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Can you get addicted to smoking after just one cig & is it illegal to smoke when you're 13? or just to buy 'em?
ok, so i was wondering is it illegal to be SMOKING them, or just to buy them but u can smoke them if you're 13?
and can u get addicted from having just one?
thanks :3

blaaaaah blaaaaah
its illegal yeah
DONT DO IT i have a couple of girls in my year who smoke they will get MESSED UP its NOT COOL

Usually you can't get addicted from just one because on your first cigarette you probably won't inhale as much as you would if you were a regular smoker, but if you're afraid you are going to get addicted and don't want to, don't smoke.

Also it is illegal to smoke cigarettes if you are under 18, now that doesn't stop people, and chances are unless you look young cops won't just stop you normally. But if you get pulled over while driving and they see a pack of cigarettes you will probably get a ticket (it happened to my friend).

Regardless smoking is a bad habit that comes with serious health risks, starting at a young age will only help increase these risks and it doesn't make you any cooler. Guys often find it as a turn off as well as females. But it's your life and no one can tell you to smoke or not when you are at a legal age.

Hope this helped :]

And I am a smoker and suggest you don't start.

It is illegal to smoke them at 13.
Some people don't get addicted their first time but some people do, it depends on your personality and body honestly.
just do yourself a favor and don't even try it. the first one is going to be terrible and if you try the second to give it another shot, you'll just become addicted.
no one finds people who smoke attractive so just don't start it at all.

ILoveTraceCyrus:) HU4L.MS4L<3
it's illegal to smoke cigarretes
if you are under eighteen.
doesn't stop anyone, but yeah it's illegal .
and depends, some people get addicted easier
than others,

Debra Erics
No not from having one. Yes it illegal in every state for a 13 year old to purchase ans smoke cigarettes. 18 is the legal age. Don't start.
It's unhealthy, nasty habit.

DO NOT SMOKE!!!! I never tried it and never will. You CAN get addicted to it right away and you will start coughing. It damages your lungs and sometimes brain!!! (Experience with someone else)

And yes, it is illegal!

Its only illegal to buy them. Although if someone sees you smoking they will still probably tell you off. You cannot get addicted from one but the problem is once leads to twice which leads to addiction. Just don't try it, I;ve smoked since I was 13 and Im now twenty one and spend about £40 a week on cigarettes. When I look back and think of all the money i have spent I feel sick

Joshua H
No, you can't from just one, but don't forget that everyone who ever smoked started with one! If you like it you'll keep doing it and then there's a better than even chance that you will get addicted.

Whether it's illegal to smoke them depends on your state. And the law isn't much enforced in most of the places where it is illegal.

Yes you can, and yes it is,.

Supposedly you can get addicted from just two cigarettes, or at least that's why my Dad always told me. It really just depends on how easily you become addicted to things, how frequently you smoke, and the nicotine content of the cigarettes. I'm sure there are other factors, too, but those are the most of them.

It is, to my knowledge, illegal to smoke at 13, but that's also, to my knowledge, an issue handled at the state, rather than the federal level. Check your state's laws. I know that in my state it's legal to smoke with parental permission under the age of eighteen, but only because I had a friend who carried around a note from her mother in her purse saying that she had permission to smoke cigarettes, so I couldn't even really tell you what age that began at.
Like I said, check your state's laws specifically and you'll have a much better idea.

Well, If you're thinking about smoking then you should probably think again because there is nothing good about it especially when you're 13. Yes. One cigarette can get you super addicted. Starting at such a young age will make you want more and more of it.

Did you know that cigarettes test on animals? I think that if you are an animal lover the you will do the right thing and not smoke. Seriously. Don't try it if you're thinking about it. And please, don't give into peer pressure. Trust me, you will get addicted after the first blow.

And no, it's not illegal to smoke unless you're smoking drugs.

please please please don't start smoking. at 13, you probably think it's 'cool'. but PLEASE TRUST ME, it isn't.

i'm 19 and love having a good time. i go out partying all the time and have lots of friends and a boyfriend. if smoking was cool, i'd be doing it. but it isn't. its the most disgusting thing you could do.

save your money and go buy something else with it. go get yourself some nice lip gloss, or perfume, or something BESIDES a cigarette.

you probably won't listen to this.

but i really hope you do.

who ever smokes and is 13 is out of there mind.
you wont get addicted but its just discusting

nelie g
i think you can get hooked after only one. my first cig, was only the beginning. i was only trying it. never planned on beeing a smoker.
as far as the law goes, its illegal to have,buy,smoke.
there isnt a legal way around it.

It's illegal to buy and smoke them when you are 13. Why would you WANT to? Trust me, don't, it'll ruin your life.

And yes, you can get addicted from just one. So don't have one.

sally b
why would you wan tto know??? Dont smoke I am telling you that for sure that is only for losers the stuff on tv is true. when you smoke you get uglyer and wrinkles will start. when my friend started she looked different with just one puff and I was mad at her. she never had anymore after that.


yes just one can addict u and its kind of illegal gets technical

ur goin 2 prison
im a federal agent and this is indeed very illegal!
u sick mf-er
ur at such a tender age too
prison is not a good place for little girls
i once knew a girl

Jessica L
alot people do get addicted just 1 its 75% chanc u will get addicted and theres a 25% chance u wont dont try it it really bad for u and u cant buy cigerretes when ur 13 and if u do smoke ur a bad girl try to quit emiditely

Hailey V
1. Yes, it is illegal to smoke them, and it's illegal to buy them.
2. Yes, you can get addicted after just a few puffs.

My friend started smoking when she was 13, and now she hates herself for it. She's beein trying to quit multiple times now.
Just don't smoke, it ruins your lungs, and then youll die of emphyzema. [sp?]

Yes, it's illegal, and they are very addicting. After the first one I'm not sure but it's not a good habit to get into!

Ryan C
no just to buy them. and yes u can get addicted from one if you have the personality for it.

You become addicted to cigarettes after just two or three. After that your body feels as if it needs the nicotine and tabacco. It illegal to buy tabbacco when your thirteen. You shouldn't smoke, especially if it is for something as pathetic as smoking with your friends. It's not enjoyable and it takes 10 to 20 years off your life. Frankly, most people who are addicted to smoking wish that they never started. Isn't your personal health more important than smoking, a dirty past time and an addictive habit? Please think about this. It will effect you for the rest of your life, not just whenever you decide to have a smoke. Do you want to become so physically and mentally dependent on something that is killing you slowly and painfully? Think about it, please.

EDIT: Oh Linds. You are addicted. Try going for two days without it. It's an experiment, so you don't want to, that is, if you aren't addicted. You will start becoming irritated and jittery and thinking about smokeing all the time. This is addiction, not just "whenever you want to". Of course, when you are addicted, you always want to.

Jessica M
If you smoke a cigarette and even if you don't inhale, you can still become addicted to the nicotine that is digested via the alimentary canal.

I am not sure about the other part considering I don't know where you live.

Nicotine is the most addicting chemical aside from meth. Yes you can be addicted after "just one"

The lure is after the one, you might wait and smoke again socially and you think you are out of the woods but aha you smoke again because why not, you're not addicted! Then again and again and soon you are buying cigarettes regularly.

Why start a lethal drug? Nicotine passes the blood/brain barrier and consumes every organ. Therefore it can give you cancer in many parts of your body, cause strokes, heart disease and lung degeneration among other issues, such as emphysema, bad teeth, and early wrinkles.. I think its illegal on both accounts but its rare they enforce both. But I am not sure how the law reads or works concerning use of...

Emo Pinyato
Yes you can
Don't Smoke, that stuff is for losers!!

It's only illegal for someone to give/sell them to you.

You can start the addiction with just one puff.

Take it from someone who just quit after 20 years - Don't start.

It is illegal for people under 18 to purchase cigarettes. That's fundamentally understood. It is also illegal to buy cigarettes for people under 18 if you are of legal age. It is illegal to give a minor a cigarette.

However, in most states (I know this is true in MA), there is no specific law prohibiting a minor from smoking the cigarette. They are therefore allowed to smoke a cigarette, if they happen to have one. There is no legal way to obtain them, but possession of cigarettes is not illegal. Smoking of cigarettes is not illegal by minors, as long as they follow the "rules" (not inside a school, etc).

In most states it is not illegal for under 18s to smoke or possess tobacco ... Sale of cigarettes to minors (younger than age 18 years) is prohibited

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