut the **** up *****

Yankee in Montana
I doubt they have your phone tapped, but you can always use a public telephone, or better yet, go into a police station and tell them your story.
I think after 2 years if someone was out to get you they would have done so by now. You need to put this behind you. Go to the police and get their advice.
IMO you are probably in no danger at this point.

go see a shrink.

Go to the cops or
bring your 30-06 every time you leave and i know you have one

because im the one that shot them
and now im going to get you >;D
lol jk...

First of all, has that case been "solved" or do the police think they have it solved? I'm not quite sure what you should do either, but definitely, don't rely on something posted on yahoo answers. there are a lot of people that don't even know what they are talking about on here. Having that said, I think you should go to the police but with another person (for protection) preferable a big strong man that you trust to protect you. and make sure that you aren't being followed if/when you go to the police. and don't have the police come to your house. they might be watching your activities. Good Luck!!

Phil C
Go to the cops in person.

Blue Haired Old Lady
Call the police.

Oh - I reread that. 2 years ago???? You are suffering from paranoia. Call a mental health counselor.

Steve I
go to the police station....that way ur phone cant be tapped...and they cant hear u...tell them the truth.. thats if this did happen


I saw that movie

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