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i got so high last night that i ended up in the hospital!?
ok so all i know is i am smoked a freaking joint and i drunk ike a mixed drink and i got soooo stoned its never happened like that before and i thought whoever i was with was going to kiill me! so i left and i drive allll they way home but i was so delerious and i was acting so crazy with my family like playfullly and like really crazy and i begged them to take me to the hospital...well they took me through all this **** and they told me it was only weed! how could that have happened??could there have been something in the weed or my drink? ive goton high b4 and i never go that crazy before!!!i felt like my body was going to explode and stuff hellllp
Additional Details
and yes im still a little high

who gives a f*ck? u want a cookie?

yea sure

maybe it wasnt weed maybe it was salvia

Hopefully you learned your lesson....if not, I feel sorry for you.

Boss Marley
Different qualities and strands of weed wilol make you feel different ways. It could of also been laced with something or you could have smoked some sherm (PCP) but usually that slows you down a lil. When smokey acts loco on friday that is what he smoked. Easy that angel dust homes

Dude you're making yourself look like such an ignorant dumbass. Sorry.

Morgan Alexandra
weed is illegal. you should read a book.

dude could have been psp or some **** thats crazy. sorry about that.

Lexus ☺
Shouldn't have gotten high in the first place.

And how old are you? Man you should no better not even to get high!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!… My mama would kill me! That is a discrace! But the only reason I answered this question was you remind me of my uncle stevie!!! He has called the cops like 5 times in the past 8 times he has been drunk!

You probaly were just sleep walking or somthin!

Bad times...! Im not a preacher but, maybe you just shouldn't smoke it in the first place? especially when you've proved its awful capabilities. Weed causes serious paranoia, FACT.

..dont smoke or drink ever in your life

kitty kat 58

Andrea G
See that whould be why u should not do drugs dumb ***!!!

My sword my trade
you have to be careful now of days people lace pot allot times it is not just basic plain pot. know your drug dealer well Because if they lace it with something addictive the buyer will keep coming back for more. so allot times they lace it with myth or addicting substances. some weeds laces with acid that could make you trip, but also some people get panic attacks when they smoke weed. to much weed or just get in general from a little weed. my brother smoked weed and he got panic attacks even after the weed, it was bad he could not even go to school because he thought he was dying. look up panic attacks it sounded like you where having one of them the signs are panic attacks
* raging heartbeat
* difficulty breathing, feeling as though you 'can't get enough air
* terror that is almost paralyzing
* nervous, shaking, stress
* heart palpitation, feeling of dread
* dizziness, lightheadedness or nausea
* trembling, sweating, shaking
* choking, chest pains, distress
* fear, fright, afraid, anxious
* hot flashes, or sudden chills
* tingling in fingers or toes ('pins and needles')
* fearful that you're going to go crazy or are about to die

Ha ha. I mixed reefer with booze before and it's bad. SCTV did a hilarious thing on it a long time ago.

It sounds like it also precipitated a panic attack in you. You might have some anxiety-related issues in general.

Mrs. Superman
you just had a bad trip.

RJsmitty 215

Dog Man
Maybe next time you'll make it to the morgue.If you had hurt some innocent person because you was sooo high and drove a vehicle,you would have been the one deserved to get hurt or killed.Do you still feel real cool about your big adventure now? STUPID!

Yeah, it's possible there was something in either the drink or the joint. Where did you get them from? Someone trusted? Never smoke mystery weed, and don't take drinks from strangers. Sketchy things happen.

thats what weed does to you. it's horrible stuff.

maybe it was skunk? thats stronger than weed


[email protected]
wow you are cool.as hole.

maybe it get to a point to tell you that "stop doing this before u kill ur self " =]

that happened to me twice i smoke weed all da time. i was smokin wit ma best friends nd i dazed out for like 3mins nd den i didnt no wtf was goin on everythin felt like a dream nd unreal i felt mad depressed i was paranoid dat ma friends were gona do sumtin to me it was da worst high ever. da second time i was at a party i drank den i smoked an L idfk wtf happeend everytin got soo crazy idk tf was goin on i thought i was gunna die nd **** den i puked nd i was all good. 2dis dai idk wtf hapened but da weed might of been laced. but most of da time its just a bad trip people say dat yu shuldnt smoke nd drink at da same time. so dnt worry yur fine yu shuld never go home like that tho jus go sumwer eat sumtin n chill until yu get at least a lil bit sober=]

there was probably something in the weed or in the alcohol.

Irem backwards
And you drove like this? Real smart.

The weed was probably laced with something...

lol owned

I think your still high. Sorry. I would take a nap.

maybe u got spiked with trips LSD GBH

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