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pirune E
How many hours of sleep should I get?
I’m 14 years old and I just want to know how many hours of sleep I should get each night. I don’t want to have too little and I don’t want to have too many. I did a little research and I couldn’t find something specific for me. I’m not active right now, I was very but I’m not doing any exercising at all (sports, running, and workouts). This is my first year in high school too and I have to wake up 6:30 in the mourning to get ready and catch the bus for school. I hear that 8-10 should be good. How many hours of sleep do you think I should get?

I heard if you get too little, it’s obvious bad for your body and you can get a higher risk of some disease or something, and getting too much is basically a waste of time. A range of one hour is good, one exact time is better.

8 you'll be fine. you dont need 10

at least 8

8 hours
that's the least
dude you should go to sleep
at 8:00 you'll be awake & ready
for school never go to sleep at
11:00 & up you'll wake up tired as hell

Needs for sleep vary from one person to the next. For most adults, it stands between 8-10, but some people may need more or less than that. By nature's standards, we should be getting to sleep a little after sunset, and getting up at sunrise.


Ya about 8-10 hours.
Studies prove that Teens need up to twelve hours of sleep.
Good Luck With freshman year.
Give me an update.

Dark Angel
Eight to ten is the recommended amount of sleep for your age. However, it depends on how you feel in the morning. Try eight hours. You'll know if it isn't enough because you will begin to feel tired before your day is over. Add a half hour to that (making it eight and one half hours). If that still isn't enough, add another half hour until you feel refereshed when you get up and can stay alert throughout the day. Remember to eat a healthy breakfast, and don't eat a heavy meal at lunch. If you need a quick pick-me-up during the day, try a soda or tea. Make sure not to drink caffeine late in the afternoon or evening. It will make trying to get to sleep more difficult. Develop a nite time ritual before getting into bed. Avoid video games and exercise right before bedtime. Reading quietly is more beneficial.

8 hours at least.

A&F Chick <3
9 at least

Alex V
at least 8. so i would say 8 -10

8 hours. maybe 9 if you are still tired after 8 hours of sleep.

im fifteen and about 7 works for me

i would say eight to ten.

8 hours of sleep for all ages over 13

dont listen to these retards...jkjkjk....10-12 hours of sleep is the amount of sleep anyone should get

smashing ds in bath
about 7-9 hours.

ppl say over 8 but it has been proven it can shorten your life span i aim to get 4 to 7 but you no how it is every now n again you get the off 12 hour kip :P

Mr. Classy
No less than 6.5 hours while you are still growing. Since you are 14, and still in puberty you are probably still growing.

There is no such thing as too much sleep. Just make sure you get at least an hour of cardiovascular work a day (1/4 jogging, 1/2 sport, 1/4 biking to and from a friends house. You get the picture.).

However, it is good to work out your mind. If you are trying to sleep for 16 hours a day, your brain probably won't respond well to All Nighters later on in life.

like, like 8 cuz if i get less i feel revitalized but tired, and if i get more than that i just feel sluggish and gross

9ish should be good if your worried about getting sick or something because of it
but i wouldn't worry i went through 6th grade sleeping about 4 hours at the most sometimes only half and hour and nothing happened to me

it's more how much sleep do you need to pay attention in school

9 hrs
it is a myth about getting too much
you simply wake up

8-10 was right the first time

7-8 hours is excellent already.

but if you have all the time in the world, try 15hours.


10 hours

John A
7hours at least

The accepted average is around 6-7 hours of sleep for a healthy life style. The younger you are the least you require and are able to catch on quickly.

8 hours minimum, aim for 9 and a half

im 16 and we are supposed to get 8-10 hours a night. I try to go to sleep by 10:30 and i wake up at 6:40.

Dice Yahoo took my avatar
8-10 is good

8 or 9

About 8 to 10.

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