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I can't sleep...any tips to help me fall asleep?

Tyy D
Try smoking weed before you go to bed. reallllly works!! :)
or try getting lots of excersice and go for a looong walk after dinner time
and drink something warm before you go to bed.

or maybe try going to a phycologist,, it could be anxiety when you dont even know it

I'm 16 and used to stay up to 4am on school nights because i couldnt sleep i thought my life was fine and thought no stress or anxiety then i started going to a phycologist and i relaxed more and sleep like 9 hours a night :) and feel great!!

get up and walk around you house, get a glass of water.
then go back in bed and try to sleep again.
for some reason i get a little more tired and it helps me!
sweet dreams:)

hit yourself on the head with a hammer

I have the same problem
1. Warm milk if that doesnt work
2. go to your pharmacy and pick up some valarian root im a physicolgist in the making and also get some exercise

jenna U.
ha this is kind of stupid, but i think of something totally inane or really 'dramatic' and just think. that helps. or i try to clear my mind, and just let whatever thoughts happen, happen. also, i read till my eyes hurt, and i can't keep them open, and closed eyes is the first step to sleeping...

Count sheep.

Okay literally,
Take a dose of cold/cough medicine.
Or Tylenol/Advil PM.
Even if your not sick, it helps.

Just don't make a habit of this.
It's nothing you should ever do more than once every 4 months.

Lay down, take a deep breath hold it for a second, let it out slowly, repeat 10 times focusing on something calming, like your favorite place. or just continue until you fall asleep. keep your eyes closed while doing this. (its like hypnosis)

Warm milk, count sheep(not Jonas Brothers), better mattress, sleeping pills, get tired during the day.

I heard that meditation can help

Having the same problem and don't have the stuff to help me which is warm milk and fresh grated nutmeg.


Taylor and the Yellow Bicycle
Close your eyes and lie on your back. Then relax your feet, relax your legs, and keep going until you've relaxed EVERY muscle in your body. From head to toe.

Hope this helps you get to sleep!!!

Make your room a place of relaxation, make sure it is as dark as possible, make sure your not hungry or thirsty but not stuffed, go to the bathroom prior, don't watch TV. Just make your room as relaxing as possible. Any herbal supplements or drugs could be habit forming. The room being dark brings back ancestral instincts to avoid larger nocturnal predators.

play soft music until u fall asleep.. no caffine before u sleep..

take a warm bath, read a book till your tired, drink a glass of warm milk with a tsp of honey, try deep breathing: where you inhale for four seconds, exhale for four seconds, clearing your mind while doing this, try imagining your mind as a cluttered room and begin clearing it out through a door that is in a wall near you, make thigns that are bothering you like stress and problems visually move out the door till your "room" is a blank empty canvas. Whatever you do, please don't count sheep, studies have shown that this actually makes it harder to fall asleep.

Suicide Blonde

well aside from taking sleeping pills, you might need to relax yourself, read some books or watch television shows or movies perhaps. but if you really do have sleeping problems (insomnia as they say) probably you should consult with a doctor. they will help you better!!

goodluck!! =)

You should try keeping your bedroom cooler. Experts say that people tend to fall asleep and stay asleep longer if they are in a cooler environment. I personally turn on the fan in our bedroom because not only does it help in keeping it cooler, but it also gives off a soft hum that also helps with falling asleep, some quiet noise usually helps people sleep as well. There's also a natual remedy that I use when I really can't fall asleep and it's Valerian Root you can find it at your health food store, it just relaxes me, & my husband says that I don't roll around as much when I take it! Good Luck & Sweet Dreams!!!


Well if you dont want to take any medication then i would suggest not using the computer an hour before you go to bed. Watch tv or read a book instead. Also it would help greatly to get more exercise during the day. I personally take a benadryl before i go to bed. You dont need a presciption it is very very cheap and it puts you to sleep.

white noise
mellow music
medditation music
classic music

no reading, no homework, or exercise before
no new episode tv show or one stay awake too

old fashion sheep
think of good book start replaying in your head.
warm milk like mom used to say
teady bear if need be
find your comfort spot don't be afarid to lay a cross angle or at feet of the bed.

overall be prepare to go sleep. do keep get up
herbal tea hour before
otc meds (over counter meds)
if sleep deprivation become serious consult a doctor
- online med forums or blogs
- store pharmacist
- free clinic
- old fashion doctor you see
- channel 3 news doctor
- doctors show

lost options get the help

myself... YEAH!
i cant sleep without meds. never have been able to sleep. over the counter doesn't work for me either. even prescription sleeping pills dont work for me... my doctor gives me a combination of xanax (usually used to treat anxiety) and rozerem (sleeping pill)... sometimes that doesn't even work, i sometimes have to double up on the xanax...
* not recommended!

Juice Master 5000
warm banana milk

If you're physically tired but mentally awake, try reading a long article. Don't try to comprehend it, just plain reading.

If you're mentally exhausted, do some sit-ups until you're tired. Self-massage your head may help a little.

Looked Down and I was Smoking
Run around the block twice before bed . Bend the corners.

Take sleep meds or drink some sleep tea before sleep to calm and comfort you. I can't either. Sign. No jobs, too many things on my mind, how will I paid my bills, how can I make more money, you just have to many things on your mind and it is just too active at night. And don't take a shower right before you sleep too, that energizes you. Also turn the lamp or any source of lights off because that really keeps you up, it's like the sun reminding your mind that you shouldn't sleep because the sun is up and that makes it hard to sleep.

Parker H
Warm milk.

The reason you can't sleep is probably because you have alot on your mind when you go to bed and your find yourself thinking constantly. Meditation can help you clear your head. But i dont really have anymore suggestions. But if what i said is correct then think about how you can work on thinking about things less in bed

Try warm milk. If that doesnt work try to take sleeping aids, and if neither of them work try laying in bed on your back with your eyes closed and say or think "I am never going to fall asleep" and just keep repeating that over and over again and eventually you will fall asleep. It works for me. :)

hafiz -
Record your history's teacher's lecture n play back right before u get to bed. u'll surely sleep

Calm music and sleeping pills.
Could you answer mine?

Susan Yarrawonga
Perhaps you can find some useful information in a web search for insomnia + "natural remedies".

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