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Sydelle :)
question anyone can answer?
one of my ribs pops in and out of place. is this normal? does this happen to anyone else? just thought i'd make sure i'm not dying or anything. ha it might just be a joint issue or something. answers appreciated! :)
Additional Details
wow! thanks for all the answers.

no, it isn't causing me any pain. i've had it for a while and i just now thought to ask about it.

when i say popping in and out of place, i mean whenever i lean over, or laugh, or just generally twist, one of my ribs just sort of pops. like whenever you pop your knuckles.

i guess it isn't really anything serious since it doesn't hurt and so many of you have the same thing. thanks again!

FoshizzleBritTizzle ;)
I like big butts.


i dont know anyone with this problem exactly but i know people that can make certain joints pop like i can make my ankle pop sometimes

Jake Soules
perfectly normal, mine do it too. and also it is because the bones are held by flexible muscle and tissue, and are not just a sheet of bone. =] hope u r happy with my answer

Carolyn W
happens to me to i think you should be fine

Never experienced it.

But it doesn't sound like anything to worry about

it happens to me too. usually when I'm leaning from left to right and leaning forward. I don't think there's anything wrong, but get it checked out anyway

im sure your not dieing
it is probably just a joint issue.
to play it safe i would go see a doctor

ha!! that's funny. your not going to die or anything as long as it doesn't
hurt it's probably nothing serious. think of it as a talent!! it's probably okay one of my friends can do that too.

wow that sounds scary, see a doctor, especially if you are in pain.

normal, i can move my ribs with my hand

If you are in pain or discomfort when it happens see a doctor. If not just keep an eye on it and make sure it doesn't worsen. Though if you are really concerned about it go to the doctor since they have the training and know how to help fix it.

rah rah
nope mine dont. But it could be like double jointed or something? as long as it doesnt hurt its probably fine, but i wouldnt sit there popping it in and out of place... it could be bad for you.

That had happened to me plenty of times whereas I would be laying down and I start to suddenly laugh and I can feel it like pop. Totally normal, now if you we're screaming in pain thats when it wouldnt be normal and need to go to the emergency quickly!


I would not think that is normal. If you are not feeling any pain then it might be a ligament issue or even a minor birth defect.

I would take this question to some medical forums:

Yahoo Answers is great, but this might be a serious medical issue. Take it to medhelp.org, and then I would probably make a doctors appointment.

There's a good chance it's nothing serious, but it's very important when it comes to medical issues to be safe instead of sorry.

Catch Me
I don't think you're dying. But go see a doctor. Don't worry about it, though. They have so many new solutions to things like that nowadays.

Go to a doctor and ask them to check it out. It's probably a weird joint problem. If it's anything worse, a doctor will know

You just might be double jointed in one of your ribs.
It happens to a lot of people...
they might not all be double jointed in the ribs..but other body parts.
Am double jointed in the thumb..(ha weird huh?)

Hope this helps :)

What exactly do you mean "one of your ribs pops in and out of place". Explain it to me >.< I'll come back in a bit and edit.
Thanks XD


Ah, I see. Haha, I actually get that too, and I've had it for as long as I could remember. It also pops when I press down on it beside my rib.

Nothing to worry about ^-^

Big Boobs Mcghee
my ribs do that. and it hurts like all hell.
2 on my right pop out. and one on my left side pops out. sometimes it'll be days before I can get them to pop back in.
They will affect my breathing, and lifting heavy objects. A piercing pain in my side. Theoretically a popped rib could puncture a lung, and I'm sure it's not very healthy. but I've had this problem for a few years now, and as it has compounded into other problems at this point-a doctor can not do much to help. Though, Xrays are the best thing for you. before it gets worse, and while you are still young. That way a Doc can fully diagnose your problem.

Uhm, doesn't sound normal - don't panic though, see a doctor. Yahoo answers cannot give you a true diagnosis - but a DOCTOR can!!

might be worth considering visiting a doctor. I wouldn't place my health in the hands of some total strangers, whose opinion may be based upon what they just ate.

just go see a doctor to make sure its nothing serious. =)

Kyle T
go see a doctor

It sounds like a joint issue, but regardless I doubt your dying. You might have that checked out by a doctor though, I've never heard of it.

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