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 i have a friend who is 21 5 foot 8 and weighs 57 pounds and she' still trying to loose more ?
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1st thing for all you judgers this is serious no lies shes been ...

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 how can i stop biting my nails.?
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 PLEASE ANSWER!!!!! =[ ?
do green beans make you grow taller?

 Do you examine your "Poo" for health reasons?
I get ones butler to do it!
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LIke the relatives(Germans) dobut I don't cos I'm Welsh!...

I'm a 14 year old girl my height is about 5'3 How can I safely increase my height?
I'm a 14 year old girl my height is about 5'3 and I weigh around 144 pounds. I eat fruits and vegetables very often and sweets too but I don't drink milk. I used to wear 5 pound ankle weights all the time until my cousin told me how they could mess up my knees. And I carry a fairly heavy backpack everyday to school. How can I safely increase my height?...can I still increase my height?

Eat your veggies and drink lots of milk. Don't sweat it though, you've got some growing time yet.

destaem nomoa
try climbing a mountain

you can't

Miss Kitty
I'm not sure its even possible. Try taking your vitamins but height is a genetic thing, not a choice thing.

You really dont need to be worrying about that, you are only 14, you still have time to grow.

Audacity Pro
unless you are planning to play basketball, who cares? besides, most guys prefer that their girls are not taller than them. 5'3 isn't that short. be happy with what you got, it could always be worse.

lil' miss know it all
i'm 13 n 5'2 n about 98 pounds
u cant MAKE urself grow ne faster than u r doin now
n dont worry... i no sum1 hus 16 n only 5'
if u think ur small she's minuture.
good luck with life

Jeff The God Of Biscuits
Stop putting so much pressure on yourself. That can stunt your growth. Other than that, take your time. You still have plenty of time to grow up.

You can't increase your height...that is all genetics. You're 5'4''...that completely normal and the perfect height for a girl.

ur stuffing ur joints you silly girl !!! look im 16 and im still growing, when i was 14 i was about 5'5 now im 5'7 ...

i thort that you stoped growing when u get ur period but thats wrong, because i got mine when i just turned 12 ..... just eat a balanced diet with lots of chicken.... as it has hormones, and excersice even if its just goin for a long walk :)

all the best hun

Height is something that depends on parents genes.. if your parents are tall then you'll be tall.. if they're short you'll be short. if your mums short but dads tall its more likely you'll be short cos you're a female.. but yeah..

there isnt really a way to increase your height. just get sleep.. good diet... lots of calcium

and make sure you do not slouch!

futbol or football
Its all natrural.

Take a look at the family history and check into the heights. Your body may still be growing or maybe you are just supposed to be that height. Watch what you eat and find out what you are supposed to weigh for your height!

Mr Answers
high heels

I'm still 5'1", weigh 111 lbs and I'm sixteen. I dont think its going to happen for either of us. But when I was little I got like, growth hormones injected into me...but i dont think it worked.

Nothing at all you can do but give yourself time to grow.

you will have to settle for increasing your height with wedges ,platforms and heels until you grow taller.

Black Mariah
You're only 14! When I was that age I thought I stopped growing too. Don't worry, you haven't!

Song bird
Heels are the only way to go. Height is genetics, there's no changing that. Drop the weights and the sweets. Do some homework in study hall so your not carrying a heavy backpack. If your not using the textbook every day in school, leave it at home. Good luck.

You should continue to eat smart, however be sure to include foods that provide calcium if milk is out for you, like yogurt, cheese, etc. Just be patient, your height potential has not been reached yet...better not to mess with "mother nature"! Also, a multi-vitamin daily is a must for you to supplement vitamins and minerals you might be missing. GL, i'm sure you are a beautiful girl just as you are!

really need to know!!
Hang from a bar daily.{by your hands }Bar should be about 2-5 inches taller than you!!Step on a footstool to get up there , then hang. Feet must be off the ground. Keep back aligned. Definately improves posture, good for your back, and stretches you out slowly, daily. Improves standing straight ...But be careful when you step back down on footstool you have secure footing !! measure your height, before you begin,then Start hanging every day for approx. 3-5 min. or as long as you can take it, measure yourself periodically,once a week or once a mo. I almost guarantee you will have better posture and be taller and have a stronger back!! Good for your arms too!!! Make sure bar is secure and will hold your weight !! Good luck!! I have tried it , as well as a friend of mine and it worked, but you have to keep it up, or you will slump back down to original height if stopped for long!!Dr. told her that!!

I really don't understand why you would want to increase your height. If you feel that your weight is a problem that can be handled easily enough. You might have to give up the sweets for awhile and start a mild exercise program, but it will be helpful in the long run. I stopped growing at just under 5'2" and it has never caused me any problem. I've always been happy to be the size I am.

just be patient...everyone grows at a different pace
ma sis is 19 n im only 14 but i used 2 be taller than her but now she as grown n she's now way taller than i am so dont worry bout it
n im also 5'3 so u aint short at all as a matter of fact ur still growing

do not mess with mother nature. you will end up hurting yourself. or doing some heavy duty damage. just be patient. let nature take its course. you could cut back on the sweets and get more exercise. when you lose a couple pounds you will look taller. but do not diet to extreme either. eat well balance meals..and exercise. get away from the computer.. and sit down activities. get outside.. get some fresh air.

There are not medicines that can help your improve your hight..but 5'3" is not a bad hight for a girl.

You are still young; however, it is not your height the needs increasing, it is your self image.

As for as height goes, you will reach you adult height around 18 which means you are probably close to 5' 4" tall, the perfect height.

As far as you weight goes, you need to rethink what you eat. In particular, calcium for strong bones. If at 18 and you weight 144 lbs, you need to trim down a little by watching what you eat.

14 year old girls are under the gun about how they look. There is a image that promotes a "high fashion, movie star" look. This may be attractive, but is also does not represent reality. Not every girl is 6'3'' tall, 130 lbs.

You need to evaluate who you are, not how you look. The how you look will come with time.

Answer: Good eating habits that fit your body, no matter how tall.

Wait for a growth spurt :) You're young, you're still growing. It's all good :D

to tell ya the truth...........
you're bones need to be strong in order to carry a tall frame= eats lots of protein and drink your milk and lift heavy things in a repetitious work out
A girl grows the most from the day her periods begin--- for 1 year--- so maybe from 13 to 14. You need a multi Vitamin and exercise and lots of fresh fruits. Keep your stress down by not taxing yourself emotionally, stress burns up the calories you need for growing.Your DNA decides how tall you will be but you can be tall by holding your body straight and walking with great posture. good question ! one star coming up !

I am sorry, but there are few safe and effective ways to do this. Your height is pretty much something you have to learn to accept about yourself. Carrying a backpack or using ankle weights won't really change it.

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