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Monica H
HELP!! what do i eat if im nauseous?
I feel really really sick but i have to eat something (strict meal plan). What can i eat that would be easy on my stomach? Besides saltines? Thanks!!

Heather C
Crackers or wheat thins.

Morgan Alexandra
townhouse crackers and ginger ale. if you dont want that just try some ginger tea or anything with ginger or peppermint in it.

dry toast with no butter and you can drink sprite. The bubbles always soothe my tummy. Also peppermint tea helps nausea nuturally.

Cookie Monster
Probably not any liquids but i would eat some light carbs-maybe some bread with cheese on it

Rebekah S
applesauce! Thats what I always eat! eat something that babies wouldn't have a hard time digesting! (like 3 months and up) Good luck and I'm sorry you feel sick!

Draven M.
Ginger is really good when feeling sick. Try some gingernut biscuits by Arnotts. Believe it or not, it was an instant cure for morning sickness in my three pregnancies! Good luck!

King Richard
Flat soda like Coke or Pepsi, I manage a bar and have found it works wonders.
Put a little soda in a glass and stir it to get the fizz out then sip it.
I work with a ton of strippers and they are always trying to get out of work but, I have a cure for just about everything.

Porridge is a good one. Don't add any like meat or anything to it, have it plain.

Boiled potatoes with REAL plain yogurt (if in USA, that means very few brands). Works with diarrhea and most everything else. Standard Mediterranean nostrum.

A banana its full potassium that helps it

1.heated chicken broth with no meat

It is important to keep the food light otherwise your stomach will have to work more to digest the food.

Make sure to squeeze lemon into the broth
acids help break down the food.

Ginger tea. The ginger root is a natural remedy that helps ease your stomach (I believe Native Americans used it as a natural remedy as well!). Don't drink it all at once, take small sips. It will sting a little in your throat, and has a horrible taste, but it works! :)

Besides crackers, toast or french bread would be easiest on your stomach.

Cream of Wheat is very gentle on the tummy and easily digested.

Stick to a bland diet. Bananas, Rice, Apples, Toast (dry toast no butter).


Chicken Noodle Soup

Vanilla Chai Tea (this is hot tea which is real good for when you're sick, or even when you're not).

That's just about all. Just keep your meals bland/simple. No spices.

frank b
My sister takes these ginger bites thing that's good for nausea. Apparently, ginger is really good on your stomach so try gingerale (which I always drink when I throw up- it helps a lot!!) or fresh ginger. If fresh ginger is too strong for you, try ginger cookies/bites. Also, my sister takes Nausean which is an over-the-counter product you can get at the drug store. It doesn't taste too bad and it just dissolves in your mouth. It was reccommended to my sister for reaccuring nausea symptoms by a doctor, and she says it helps her a lot!!

Laquisha B
Well don't overindulge. Eat bananas; they're super mild. Lots of people hate bananas for some reason. Kraft Mac N Cheese or Plain Pasta.

Princess Odette Giovani IV
Soda Crackers.

vege soup

You eat some bread, or crackers, it soaks up the stomack acids

cream of wheat. Just try it.. It really works.


i'm sick too! and ive been trying to figure out what to eat
so i just had a PBJ with some grape juice and i'm feeling fine, like i could keep it down.
feel better :]

Mom of one
Any type of crackers or dry toast will work.Hope you feel better.

i like frosted flakes
ginger ale

or frosted flakes!!!!!!!!!!

but no milk

why you want it CREPPER?
umm drink ginger ale

The BRAT diet= bananas, rice, applesauce, toast. Anything bland try to stay away from dairy. Hope you feel better soon.

upset stomachs=the BRAT diet
bananas, rice, applesauce, or toast! they're all very neutral and low acidic foods that should be easy on the stomach. unflavored rice, no toppings on the toast, and plain applesauce

but hmm some soup and crackers thats light you dont want nothing to heavy or you'll throw up


Drink sips of gatorade, or any clear electroylyte filled drink, no milk.

Toast, white bread.

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