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Why am i always cold?
Even when its really hot im always cold, my family open windows and i have to shut them because i constantly shiver, i dont really understand? does anyone know what could be wrong??

i thing ur skinny.............am i ryt?bcoz if the person got enough fat the person shiver.......so eat fat foods...thats make u warm up...don't eat too much

get a good hot meal in you

keep warm x

well i dont know whats wrong but i think its pretty normal because a lot of girls at my school are always cold to. i guess its just how ur body works! but the best thing to do is make an appoitment with ur doc and see what he/she says. they usually know whats going on!

Are you Nikki from Big Brother, 'Im sooooooo coooooooooold!'

you need clothes....no seriously see your gp asap

You have a cold heart.

Lori W
I would see your doc...could be anemia, low blood pressure, age....all sorts of things

Jellybean xOx
I think you might be anaemic, or poor circulation.
You should make appointment to see your GP asap.

Figgy N Pluto
Low Blood Pressure maybe

Are you a smoker? Do you have Diabetes? Are you Aneamic? You had better check with your doctor.


Eat food.

It could be that you have low blood pressure. If you are taking any prescriptions, some of them can make you cold all the time too.

poor circulation

S.A.M. Gunner 7212
Low blood pressure could be one cause. A thyroid disorder could be another. Go see your doctor.

Poor blood circulation and anemia (low iron in blood)
can make you feel cold all the time.Check with you doctor to rule out anemia.If you have anemia, vitamins or iron
supplements will solve the problem for you.

Whether your constant chill is a result of poor circulation is something that cannot determined on line. Having a complete physical by a physician may be a good place to start..
Layering your clothes, limiting your time outside wear socks and drink warm fluids.

are you old ? old people feel the cold.

Your blood might be thin & you might possibly have poor circulation. The best thing to do would be to go for a physical & make sure it's nothing serious. The doctor would be able to accurately diagnosis something like this & would be able to offer treatments that should help.

It's low iron in the blood, anemia, my daughter has the same thing! Vitamin with "iron" will build up your blood. See your doctor to be sure ! Oh ya! Diet helps , eat veggies, greens , broccoli is a good one and there's more , check them out!

Erica S
Do you take a multi-vitamin and eat right? If not, you could be deficient on iron. Make sure you are eating plenty of vegetables and a little meat (unless you are vegetarian). You might also have bad circulation, which can be helped by streching on a daily basis and getting plenty of exercise. Lastly, are you very thin? If so, your body fat might be too low. If so, try eating foods high in protein. If none of this helps, you should see your doctor.

Sounds like you're anaemic...I'm the same, especially when Aunt Flo is visiting...

delta s
You probably have low iron. Do you eat ice or chalk? You need to see a doctor the iron test is a simple finger stick. Low iron can be dangerous.

You sound like you are low in iron.

I'm anemic and tend to be cold all the time too - my hands are always freezing. You should go see the doctor.

this is most likely to be one of two things... anaemia or Raynard's disease. either way you will need to speak to a doctor. anaemia is a blood disorder where there isn't enough oxygen in your blood, and you are often left feeling cold and / or breathless. it is however treatable and nothing to worry about when you have the correct medication Raynard's disease however isn't treatable but again isn't that serious (i know, i have it). Raynard's is where your circulation is poor and you are constantly cold, especially in your hands and feet. it is particularly bad during the winter months. some doctors may suggest acupuncture but other than this the only thing that helps is wrapping up warm.
also in either case taking iron suppliments and eating iron rich food will help as this is one of the things that the doctor will tell you to do, as both conditions i havve mentioned are due (partly) to a lack of iron. some good foods for iron are spinach and broccoli although all fruits and veggies are good.
hope this helps.

Maybe poor circulation, consult your doctor to confirm this though.

I believe you have a blood circulation problems. You have to see a doctor.

You might want to have your thyroid levels checked. Heat and cold intolerance is a sign of overactive or underactive thyroid.

you could have an underactive thyoid get a blood test done at the doctors to see if you have

It could be do to a poor diet, or smoking, but it could just be you're more sensitive to the cold than most people.

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