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i have just woke i have mega hangover cure anyone???
no "dont drink the night before"rubbish

Wayne R
a banana, a tylenol and a very small amount of what you drank the night before or lots of sleep

What also helps, apart from drinking lots of water and making yourself sweat (you could go to the sauna instead of mowing the lawn), is ginger. Make a cup of tea with a few blocks of ginger in syrup in it, with some of the syrup too... and drink it!

Brad G.
Drink all the water you can stand and take about 4 ibuprophen until your headache is gone.

Little Minx
Sorry ive got no sympathy for you its self inflicted- the best thing to do is take something for bad head and go to sleep-it might make u think nent time - its not worth it1

2 pints of lager and a dozen vodkas

A hang over is do to dehydration! the only true cure is time. but drink lots of water to rehydrate yourself. I also think rootbeer helps with amild hangover.

The best thing to do is to keep drinking.

tony pepperoni
Lots of water, lots of tylenol or maybe an allergy pill, lots of sleep, and last a hot shower

big fried breakfast and lots of water.

Global Geezer
Good breakfast. Gets your blood-sugar level back up to scratch. Then drink plenty of water.

Next time you go out, try drinking some water every now and again during the night. Drink some before you go to bed as well. This will help you the following morning!

charlotte e
Try drink a least a pint of water the night before it stops you getting dehydrated and I do it and it works like a charm I hardly ever get hangovers now.

Timeless - watcher
Drink a glass of honey water with lemon.

Sugar will disintegrate alcohol,
water will help dehydration,
lemon will supplement the loss of vitamin C.

If you drink this before going to bed, would avoid a hangover in the morning.

Subway and milk always helped me in college, I'm not sure why though.

i woke up same way this morning... i put 3 anadin extra in my mouth, crunched them to tiny little bits then drank a pint of water... 15 minutes later i was right as rain,.... crushing them and taking more than you really should makes them work REAL fast. not that im condoning taking too much medicine...just telling you what I DID this morining.

Bob The Builder
Get drunk again as quick as you can. The best cure to avoid a hangover is to stay drunk.....

.best thing is two paracetamol and a tepid shower...i dont know your hangover is self in flicked...you only have your self to blame...may be next time you will know when to stop..

a cup of black coffee

chicken soup...beleive me it works..

Drink plenty of water! A good starchy breakfast will do wonders for you. Next time, you should eat a good peanut butter sandwich and drink water before you goto sleep. Good Luck!

Chεεrs [uk]
Well with a hangover, sitting down at a Pc screen isn't the best way to start. You need to lie down in a dark room, try to rest/nap. Also light snacks such as toast really seem to help. Most say take painkillers but I don't suggest that as a "cure", it only hides the affects and when they wear of the hangover feels worse than before in my opinion.

drink water till its coming out of your ears

I can not help you on what to do now....but next time drink water while drinking or prior to going to bed. You have a hangover because you are dehydrated. If you drink water prior to going to bed you will not be dehydrated.

a big fried up breakie so everyone thinks. but a power drinks works. and aslo some pandol.
but try and the breakie thing, it may work for you but make sure u have plenty of toilet paper

squeeze 1 lemon put juice in glass add water sugar until sweet add half teaspoon bicarbonate soda stir wait to fizz up drink if this fails revert to a bloody Mary with vodka no vodka is a bloody shame

scott g
start drinking again the first ones the hardest then taper off slow.that way your body burns off the alcoal slower

Water. Inside and outside. Drink it and surf in it. (Or just have a cold shower if your land locked).

fried breakfast and a shower and a cold can of coke

Bruce B
Spicy Tomatoe juice and some toast with lot's of honey. Then go out and mow the lawn or jog or something...anything to make you sweat (this part is the hardest). Follow that with a lot of water and gatorade if you have any.

Guess we won't be seeing you in church then?

Stevie X
More beer m8! Always works!

Start drinking again
Never stop
As long as you continue to drink you'll never get a hangover.

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