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i can't wake up in the mornings, my alarm doesnt even wake me, any suggestions?

go to bed earlier. Also try a different alarm. Switch the alarm every few months so that you don't get use to it.

spoiled wife
get an evening job

Bang your head on the pillow. If you need to get up at 7.00 say. Bang your head 7 times. Crazy but strangely it does work.... :)

Two things work for me.

1. Go to bed really early, using sleep aids if necessary (Simply Sleep is great!) but you need about 10 hours before you have to get up.

2. Beer! If I don't have time to get enough sleep, I drink two or three beers before I go to bed. Then I can get up in the morning. Obviously you want to avoid this one if at all possible and this is not an option if you are not yet 21 (or whatever the age is in your state/country)

Another suggestion would be to leave your curtains open and let the sunlight do the job, but this would only work if peeping toms were not an issue in your neighborhood and you aren't forced to wake up before sunup.

Check out websites for Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome for additional help.

As well as your alarm clock, use your mobile.

Set it to its loudest ring with vibrate, and put it under your pillow.

If the noise doesn't wake you the vibration might.

Good luck :-)

my sheds on fire
Have you considered working nights in a bed testing factory?

world's loudest alarm clock
made for the hearing impaired


or there's always this....

Kevin E
I have an 'Acctim radio controlled battery radio', it is small and always keeps time and sets automatically for daylight saving time changes. It continuously updates itself from the BBC time transmissions.

The alarm starts of with single bleeps, then rapid bleeps and eventually goes to ear shattering continuous noise like a smoke alarm.

Position one of these on the other side of the room and place a bowl of water where your feet go when you slide out of bed to turn it off. When you stand in the water it teaches you to take waking up seriously lol.

try using SecureAwake from http://snoozester.com

Cali Mom
There's a new alarm clock called "Walkie". As soon as you hit snooze it rolls off your table and hides somewhere on the floor. Net time it goes off you have to go find it, lol.

Smoochy Poochy
go to bed really early for a whole week, it will help you feel less tired in the mornings. A good energy catch up.
Leave your curtains open at night too the daylight will wake you soon enough.

i suggest that you eat properly, drink enough and go to bed earlier.
Cant you turn up the volume on your alarm?

Steffy Girl
someone said keep repeating the time you want to wake up in your head. This is a good trick that works if you teach your brain it will respond.
also if you excercise a lot you will maybe sleep better and wake up sooner I think.

Go to your nearest truckstop they carry a alarm for truckers called I think a screaming demon or screaming meme TRUST ME my Dad has one and will wake the dead

move next door to my neighber cos the muppet wakes me up every morning

before going to sleep, try repeating the time when you want to wake up in youre head.

Light is the best (and most natural way to wake up). If you have windows that let in sunlight in the morning, cosider leaving curtains and blinds open. If not, set you lights on a timer. This combined with the alarm should do the trick.

Before you go to bed (or while in bed) decide that you WILL wake up at a certain time. Make that statement in your mind and make sure you know that you will wake up. Then take a good rest. :-)

You should be surprised to wake up like some minutes before the alarm clock goes off.

Works for me, hopefully works for you too.

join the club:( my alarm on my fone usually works.

Sharon T
Set your alarm on your mobile with vibrate on it and put it under your pillow - works for me!!!

Try a dawn simulation alarm clock. There are a few different ones around and they really help. Alternatively do what i do and work the night shift LOL

Country Girl
you need to re establish a routine like bath n bed and get up an hour earlier for a week you just have to re set all the clocks including the one in your body !!

paul t
go to bed earlier ,you cant burn the candle at both ends

Sleep early. you won't need alarm.

Tell me about it. I used to live in a house share an my phone would be on loud on a wooden floor. I used to wake everyone else up. You tried changing it to tune you have for your ring tone? That way you will think someone is trying to call. I did that and kept changing it as well. I think i could hear it but it just wouldn't wake me unless I thought it was someone ringing. ie work to ask where the hell I was! I swapped to a really loud radio station as well as my phone alarm so I had two going off.

early night and no naughty business

joe e
get beside me and you will never sleep in.slan.

Don't spent all night on Yahoo answers, go to bed early

Canadian/Brit Girl
There was one episode of The Simpsons where Bart wanted to wake up at a certain time. He found out that Red Indians drink lots of water to make them want to wee. He tried it and it worked - so it must be true!

b T
Drink a lot of water before you go to bed. You'll wake up when you have to pee.

get an extra loud alarm...sharperimage.com sells some...

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