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 What is the best way to unblock my ear, as it's been blocked with wax for over 1 month? I'm using olive oil...
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 Are viral infections contagious?
My mother-in-law's doctor said no. However, I do not believe that to be the case.
Additional Details
I have viral bronchitis. I told my mother-in-law I had to stay away from her ...

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 Your supposed to drink so many gallons of water a day, but.......?
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 How much sleep do you get a night?

 Someone Please Help Me!?
i had pulled out my eyelashes when i was younger,i dont know why but i just can't help it.my mom calls me lashless,lashless wonder,no lash,and other things and i get made fun of in school.[alot]...

 I just took 6 ibuprofens....?
and im perfectly fine..
i've tooken four before and nothing happened
could this affect me in a way of some sort ?...

 chapped lips!?
okay i have really bad chapped lips right now and i need it to heal fast got any ideas besides putting chapstick on?(already tried,taking to long to work)...

 I've stopped smoking for two but due to stress I need a ciggy now!!!! !Please help?

 How to get awesome night's sleep?
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 How many hours sleep do we need?
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 How long does it take before you become addicted to smoking. How often would you need to smoke and how many?
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But i've started a job recently where a lot of the staff smoke and ...

 Who England's first woman doctor, and has a school and a hospital named after her?

 I can't sleep but i have to go to school tomorrow... plz plz help!?
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 I can't fall asleep until about four in the morning. How can I start falling asleep earlier?
I lied in bed for hours and hours but I couldn't fall asleep. I got in the habit of staying up super late because I like the night, but now I need the sleep because I have work....

i need to get a doctors note for work before tomorow. the thing is my doctor won't give me one?
any ideas on how i could get my hands on a doctors note fake or real. i can even try to fix one up????? if i could get one

pepzi_bandit 2
go to A&E alchol poisoning is a good thing to get a sick note for

just go to the emergency room ....fake an illness.... that will prevent you from working or something and tell the nurse or doctor to give you a note for missing work

Have you tried to see another doctor? If that is not possible you can always ask your doctor if you can pay for one, not sure of the cost but it should be possible.

try shagging the doctor.

Try to see a different doctor or take the day off work and see a different doctor to get a note. I assume that you had a legitimate reason to be off.

You can self certify for periods of sickness up to 5 working days in length, after that you need a sick note. If your doctor will not supply you with one, he or she mustn't think that your illness warrants a sick note, as they must be thinking you will be fit to return to work before you would require one.
Stop taking the p**s and pulling sickies, get to work you lazy layabout.

doctors dont give sick notes for having a face like a slapped camels ****

go to work!!!!!

what the hell do they pay you for

You know, if anybody at work finds out, you are out. If you want a day off invent something else

Ummm. Forging medical documents is a FELONY in most states - not only for the persons who forged the documents, but for anyone holding it.

Why won't the doctor give you a note? Is it because you haven't been seen by them?

Why were you out??? If you really need one, you could try the ER. Usually dr's will give you one if you are sick.

if a doctor wont give you a sick note, then you dont need one..get to work like the rest of us.

michael b

I'll give you one

Sharon T
You can use a self cert for 7 days, your employer has to accept this. If your employer requests this you can pay for it through your doctors.

if he won't give you one, there has to be a good reason, you can self cert yourself for 7 days without the need for a doctors note

go to a walk in clinic and pay the $5!!!

not sure
why do you need one?

you would be best on the dole you only have to turn up once a week,sounds like that would suit you.

of course your doctor wont give you one... have you no idea about STD's...

you dont produce a sicknote, all they can do is dock your pay, and sack you... dependent of course how much time youve had off in the past.

maybe of you offered to give your boss one..it'd be different.

if ur doc wont give u one then u are obviously just wagging and dont desreve too be paid....

You are one of em who is a burden on the state
your boss will see through you in time hopefully
and show you the door

How come you're doctor won't give you one? Did you not go to see him? If that's the case, no doctor will give you a note if you didn't come to the office. I wouldn't forge one. You could get into big time trouble if you're employer decides to call and check the validity of the note. Not only could you get fired, you could also get sued by the doctor.

Good luck!!!

alex p
Then your a bit buggered, you skiving scoundrel

I guess you'll need to go to work then.

No. Go to work you lazy tart.

The doctor won't give you one--because you aren't really sick.

They need to be on a doctor's prescription pad to be legal. There is no way to fake the doctor's prescription.

How conscientious you are, increasing the workload of your colleagues at work who aren't slackers.

Jessica M
why not just go to work like normal people and not try to lie..apparently the doctor did not think that you needed to be off work that is why he will not give you one... grow up!!

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