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please somebody help! i'm so dizzy.?
i woke up this morning and every time I move my head its as if I just spun around 5 times. I ate breakfast, i've been drinking water. can anybody explain this? i haven't eaten anything weird either. i just feel terrible. (and no, Im not a pregnant woman) how do I make it stop?

stop drinking soo damn muc

Three Days
do you feel dizzy whenb you walk try walking in a straight line with your feet in front of each over if you fall you my have lathriunthitous or something like that

try to take a nice hot and warm bath with candles and bubbles. that might relax. or try to sleep for a bit. id it dont stop PLEASe call ur fmaily Dr. I WILL PRAY for you!

you amy be getting sick or inner ear problem

eat some sugar

Psycho Billy Freak Out
Take a nap and then go to the doctor

Pink Freak22
You are probably getting sick. It sounds sort of like a migrain! Try sleeping, or lying down. Don't take any medicine that you are not sapost to have.

Ummm... lay down?! put your head between your legs?!??!

@[email protected]

Erica K
you could be sick that is how i was sick to i was dizzy at frist.

bloody mary.

tomato juice
worcestershire sauce
horse radish
2 green olives


Did you drink last night? OR....maybe you have a concussion??

The possibilities like not enough rest or a cold infection coming should be in.
And you not discount the possibility of hypertension and it's associate 'buddies'; diabetes,...etc......
Please go and see a doctor for a checkup to have a peace of mind..

[email protected]
I would recommend that you go to webmd.com. It sounds as if you may have an ear ache problem called swimmers ear. I would get some q tips and clean out your ears gently. Then wash out the ear canel with the over the counter ear wax removal system. If you are still having the symtoms go to the emergency clinic in your area. I do know that if your head hurts and your dizzy you also could have some internal issues that can not be seen by the naked eye. So get some medical attention right away.

lol... she said dizzy.
Sounds like a hang over, did you party last night?

The best treatment for feeling "off" is rest. Call it a movie day and get a blanket and head to the couch. Have you been extending yourself in the last few weeks? The body forces us to rest when it requires it often. my suggestion, take a few cat naps today- the water and stuff will help too.

go to the docter

it could be you're just tired or are becoming sick, keep drinking fliuds and just relax to keep from becoming dizzy. take an advil if you dont feel better.

Answer This!
get some orange juice or some vitamin c, you may have low blood sugar.

you probably either are dehydrated or have low blood pressure.
you might want to get it checked out if it keeps coming back.

You may have low blood sugar - or something more serious. I suggest getting something like OJ in your system and then putting a call in to the doctor. Perhaps you have a family member or friend that can come over. You may need someone to get you to a doctor and then possibly stay with you until you are well. Good luck and best wishes for a speedy recovery!

Angel of Answers
wow, i too am currently having these symptoms.. i went to the doctor and he said i had low blood pressure (hypotension). he told me to drink plenty of fluids, and to take it easy while getting up..

peacie!! ♥

maby yooh need to sleep.
why dont you go see a doctor

r u a diabetic? if so u have low blood sugar, or u could be enemic where ur not eating right or enough, either way i would go see ur doctor

I get that sometimes I hate it. I never found out what it is is from but here are some ideas.
It could be an inner ear problem called BVVP. Benign posistional vertigo, is little calcium rocks on the inner ear that leave their place and make you dizzy when you move your head or roll over in bed. See an ear doctor who will tell you what kind of movments to do about that. (help you to unwind the dizzy spells)
It could be a neck problem called cervical dizziness. Brought on by head movement. I have both a neck problem but my symptoms are the exact same as BVVP.
It could be other things too but this is what I have been told for me.
Dont sit like that all day go have it accessed because usually this type of thing repeats itself.

maybe you slept too late and woke up too late, and if you take a nap too long you'll feel kinda goggley, ideal nap is 10 minutes

when i feel like that i drink some cold stuff, and just watch tv, sleep early at night and i'm brand new

Laura J
Get your ears checked, would be my first thought. http://www.medicinenet.com/vestibular_balance_disorders/article.htm
Medical link above.

Have you been on any medications?

Statin drugs and or SSRI's such as Paxil can cause vertigo.

Here's someone who was taking acid reflux meds and the side affects were vertigo. http://www.earthclinic.com/CURES/menieres_disease.html

What is your diet like?

Are you eating mostly proteins and refined starches which have elevated your triglycerides to cause pre type 2 diabetic symptoms? - Which is vertigo.

Are you using Aspartame, Splenda artificial sweeteners which the number one complaint to the FDA is Aspartame poisoning and Splenda is climbing... See http://www.dorway.com for details,

Too much dairy without enough whole raw colorful vegetables and fruits can cause anemia which can cause vertigo before fainting spells.


Vitamin B6 deficiencies can cause vertigo.

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