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Today I stayed home from school because I have a sore throat. Both my parents said I felt a little warm but the thermometer said my temperature was normal, but i think i did have a fever cuz i didn't sleep well. I am extremely afraid of throwing up, but i know i won't throw up if i haven't eaten anything. So i'm afraid to eat because i'm afraid it will make me throw up. What should I do?
Additional Details
i'm no very hungry right now but i haven't had anything to drink yet either and i'm afraid i'll get dehydrated

Try warm tea with lemon and some toast...dry. You need to put something in your tummy or you will make yourself nauseaus from not eating. Just take it slow. No one likes to throw up, but if it happens, it happens.

I know you are afarid of throwing up, which is fine. Usually eating it not a good idea anyways if you feel you are going to throw up. But as soon as you feel stable, start trying to eat little amounts of crackers, and start drinking gaterade or 7 up right now. You def. don't want to get dehydrated.

more important to eat then drink. try room temp liquids. if you're not hungry, don't eat. if you are, stick to chicken soup, jello. gargle with warm salt water before and after eating, to numb the pain and prevent infection. this really helps it heal!!!

u should wait till u r dying of thirst and then u should drink a small amount of orange juice. not water cuz u'll throw up

You should try some Ginger ale then eat a light snack. Don't over eat and DO NOT eat chocolate it actually makes you throw up when you are sick. Well hope this helped. Get well soon. :)

You still might be sick even if you haven't eaten, but eating is the best answer for stopping you feeling the sicky! Try to eat something even if it's a really small thing, it might make you feel a little better! Even if you throw up, it's ok, just make sure you have a bowl or bucket with you to be sick in if you need to. I know how it feels, i had a similar illness and i couldn't move and i lost my appitite and felt sick, but when i ate i felt a bit better and wasn't sick. Just try it! It might help you out.

sounds to me like you are having anxiety and you should maybe talk to your paernts and see a doctor.

John N
Dry toast or crackers. You will throw up if you don't drink and it won't be good when you do.

drink warm ginger-ale
nibble on soda crackers

git r done
there is something called the dry heaves,believe me you need to eat a little something.drink more than normal,if you don't have a fever you probably want get sick.but you need a little bit in your stomach.hope you get to feeling better.

Penny D
You need to keep well hydrated regardless. If you are dehydrated, you are doing harm to your body and dry hiving is miserable. Try small sips of water, ginger ale, 7 up or Gator aide. Dry toast or a few crackers can help to absorb some of that acid feeling you may be feeling in your stomach. Keep it simple and rest. Throwing up is not fun but rids the body of toxins. It is just a terrible experience! Keep the activity level low for the day, find a comfortable location and a table filled with beverages so you don't have to keep getting up often. Hope you feel better soon.

~Cheta K.~
um...........just go take a nap and maybe when you wake up you'll be hungry enough to eat something and hopefully it won't come back up

eat non harsh foods like bananas. Its better to try to get food in you especially something healthy then to not eat because you think you will puke. Lots of water is good too.

You should try to eat some chicken soup and drink plenty of water this will make you feel better; if you're unwell and starve yourself you are likely to faint as your blood sugar levels are so low.
Get well soon

oh i am so sorry to hear you are sick. i went through that a few weeks ago.

you do need to eat something because your body needs nutrients to help it fight off the sickness. i would say start very small. crackers are good to start. then possibily some dry cereal.

and make sure you pee as much as you can. reason being bacteria and the sickness comes out in urine. so the more you pee the more bacteria you wash out of your body.

are you drinking water at all? alot of people like flat gingerale or 7up or sprite.

but the longer you do not eat, the longer you will be sick. if you eat and throw up it will help because your body needs to do that sometimes. it's not at all fun but sometimes you have to do it.

also try gravol it might help you sleep.

good luck and i really hope you get better really really soon!

Tracy Z
Try some crackers or dry toast, that might settle your stomach. oh, and if you're thirsty try some 7-up.

Dr Bob
Have some soup, or broth... Don't get all bent out of shape over throwing up, its a natural function... Your fear of it is what makes it seem so terrible.

My mom used to give me some dry toast and some flat ginger ale,it worked like a charm every time.Hope u feel better =)

one day fasting is just fine but make sure you atlest take in some liquid stuff.........

The answer for you is clear liquids
Chicken broth
apple juice
7-up or ginger ale
Maybe some crackers or toast
It is okay not to eat, but you have to drink something. Take sloooow sips, finish your 8 ounce cup every hour a little at a time is the secret. Too cold or too much at once might make you throw up.

had that, been there, done that. Dont be scared to eat. You are more likely 2 throw up from hunger and starving urself. dont put yourself weeker. Get well soon!

Neil G
go see a doctor in the meantime gargle with warm salt water

Water is essential.so drink some. If you are that worried see your G.P..

Baby # 2 due 8/21/2010
if you can, try eating some chicken noodle soup. you do need to drink something. you need to keep yourself hydrated somehow. if you dont want to eat soup, eat some crackers or something, something light is always good and usually eases your stomach

You can throw up without eating anything; it's called dry heaving, and it's worse than actually vomiting up something of substance.

Anytime you're not feeling well, drink plenty of clear liquids (water, yellow-colored Gatorade, nothing that is red or pink) and eat crackers or chicken noodle soup. You do need to keep up your strength. Just lie down and rest after you eat.

do you feel like throwing up??? the only way to know is if your body feels nauseas. start by drinking water... not a lot. sip it or eat ice cubes or ice chips. if that goes well start with something starchy like crackers or a piece of toast without butter. if you can keep the crackers and water down, you're good to go. but start off easy.

When feeling unwell, its best to keep hydrated!
I too hate being sick (Throwing up)
Drink plenty of fluids...!
Hope you get well soon x

Brian C
You need to at least be drinking fluids. You'll be worse off if you get dehydrated. Just drink a couple of ounces of water ever half hour or so. Continue to raise the amount every so often if you are able to hold it down. Hope you get to feeling better.

Why are you afraid to throw up? If you feel nauseated, I could understand your hesitation to eat, but if you just have a sore throat, what makes you think you're even going to throw up? It's much worse to puke on an empty stomach (bile, stomach acid, which burns) than to throw up something you just ate. Go ahead and eat. You're at home, so no one will say anything about it.

Stick with soups and clear broths if you're afraid of puking. You won't get better if your body doesn't have any fuel to make you better with.

Edit: You could also try eating very small amounts constantly throughout the day, rather than a few large meals.

You should start off slowly, with a plain cup of hot tea ( like Lipton, or peppermint tea would even be better) Then, within an hour eat plain soup like campbells tomato soup or alphabet or whatever you like with some crackers. This will get your taste buds going a little. Later, make more soup or eat some kind of mainly veggie dish. Then the next day, do it again and add more things like fruits to the mix. You just have to ease your self back into eating. Good luck.

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