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 How do I cope with craving for a smoke?
I have stopped smoking now for 2 weeks and 1 day...I am still Struggling and would have another in a heart beat.
I'm wearing patches,but they are not helping with the cravings,or should I ...

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 How much sleep do you get a night?

 Someone Please Help Me!?
i had pulled out my eyelashes when i was younger,i dont know why but i just can't help it.my mom calls me lashless,lashless wonder,no lash,and other things and i get made fun of in school.[alot]...

 I just took 6 ibuprofens....?
and im perfectly fine..
i've tooken four before and nothing happened
could this affect me in a way of some sort ?...

 chapped lips!?
okay i have really bad chapped lips right now and i need it to heal fast got any ideas besides putting chapstick on?(already tried,taking to long to work)...

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 How to get awesome night's sleep?
Anyone got any good pointers/tips?...

 My boyfriend has smoked weed for 5 yrs since he was 14. He has quit now. Should he still be able to have kids?

 How many hours sleep do we need?
I usually sleep around 6 hours every night. Am I getting enough sleep?...

 How long does it take before you become addicted to smoking. How often would you need to smoke and how many?
i like a smoke now and then because i get a euphoric rush from it, but can stop for days then smoke 20 in a day.

But i've started a job recently where a lot of the staff smoke and ...

 Who England's first woman doctor, and has a school and a hospital named after her?

 I can't sleep but i have to go to school tomorrow... plz plz help!?
ok so I don't think I got enough excercise today, it's a sunday night, today my friend came over and we went outside for like 30-45 minutes, then we went inside and we did other stuff. R...

 I can't fall asleep until about four in the morning. How can I start falling asleep earlier?
I lied in bed for hours and hours but I couldn't fall asleep. I got in the habit of staying up super late because I like the night, but now I need the sleep because I have work....

 I'm allergic to hospitals and doctors, what is your allergy?

 how to Quit?
how to quit smoking????? :)
im smokng for the last 15 years.....:( one pack a day!!! or even more sometimes depending on how i am stressed!!!.......

 I Quit Smoking ! anyone wan to help me with the cravings?
i am doing really good , i have none and havnt asked anyone for any! I'm going cold turkey , or so i am gonna try so i want to know who has suggestions ? All i can think about it a cig! but i ...

 can i get a headache for not eatng 15 hours ago?
i woke up 3 hours ago and my head hurts sooo much!! i don't want to eat; and i want to be in bed the whole day!! i haven't gotten up at all!! what could this be?
Additional Details

 Can you give me a list of reasons I should quit smoking?
I really want to quit but I am missing a motivating factor to stop, I think it might help to hear a list of the cons....

 I'm 12 years old & having a Blood Test. Will the Needle sting ? Plz help me?
Mum is taking me to the nurse for a Blood Test.

I'm scared & don't want to go. Will the needle sting me ?

Are the nurses nice? Will she mind if i'm scared &...

Why don't cows die of heart attacks if milk is high in fat and cholesterol?

No Stress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Scott S
First and foremost, cows are storing milk and not generally consuming it unless they are an calf. Also, when a calf does drink the milk they are actually getting a different form b/c the milk is raw(meaning unpasterized)! This is a far healthier way to consume dairy products and can be found in some states.

Also, saturated fat and cholestol do not cause heart disease or heart attacks. this is a common MYTH perpetuated by the processed food industry. Cadaver studies of patients dying of heart attack found that their arteries were clogged by plague contains 70% poly and mono-unsaturated fats!!! I would recommend you read the book The Cholesterol Myth and visit sites such as
www.westonaprice.org. to gain factual information about fats.

Pepper's Mommy
Because, duh, they are cows, not people.

WHAT?! They eat grass; they drink their mother's milk only for a short period of their lives, just like every human baby does and not everybody dies of heart attacks do they?

they don't drink their own milk....

They produce milk, they don't drink it!

Fleur de Lis
They drink water.

Because they don't drink milk!

They don't drink it unless they are babies. The rest of the time, they just eat hay and grain.

Question Everything
They don't drink thier own milk...and Cows never die of old age or heart diesease?? know why?? Because we usually eat them before they do...Therefore they won't die of heart attacks. Plus they have more stomachs so they digest things differntly then humans do.

Because the adults don't drink milk and because calves have evolved to need the high fat milk (well, the milk and calves co-evolved but same thing). Seal pups drink milk that has the same fat content (roughly) and texture as mayonnaise and they don't have heart attacks. It just depends on what the animal needs.

church k
Milk is good for you and you should drink it. Don"t worry just drink 1% milk. It helps with high cholesterol. We need the cows to eat meat.

i dont know any mammal besides humans which have heart attacks. Cow just like all mammals make milk even humans. All babies need the fat in milk to develop normally and grow. Grown cows do not frink milk they make milk for their offspring. hope this helps

Stella girl
Cows produce milk from their udders. They produce milk as we do when breastfeeding babies. The cow has a calf, then u milk it and inseminate it again until it is near due date, then dry it off until it has another calf, and so on and so on!

high fat and cholesterol ishould be in blood to cause heart attack.secretion in milk are normal diet required for growth of calf.

linda r
because we kill and eat them before they are affected !!

patricia b
because the cows make it and they dont drink it

Thats how they get rid of their fat and cholesterol...in the milk they produce. when calfs drink milk its not exactly "milk", its like antibodies and vitamins to prepare them for life so even then they don't consume much fat or cholesterol.

they produce it not drink it.. drink only water

cos they dont drink it they produce it

Cows don't drink milk - duh! Only calves do and for a very short time.

They don't eat it or drink it - they make it. Duh.

because they don't dink milk, they produce it.

Because they don't drink it bambi.

Because they do not drink the milk - they produce it!

because they are not eating it just producing it!


uh, because they produce the milk.

Cows and all other mammals except humans only drink milk during infancy.

cows dont eat chips... and they dont drink full fat milk, or cheese, or eggs, and they dont do macdonalds coz they cant hold those burger trays...and the cola goes everywhere... hence the expression you dirty cow...

It's a vast cow conspiracy to end the human race.

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