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Why am i feeling so sensitive lately?
I'm 14 - i've never really been swayed easily by people's story. But now, like 2 weeks ago, every time on tv i see a sad tv advert or hear one line that is sad, it's like a feel a stab in my chest. It's like i'm about to cry but nothing happens afterwards.

weird, huh?

Welcome to womanhood!

I think we have all pretty much established what is causing you to feel this way, lots of the same answers is reassuring but doesnt help much. So I have a little suggestion...

How about we all add what helps us as individuals through these moments and you can give them all a try to see if it helps.

What helps me when I feel like this is 'chocolate' a little obvious maybe but it works for me :)

Take care and I hope our suggestions help :) embrace the tears though dont be afraid of them, you are completely normal!


Your pregnant!

Maybe you simply need a guy in your life.
It's very common, you feel like your missing something special in your life, so everytime something sad or moving come along, you feel it a lot more.

Mr. Anderson
ur becoming a woman, most women are natrually apathetic (which means you sympathyze with other) and some men are too such as me......which is why im asnwering this in the first place, saddness is a good thing, if u feel feelings its good, if u felt numb and emotionless then u should be worried, ur perfectly normal =]


Jenna J
hormones taking over

just apart of growing up and having feelings, i was like that for a long time, i know exactly how you feel. its coz your growing into a teenager and these sad things start to get to you coz your starting to understand it, it'll be okay, it get better.

sweet sensimilla
happens to me before i get my period.... or maybe you are prego

maybe you're havin pms...

hormones, pms...or unless you're becoming an empath though

well im 15 and the same thing happened to me--its just hormones.
it usually gets worse right before and after your period.

Little Red Riding Hood
Not really..it's probably PMS from getting your period (usually just before)

I know exactly what you mean I have a bad case of it; I'll spontaneously want to cry..'crying spells'. Google PMS and you can get a full list of symptoms; its good to know so you don't get too fooled by your hormones and do anything to silly :)

Hope you feel better

I'm 19 btw

yeah you hormonal. right now your body is undergoing huge changes. what you are feeling is a result of this change. i used to be a right miserable sod. same thing happened to me and i assure you it happens to everyone else

No its not weird. Sometimes that'll happen to me. Its hormones, maybe your about to get your period. I know when i get my period i cry over every little thing, like if someone says Hi to me, ill cry. Its stupid but its true.

It could possibly be that your period's coming...

you're menstral, you're growing, you're a woman,



David 4000
Probably just growing up. Don't do anything to try to alleviate that depression, like drugs or alcohol or other means like eating too much or too little. Just wait it out, make sure when your sad call a friend. I find it usefull to be around a lot of people who are your friends. It will make you feel much better.

Sandy Sandals
Yeah, hormones.

Funky Little Spacegirl
I agree with JoJo, hormones will do that to ya.

Hormones baby.I once cried over a dog food commercial.

Your becomming a woman.

Siyaam Z
Just part of growing Up :)

not weird. it's normal. it could be you're pms'ing

hormones x

At puberty, your body has decided to do what it is designed to do, to prepare you for having babies. What happens is that your adrenal glands have been producing estrogen that your body needs and this is a hormone. The job of making the estrogen is being transfered from the adrenal glands to the ovaries. This takes some time to do; it doesn't happen in one day. Once this job is completed, you will feel more stable.

If you are like a lot of teenagers and have abused your adrenal glands and are in a state of stress due to your diet, etc., this process will make you feel more unstable.

Eating high carbohydrate diet, along with low fat things, and low salt, all will contribute to the problem. Eating the wrong kinds of fats like from Fat Food Restaurants, hydrogenated oils like found in processed foods, etc. all will contribute to the problem. Your endocrine system requires fat and minerals to make hormones and many women that eat low fat diets don't have a clue how they are damaging their bodies.

It's important that you learn early in life what is good and bad for you. If you listen to the so called "food experts" that are nothing more than "hired guns" of the food industry, you will end up being a statistic like so many Americans today and dying of some disgusting disease. You need to get your nutritional information from people that know about nutrition and doctors are not those people. The food industry are not those people and the so called "experts" on T.V. are not those people.

If you drink ANY sodas, you need to stop completely. ALL that junk causes many problems with your endocrine system.

I strongly suggest you buy two books and read them. "Nourishing Traditions" by Sally Fallon and Mary G. Enig, Ph.D. and "Life Without Bread" by Christian Allan, Ph.D.

Those two books will give you a basic understanding of what's good for you and what is not.

good luck to you

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