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charles t
can i use a tack to pierce my ear?

Mark C
yeah but only a rusty one will do. nah get it done proper!

if you want it to become horribly infected.

It's possible, but if you're going to do your own piercing, you should use a needle. it's best to get it done professionally, but if you use a needle, sterilize it with a flame before you start. also numb your ear with ice and have apple or potato behind your ear so you have something to stab the needle into once it passes through your ear.

Theoretically, yes. You can use any semi-sharp object to puncture your ear.

However, I would recommend you NOT do this. First of all, it's unsanitary and you could get an infection. Secondly....it will HURT!!!! Tacks are not sharp at all, so you will have to shove rather hard to get it through tissue.

I recommend buying a home piercing kit if you insist on doing it yourself.

depends if you want blood poisoning and a lot of pain

Layla S
you can but i'd use something longer...but i really don't recommend doing it yourself.

no that could easily get infected... well you COULD, but its a really bad idea... just boil a regular needle in water then pierce it with that and replace it with an earring... sharpish... good luck x peace

Pam H
Sure, it will hurt and you might get an infection, but it could piece your ear.

no your get an infection in your ear

If you want to expierence severe pain i guess. But my guess is that the tack will not be strong enough to make a hole in your ear.
Good Luck

please your your head. it's a bad idea. you cannot properly sterilize the tack, you don't know what kinds of infections you can get from doing this. it's your body. take care of it. trust the professionals to put the holes you want in it.

When I was a teenager the only way we could pierce our ears was to take a sewing needle with thread, then sterilize it with rubbing alcohol and put it through the ear but first we froze the lobe with an ice cube...
Places today do it so fast and cheap I can't imagine why you would pierce your ear like that now.

if you really want to do it yourself..use a sterilized sewing needle!

i wouldnt. but i mean you can. i used a regular earing and pushed it threw. make sure you clean it like crazy because i have a sist in my ear from it being infected.

you shouldnt

No! You could get a really bad infection. I would think that would really hurt. Do it right or don't do it.

Water Bottle
i mean yah this will work but then ur gunna have a lot of problems with infection from the tack and your gunna have a pierced ear with no earing in it. Id just recomend going to the mall and getting it done at a place like Clairs for 15$ its worth it. Just to much of a pain otherwise. GL

i wouldn't. a tack can carry bacteria that you cant see leading to an infection. if you insist on doing it yourself use a real needle and make sure you boil it first to kill all the bacteria.

you should really let a professional do that, because your ear might get infected and then it can get really bad after that

yes but make sure you sterilise it in hot water first if you don't want an infected ear.

and it would probably work better if you just used a needle.

then follow the same after care procedures that you are given if you get a professional piercing.

Technically yes. Should you? No. Do you really want to risk the high probability of infection?

don't do it unless you want a nasty infection,go to a pro it will prob only cost a fiver, claire's Accessories you can just walk in.

Why would you want to do that?

No, please don't use a tack. It's entirely unhygienic however careful you feel you may be.
Get it done by a professional, they make sure all the instruments are free of germs and give you stuff to clean your ears with afterwards to avoid infection.

If you pierce your ears in this manner you are putting yourself at risk to picking up an infection.

you can. but even if your sterilized it and whatnot i wouldnt. its small and hard to direct. if your not going to use the proper ear piercing gun, then use a sterilized needle. and manage the wound properly so as not to develop an infection...

ps: why would you even want to use a tack? trying to be cool or something?

Omg! No! You're in for a bad infection! I suggest you go to a professional place and have your peircing done!

lilly P
No! That is not a good idea at all. If you want to do it yourself you can go here and buy a piercing kit. http://www.simplywhispersstore.com/earpiercing.html

um.. please dont. I'm sure u could but itd be so easy to get an infection that way. (it's prob rusty too..)

NO! Don't do it!

Very tacky question!

I wouldn't

i do not recommend it.

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