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I Need Help Please
Why Do I Sleep So Much?
Im 15 and I always need like 10-11 hours of sleep or im real tired. Everyone else is fine with about 7 hours. Why do I sleep so much? I found out in one of my classes at school that it might be that I don't get many vitamins? I don't eat breakfast in morning, because im to lazy and don't eat school lunches that much unless their good. I come home and usually just eat some grain and dairy stuff with a pop(soda, what ever you may call it). If its because of the lack of vitamins, what vitamins do I need to keep awake?


YAM 6 to 1
if you're a female then your pregnant..

Tim R
You eat hardly anything....

Sierra Mist, Baby!
You need food, duh..

You don't eat anything!

Belanna Jouel
It's not so much the That could be the reason for the lack of energy. You're not feeding your body and if your body doesn't have anything to use for energy, you're going to always feel tired. When you're sleeping, your body is trying to store energy so you can survive the day once you are awake. Start eating in the morning. As long as your feeding yourself and drinking lots of liquids, you should have more energy. Happy Eating!

I don't know but I am 21, and I want to be fine with 8 hours of sleep but I can sleep so much more, and if I try to wake up early i feel so dead like i start to dream that i just cant wake up.

Roxanne G
most teens need around 9.5 hours sleep on average but your diet is very poor and you are not getting proper nutrition so you are going to feel like crap. you should try and eat more often more fresh foods. take a multi vitamin to supplement this.

you need some healthy food and vitamins

I am 18 and I have been sleeping alot and always tired feeling since I was fourteen and found out I had mono. You should get tested. Mono can always make you feel like this. It is also due to your poor diet and lack of vitamins....I too dont take vitamins or really eat breakfast. Good luck to you! x

B vitamins for evergy. Do not drink soda, it will make you lose energy (sugar rush followed by crash). Eating a healthy breakfast and lunch will give you more energy.

I would suggest that you get a multivitamin just so you can be sure that you are getting everything that you need. You should probably also start eating breakfast and lunch. Not doing so puts a strain on your body which is probably why you are so tired. If you don't have time in the morning to have a full out meal, grab a piece of fruit. Eating that is better than nothing. Try to pack in as many fruits and vegetables that you can throughout the day. They will also give you the energy you need to stay awake.

Tom C
Well, at your age it's natural to sleep more than usual. But seeing your daily schedule, you should stop drinking soda everyday.

Play some sports, it'll really get your body moving so you won't feel tired all the time. And eat more meat, not just dairy products, but a wide variety with some more vegetables.

Also, an apple a day will really help you notice a difference in your body for the better.

Other than that, sleeping that long considering your age is fine...

Eat some eggs or oat meal for breakfast every morning, and a banana. You should also take one multivitamin a day.

if you find a good answer to this question, you should send me the answer cause im the same way lol , and its even worse cause im in university and half the time im too burnt to even wanna get up for class.

Candace <3
gee i dont no

You need Vitamin D. Get the pills at CVS or walmart. 1000 or more will do it.

I did that, slept constantly. Thought it was my autoimmune disorder. Because I live in the South, and its soo hot I dont like going outside. Sunlight is key for Vitamin D production. The dr tested my blood and she determined that I was lacking vitamin D bad. So I had a prescription for 5000 units once or twice a day and then got the rest at the drug store. Im soo much better now.

your need alot of sleep to fill in the energy you are lacking. don't skip meals because your body is losing the nutrition it needs.

vitamin c. & you sleep cause ur tierd. ay my brother does the same **** he sleep all day long and then in the night too! & same habits as you too. its natural if ur a teen

ya need to get some yum yum in yer jelly

you probably have low iron. you should go to your doctors and get blood taken. you should also eat foods that are high in iron.

usually when people are tired its because they have weird sleeping schedules. such as: you get up early on the week but then on the weekends you stay up late. try regulating your sleep a bit.

hopfulllllllly it helps. :D
best awnserrrrr? :D

forgot the name
lack of nutrition definately

Earl s
you certainly need better nutrition, eat 2-3 meals a day

Ella M
wen on an empty stomach your body uses everything you eat after(pop) and tries to use it to stay healthy, on a full stomach your body uses only the good stuff and disposes of the bad

~ name ~
You need a daily vitamin with everything in it i take (mega green) from gnc... eat something healthy. like egg whites and monetary jack cheese and some kind of meat (i like turkey) takes like 4 min to cook and i pop it in a tupperware and eat while driving to work...
For lunch have a propel water and like an apple or something also vitamin B-12 1,000 mcg.. (energy in a bottle)
For dinner quit having the soda/pop drink water

You have no energy.. your body has no fuel... (no food) ..your gonna make yourself sick..

Do this for a week i bet you'll feel more full of life and not dragging everywhere!

TV Nerd
Could be you are growing and you need it. But I think you should get more nutrition and eat breakfast. I'm a wreck all day if I don't eat breakfast.

Don't you know your body needs an in put (food) for energy in order to give an out put (expel energy).

You need to take some responsibility for your health and diet. Look up nutrition and diets to find out how many calories you should be consuming for your age.

John Holmes
see your doctor

smoke weed

Your body is growing and you mentioned you do not eat breakfast or lunch (sometimes). Breakfast is the most important meal of the day...provides fuel for brain cells to operate (which is important when you are learning). You should buy vitamin breakfast bars or nutritional bars...sold at most stores...check the label to make sure you are not getting a lot of sugar content (that will make you tired). Get your energy in the morning through a good nutritional bar; you can take almonds, fruit and another energy bar for lunch (there is no nutritional value to sandwiches). That way you do not have to prepare anything and you are eathing healthy. Take a multivitamin and you could also have your thyroid checked. My thyroid went haywire when I was 15 years old. You did not mention if you eat dinner. That is important, as well. If it is a real concern, have a physical.

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