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Nora E
Why do I sleep so much?
I am a healthy 19 year old and I drink plenty of water, am not overweight, rarely drink alcohol and am somewhat active. I end up sleeping a full nights sleep and staying exhausted during the day. If I am not working, I spend my days laying in bed and then sleeping that night. I need my life back and I have so many things that I want to do. It's cutting majorly into school and causing my grades to drop. Any ideas?

because you are sleepy
i am just like that

caren :)
growth spurt or something. that is happening to my boyfriend, your age, same situation. i hate it cuz he will sleep in for so long and then be tired the whole day.

Sean N
its just your body trust me dude youll change eventuly

It could be a host of things from diet to a neurology. the best thing is to take it seriously and go see a physician.

Perhaps your diet is affecting your energy levels. You probably need to eat a more rounded diet including carbs, also you could work out in the morning, it stimulates endorphins and such that will help keep you awake.

just go to bed earlier and wake up earlier and keep yourself busy!

MaKinzee C
I would not drink alcohol at all. Alcohol makes you drowsy. Secondly, I would try taking iron pills. When I am overworked, my mom always says that I sleep too much because my iron is low. I would also try doing something active, like walking or doing sports, because your body may need more exercise... Hope it helps!

Good Luck
~<3 Kinzee

Ty B
First, you need a good physical from your doctor to check for anemia, etc. Second, you need to have him refer you to a sleep lab for analysis. My nephew is young and healthy, but stayed tired all the time. He recently found out that he suffers from sleep apnea, even though he's not overweight. He went to the sleep lab, they found that his mild apnea keeps him from getting the deep, restorative sleep that everyone needs. They gave him a tiny machine (smaller than a typewriter) that goes on his nose at night, and he said it has made a world of difference in the way he feels.

Good luck, hope this helped...

Surfer Jeff
it sounds like you have been over sleeping. there really is a such thing. just sleeping 7 or 8 hrs a night, no more, and you'll probably find you have more energy.

your not lazy you just might need to cut back on social activities for now at least
while your in your bed study or do homework and when your grades come up keep them up and only stay up on saturdays and fridaysand holiday breaks

just me
You sound like me ..I am anemic ..just means you have low iron in your blood streem talk to your doctor and they can help .

It could be mononeucliosis (mono-the kissing disease.... can get it without kissing anyone)

Or it could be stress or depression.

Talk to a professional, either a doctor or psychologist.

Prolly have the same thing mah mom tells me. I'm lacking in one of my areas. She says i need to take vitamins. So that is what i would suggest....

Maybe you need a multivitamin. I think there may be something you're not telling us. Maybe you're depressed. Perhaps someone is secretly poisoning you? You should get a check up, seriously. If you're not drinking regularly or doing drugs then something is wrong. You should not be soooo sleepy.

Could be stress / depression.. Go to your doctor.

A lot of times it just being lazy. Your body can adapt to wanting more than 7-8 hours fo sleep a night if you give it more. They say after 8 hours of sleep you are causing negitive effects on your body -and for this reason.
But this is usually broken by just perservering through a whole day and getting a much needed 8 hours of sleep and you'll be fine.
If this is not the case with you, you being tired could be a side effect of a medical condition and you should go see a doctor.

Awakened Sleeper
You say you get a full nights sleep well either it's too much or not enough. Try different sleeping time or the number of hours you sleep. Or take power naps and see if that works. Don't sit around in your bed except for at night. Your bed is only for sleeping. That's most likely your reason or otherwise it's your bed.

could be low iron. Can be oversleep. exercise and eat healthy.

Herb ♥ Edna
You maybe hypothyroid. I get very fatigued if I am off my medicine.

It happens to all sizes.

Steve A
All other answers are possible but thought I'd throw a different one out. There is such a thing as too much sleep. Do you exercise regularly? Your body may just be adapting to your routine i.e just getting lazy on you.

u can get ajob and what help's me is doing exercise and take a nice head to toe shower. it works for me.

Patricia M
See a doctor, you may need a vitamin. Have your thyroid checked too.

possibly depressed. go hang out with friends, meet some people and have fun. eventually you will be back to normal. assuming it is minor depression of course. if you dont think so, possibly vitamin deficiency.

It sounds like you need to limit yourself to between 7 and 8 hours of sleep and no more. I am the same way. If I sleep more than 8 hours, I've gotten too much sleep and feel groggy all day. Since I've been sleeping 7 hours every night I feel great!

maybe you're getting too much sleep. that will leave you exhausted all day. make yourself get active and eat right.

N u n a

you may not be getting any rem sleep/deep sleep...

dont exercise at night or afternoon do it during the mornings also dont overexercise
make sure you eat (ppl who dont get like anorexic ppl cant sleep at night)
dont drink too much water at night
keep the temperature cool while you sleep around lower than 78
turn off all lights - any lighting esp. blue frequency cant hinder sleep
a soothing sound helps some people (rainfall, water running - not really running but on a player of sorts)
dont drink any caffeine past noon caffeine works for 7 hrs
make yourself wake up early and stay up, no naps so you can go back into the cycle again.. in other words dont lay in bed because you feel u didnt get enough sleep and youre tired..
dont go to bed past 12am.. there is a time frame where ppl get drowsy and if you pass that time frame for example 2am then you get awake again

if these dont work consult someone. it may be medical or a sleep disorder

Get your iron checked. You may have anemia.

Are you depressed?

I hate that so many people are mean when they answer these questions. You might be eating too much. I used to have the same problem and I told my Yoga teacher he told me to cut back on my food and to eat more spicy stuff as it increases energy. I did it an it worked!! Good Luck to you

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