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Ashleigh m
I'm 13, and i cant take naps. Even if I try really hard. I just can't take naps. WHY? is this normal?
Why can't I take naps?

Is someone telling you you NEED a nap? or are you sleepy in the afternoon, and WANT to take a nap, and can't?

Most kids out grow the need for a nap around the age of 5 or 6 at the LATEST! I have a daycare, and I think some of my kids have more or less stopped at the age of three or four, and even younger when they are at home with their parents (I tire them out pretty well. We have a very active morning).

But, unless you are trying to add a nap on weekends or something, just for a little extra sleep, yeah, it is not normal to take naps at your age on a regular basis.

Many people dont just lay down and fall asleep... Maybe youre just not tired.....But i think that if you lay down long enough you'll fall asleep...

You're 13, so, you're probably just a restless teen.

Dr. Claw
its probably because your mind is over active, try to relax by reading before you nap. next thing you know your be z-z-z-z-z-z zound azleep.

I cant nap either
I can only sleep
no matter how hard

ever since i was in pre-k

i used to help share out the snacks when everyone was sleeping
and i was awake


well for a start, you sleep when you are tired so if you are making yourself try to go to sleep then you obviously wont cos your brain is busy telling you too! i cant nap either, its nothing to do with age....are you actually tired when you want to take a nap? are you trying to nap in a dark place? i cant sleep during the day because i cant sleep if there is a tiny bit of light so id have no hope of sleeping during the day. if you get 8 or more hours of sleep a night then you should have no need to nap and if you just want to nap for the sake of it...well i dont really know what could help you to nap! maybe try taking a bath, reading a book, burning essential oils...all these things should relax you and hopefully will help to you sleep

If you can't take naps, why don't you learn to meditate? That works just as good regardless of how old you are.

Maybe you arent tired?

But why do you NEED to take a nap at age 13?

Aubreigh S
I have that same problem. I never really try taking naps, though. I'm thirteen. Welcome to my world. Ha, I think we all have this problem.

Your sleep cycle might not be able to. Mine can't either. Naps always make me more tired. Some people just can't nap and some people just can't sleep for 8 hours. Depends on who you are.

Yep, im 13 and I cant take naps either!Your not alone!

Gretchen D
Yeah it's normal you just have a lot of energy a lot of people around that age can't take naps. Don't worry, you don't have a sleeping problem, it's just all in your head.

Ms. Cullen
uhhm i am 13 two
but my cousin sparys the one special thing on her pillow and it helps her sleep(naps)

Maybe your just not tired. If you feel that your tired in the middle of the day...and your at home of course...you can try to take a nap but other than that i'm just guessing that your not tired. I'm 14 and i cant its weird but maybe we dont need to nap in the middle of the day idk why! lol

Maybe because you sleep well at night or don't have as much stress. It's fine.

cause you aren't tired.

dat princess
im 14 and i have the same problem. i dont think its anything abnormal. maybe naps only work when your really tired or sick, because thts how it is with me.

Kristen Marie
That is perfectly normal. Your body can't sleep as well when the sun is up (even when curtains are shut).

It's very normal, a lot of people have trouble napping (me too and I'm 14!). It's probably because you get a good amount of sleep at night, 6 hours or more (which you should!) or before you nap you might be doing something stimulating like watching TV or exercising.

Either way, napping isn't that great. It's harder to fall asleep at night and you could be doing something more fun.

Martin L
lol i can't take naps either.

JustMy Opinion
Too much sleep at night.
Don't do anything tiring.
Too highstrung.
Too much on your mind.

Could be several things...

lov to dance <33
because we hav high energy. babies dnt have any energy becuase they r little and they r growing and there adaptation changes. but it depends on ur body system 2. some ppl dnt hav a lot of energy and they crash soon

Whatevers Clever
If your body needed one, you'd take one. I'm sure it's fine. I never took naps unless I needed to, then I would be able to...

well im the same way and im 12 dont know why either!

the world may never know

I can't take naps either. No matter how tired i am. I just can't sleep during the day. I think i have too much energy. Maybe that's your problem too. But at thirteen you shouldn't want to take naps, you should be out with your friends enjoying life. I think you should stick to your eight hours at night. =]

Some people's bodies just aren't built for napping.

I am not one of those people. My body is a finely tuned napping machine.

But I'm sure you are fine. You just can't nap. No big deal.

Pretty much once you're past 5 or 6 you don't need a nap. If you're tired, add a regular exercise routine to your day and go to bed earlier. Read until you fall asleep.

Hula Honey
some poeple cant sleep in day light or with many noises..i cant either :p

Mommy to Lauryn and Sydney
Apparently your body does not need the sleep..

ofcourse it's normal.
ur just so full of energy ur body doesn;t need a rest.

dont worry, it's normal!

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