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hey everybody my fiance just had a baby boy "jamie" 6lb 11oz over the moon.yeeehaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!?

Best of luck and wishes to Baby, Mum and drunken Father ;-)....

Wonderful news.Love Health and Happiness to all of you.



"Congratulations" You must be very....proud. Children truely are a....gift from God. Best wishes to the both of you.

congratulations daddy and well done mummy and a big kiss and cuddle to little jamiexxx

Chelsea B
Congrats are in order. Hope you are going to marry her.

awww congratulation , well done , hope every one is well

Congratulations to both of you ! I hope you will all be very happy in the future !

yeahhh... Congratulations!!

That's brilliant man! well with all the bad news around us something so beautiful such as that is always good to hear. congrats!

That's absolutely fantastic! Congratulations to you both and cuddle for Jamie. A nice healthy weight, hope mother and baby are fine. Nice one!

Camilla the First
Oh well done you two. You will never have peace of mind as long as you live!!! Enjoy every minute, as the little blighters have a habit of growing up and in no time he will be taking his "old boy" for a pint. Ah, remember the joy of the first smile. They really are super fun and reward you with love and dirty nappies - all worthwhile.. Advice - Mum will be tired and not quite so overjoyed as you would think, so remember to pet her too. xx

that is not a question as that is what this site is about or i could keep coming on saying i have just ate a bag of crisps or i have just had a pint of beer

This is wonderful news! All the very best to you and your fiance and new baby, Jamie - beautiful name! :-)

Hi Daddy! Well done to both of you. Lovely name too! x


er....what the hell are you doing on here??

Shouldn't you be with your family?

Give wee Jamie a big hug from franja - and your fiance a big hug from YOU!

When I had my son, my husband was thrilled - but it was months before he said 'I love you' to me; and it kinda freaked me out - hormones I expect - but tell 'new mommy' you love her and make a fuss of HER as well as your new son.

my wife and i have just decided to start a family and the thought of being a father scares the crap out of me
i hope im as happy as you seem when its my turn.

"CONGRATULATIONS" hope it all goes well and that both of them are doing well. Enjoy as they grow so fast.

sticky fingers
nice one ! no more computer for you then .congrats.


Congratulations Daddy. x

wahey congrats

A baby boy how wonderful and 'Jamie' is one of my favourite names!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

merry l

best wishes to you both and the new baby

A True Gentleman
Big deal! Why should I care?

congratulations mate - now the hard work begins lol

congrats but i'm sure you have more important things now to be doing than on here. if she's at hospital and ur home plan something nice for her, make sure the house is tidy etc. she'll appreciate it. look after her and your son, its hard work but worth it.

lou archer
Oh congratulations to you and your Girlfriend.

You must be so proud, this has made me smile :)
I hope that he has a happy and healthy life.

Lou x

A big well done to his Mummy!

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