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fresh nd fly
Headaches everyday? Help please?
My girlfriend's 16 and she has been having headaches everyday for over a couple years now and she hasn't been getting it checked out?
What could be causing it and could it be something serious?

it might be a migraine. just consult the doctor so that you will know if it is serious

I would highly recommend going to your doctor, this could be serious problem or it might not be anything. but i could be an indication somethings really wrong like a tumor (not to scare you or anything)
but the sooner brian tumors are found the better chance or recovery,. Or it could be a smiple mirgrain which is easily fixed.


Lysergic Inc.
you can not expect an accurate answer from random people on here.

she NEEDS to see a doctor... daily headaches ranging over a period of a few years is almost certainly something in need of dire attention. it could be cancer, a really bad sinus infection, tumor, etc...

please do not take her situation lightly.

I had this happen to me. Mine was hereditary-my mom had them too/. At 16 it's most likely hormones being imbalanced. She might have a reaction to certain foods. I am 29 now and still get them but nearly as much since my hormones have evened out. Mostly during my PMS though I still get it. She might want to get her eyesight checked too. Might need glasses. Could be she grinds her teeth at night. Just have her get checked out. It may be nothing but there are many ways to treat it. Good luck!

Ellie A
could be tentsion headaches. i used to get those. or mayb she needs glasses. see a doctor anyway

reality is for squares
massages and acupuncture really work ya i bet u think i don't have that kind of money here's what you do first

take the web in between her index finger and thumb feel around for some kind of built up pressure and press with ur thumb and index finger not too hard but not too soft hold for ten mississippis then rub and release slowly on both hands

or feel for stress knots on the upper part of the back of the neck and massage them out

Obama08! so STFU
who 2 years? i was getting them everyday but it was more like throbbing, like migraines, and they just went away, she should just drink water and try to rest


She needs to see a doctor to really find out what is going on. But here are a several reasons to as why someone may have daily headaches. Tension and stress cause headaches. She may need to get her eyes checked too. Strain on your eyes will cause headaches. High blood pressure can cause headaches. If she has sinus allergies/problems that could be the reason. There are so many different reasons why someone would have constant headaches. That is why she should see her doctor.

My wife had serious headaches for years and accidentally found out one of her legs was slightly shorter than the other. Wears a small lift, problem gone!

I had the same problem a few months ago. Well, it started a couple years ago, actually. I started getting horrible migraines every day and some nights I would even cry myself to sleep because it hurt so bad and medicine was ineffective. Then my scalp and the side of my face started going numb (stroke? I thought). So I got health insurance and went to the doctor and you know what he did? He gave me anti-depressants because apparently they help with migraines. He wouldn't give me an MRI or a CT scan because I was using insurance to pay for it. I was pissed. What does it matter? I know the hospital takes the insurance because I've used it before. Anyway, the anti-depressants made me feel like sh*t and they made the tingling/numbing sensations worse and didn't help my headaches at all so I quit taking them.

You're made to feel pain so you can tell when something is wrong. Sometimes it's just a little glitch that repairs itself, but if it's continuous it could be a sign of more serious problems. So tell her to go to the doctor and see if they will be willing to help = /

i get the same thing..

*could be caused by problems with your hormones.

*it could be from allergies (congestion) that head ache is just kinda in the middle of your forehead

*underactive thyroids

*possibility Of a brain tumor not likely but not 100% impossible

*caffine withdrawl.. if you drink coffee or pop everyday..

*eye problems. does she have glasses and not wear them

*Cluster Headaches.. your gonna have to look that one up

*certin foods can even cause a headahe.. lots of things causes headaches..


if it's a migranes you should go to the doctor && Ask your doctor to check your estrogen

Ok so i have this problem im only 14 and it runs in the family......but after i got my eyes checked and got glasses i no longer had as many headaches.....another thing is there is a really good medicine you doctor can prescribe but its really expensive ($33 a pill!!!) hope this helps.....

I agree with the dehydration. Unless she's having migraines and because of her age, the most likely culprit for frequent, general headaches is dehydration.

yeah my aunt used to have severe migraines all the time.
I think she fixed it with medication...anyways, shes fine now;)

Carmen D
I am 13 and I get headache every time, and i really don't know why, but i am about to get it checked out, she should do the same.
Hope she feels better!!

see the doctor... is the insurance crisis in America so bad that we have to get diagnosis on yahoo answers lol

all of these are good answers... when i was 16i had the same problem ... they did all kinds of tests and thought i was having mini aneurysms... turns out it was chronic migraines caused by stress and lack of sleep... plus teenage hormones don't help... and dehydration is important too but i doubt that would cause it everyday. First step is to see a Dr. and she should start keeping track of her symptoms headaches can be caused by so many things she could even be suffering from something like electromagnetic sensitivity to the lighting in your classrooms.

if she does her homework.. she needs to do it under BRIGHT LIGHT and not in a darker area make sure all the lights are on and a extra desklight ..that caused it for me.. I would have that every day.. its the light when u study or read//

Monitor your daily activities . Eating incorrectly , stress, problems in the neck,depression, eye sight is to name a few. The first thing a doc does is see if you have a tumor. Then if you don`t ,you have to work with the doc to find the root cause by monitoring what flares it off. My headaches boiled down to tightening of the muscles in the neck. What ever you do stay away from pain meds ,it`s to easy to get hooked on them. Imitrex works great without becoming a drug addict.

It could be from the lights at school. I have a few friends who needed to get colored glasses because of the fluorescent lights in classrooms and gymnasiums.

Allergies, tumors I'm not a doctor but I highly recommend one.

tara g
tumor headaches are excruciating. I think it sounds like a sinus problem of some kind.

It is best for her to see a doctor.

[email protected]
High blood pressure, stress, she really should go to the doc.

Concerned Mom
Get it looked at

ask your doctor

ryan the greatest
probaly dehydration tell her to drink water

Adult American
It is doubtful that it is serious, if it were she would be dead now. Your girlfriend is not the brightest girl out there for ignoring headaches for this length of time. We'll put it off to youth and ignorance.

Her parents however must be lacking in intelligence, are not very observant or too busy to care. You appear to care, see if you can get her to take her health more seriously. She should go to the doctor to make sure and get a proper treatment. If nothing else she is of the age when she should have been seeing an OB/GYN for pap smears each year, she can tell that doctor and save one trip.

That being said however most likely since they are almost every day they are stress headaches. If they were anything else they would have escalated into more serious problems by now.

If however she is taking Tylenol on a regular basis, she can damage her kidneys or liver and will not know it until it is too late, depending upon her ability to handle the drug and how much she is taking. If she is taking Advil or aspirin she can get an ulcer and these also thin the blood so if she were taking these and in an accident she can wind up loosing a lot of blood as hers will not clot quickly due to these medicines. BTW, there are two types of ulcer, one if from a bacteria the other is caused by taking ibuprofen (Advil) or aspirin of any type over an extended period of time especially when there is a lot of stress on top of the medication.

Talk to her. She is playing havoc with her health. Don't get yourself into a tizzy however, if she doesn't want to go, doesn't mind the pain and isn't being nasty to you over it, you can also ignore the issue. When it becomes more harmful to her, nature will dictate that she goes for proper treatment.

Migraines. See a doctor. Easily prescribed

Jo M
She should definitely get it checked out...she probably has chronic migrains

i get headaches a lot. mostly they are tension headaches from stress. but its best to get it checked out if she can.

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