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Poor Piglet
i'm a 21 yr old female - should i be allowed to wear dungarees?

of course you can

button moon
of you can, whosaid you couldnt?, they are in fashion at the moment arent they, they look cute anyway, on girls

Gerry Dempsey
without knowing more about you and the reason why you are not currently allowed to wear dungarees (jeans), it would be hard to give you an honest answer. is it because of religious or culture reasons, or perhaps because of respect for your parents wishes. However, basically, as a 21 year old you have the legal right to wear whatever you want, as long as it is the boundaries of the law and perhaps good taste. let me know more, i would be interested in hearing more about this.

Not whilst swimming

taz c
Sure - why not? Is there a "dress code" where you work?

barry m
Your an adult, wear what you want, simple as that.

Yes. Allowed? This is a little unnerving. Who is telling you that you cannot?

At 21 years of age I would imagine you are allowed to wear whatever you want to.

Personally though, dungarees are something i have always associated with little boys - or farmers. Dunno why.

sure you can

claire b
A 21 YEAR OLD!!!!!! Come on! NO WAY,
only if your an interbred!

If you're 21 then you should be allowed wear what you like. I only like dungarees on kids personally and not on adults at all. You wear what you want though. Why not?

hi,my answer to that is how old do you think you have to be to choose what you wear? yes you should wear dungerees if you want to at 21.

I dont see why not if you want to! why? whohas told you that you are not allowed? you are 21 dont listen to them and wear what you want.

umm..YES! Who would try and stop you from that?

You are 21, do want you want.

of course you can, dont worry bout what other people think

your 21 not 2. you can pick wat you wanna wear it's you life.

I'm a 25 year old man and am going to give you an honest answer. Look in the mirror and if waring dungarees make you look a mess don't, especially if you've got a fat bum. Girls of 21 should always look fit.
By the way I have never understood why big girls beat themselves up for being big all men like something to grab hold of
so whats the problem. For all women its just a matter of looking after your appearance an slotting in to your intendeds lifestyle. If you don't like the life style you slot out. FAT BUMS DO NOT WHERE DUNGAREES, fat bums in dungarees look like the back end of a camel


Of course you can, you can wear whatever you like!! if you wanna wear dungarees you wear dungarees!! who cares what anyone else thinks, if you like them then you wear them!! i think they're quite funky to be honest with you!! go on you know you want to!!

Dungarees are not attractive unless you are a painter!

whatever dings your dong

Only if also wearing no bra, and and letting me hold your leash!

Who says u rnt? Wear them if u want 2!

If u rephrased ur question 2 "r dungarees favoured by 21 year old females?", I'd have 2 say no cos they make people think of a dykey stereotype + haven't been fashionable 4 a while as far as I know. If ur asking if they'd suit you, I'd hav 2 say it depends on ur figure. If uv got a large bust, maybe they wud? flat chest = maybe not...

Just my opinion tho!

No, you should not be allowed. In fact, a law should be passed outlawing the wearing of dungarees for anyone under the age of 60. They make your @ss look gigantic. 'Nuff said.

I'm sorry - you're 21 and you're asking complete strangers for permission to wear an article of clothing?
Then the answer is no. You can wear them when you dcide to give yourself permission. Until then, no. Just no.

old know all
I'm not stopping you. You could put a large spanner in the bib pocket and look like something from a Soviet era poster.


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