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What is the best way to unblock my ear, as it's been blocked with wax for over 1 month? I'm using olive oil...
I don't want to have it irrigated if possible as I am a Sound Engineer and I have been told by a nurse that there is a small chance of permanent hearing loss. Will the olive oil treatment work eventually?

your freaking nasty dude !

its calle dq-tips and they are very bennificial to your health, try those to clean the wax out. sont use olive oil, who does that? that makes it worse, you sont put food in your ears!!! if the q-tips fail to work, go see the doctor again.

See a doctor, moron. Olive oil is a myth.

Never heard of olive oil but have heard that Hopi Ear Candles will work to unblock the ear of wax. As the Hopi Ear Candle burns a gentle warmth is experienced around the ear. This warmth stimulates the blood and lymphatic circulation which is soothing and calming. The treatment is non-invasive and gently effective for: Irritation in the ears, Compacted or excessive ear wax, Headaches or migraines, Sinusitis, Rhinitis and Glue Ear, Noises in the ear (tinnitus), Circulatory disturbances in the ear, Colds and flu, Relaxation and stress relief.

[email protected]
I am an alternative medicinal therapist and I have many patients with this problem and i use EAR CANDLING and it works a treat, stop putting olive oil into your ear all you are doing is adding to the blockage. You will end up doing more harm than good. Go and see an ear candling therapist

[email protected]

I think you would be best to have it syringed by a nurse. If that is not an option you should maybe try otex ear drops, I would think if the olive oil was going to work it would have done so by now.

paul t
I recently give up smoking an went on the nicotine chewin gum an found huge amounts of wax from ear previously clear try that with gum 4 3 days

First of all, Olive oil is not going to work.

Ear syringing shoots water into your ear, it bounces off the eardrum and comes back out with the wax.

There are three things that could happen:
You get it syringed, you fit into the highly likely set where there is a successful result. Your ears are better and you can live normally.

You get it done, but you happen to be in the minority who looses the hearing. No more hearing in that ear.

You do nothing at all, your wax builds up, and you loose your hearing as the wax hardens to an immovable blockage of the ear.

You have more chance of winning the lottery jackpot than suffering the eardrum rupture.

The chance that you could get hearing loss

lay your head down on the side and pour a cap full of hydrogen
peroxide slowly in your ear. It will be cold, so you may want to soak the bottle in some hot water to warm it up. Once you have the peroxide in your ear, it will start bubbling like crazy and it tickles, but it will bubble it's way through ALL of the excess wax.
If you have alot in there, you may want to repeat the process, but it will be gone, and that's the best way to get rid of an ear infection!

Mizz B
Go doctor's get it syringed

my god no dont do that....i have lots of problems with my ears..since i was a baby..im mostly deaf always have ear infections have one now...but ive been told always never put anything in ur ear ever can damage it never but anything smaller than ur elbow in ur ear and never put something a doctor didnt recommend to u as in olive oil...pls get it checked out so they can take the olive oil out so it wont damage ur earing or ears

Fleur de Lis
Try ear candling. It's awesome and you feel great after. Most Spas will do it.

You can buy over the counter stuff from your pharmacy that works like Otex or as previously said visit you doctor... Please don't use olive oil, it can exacerbate the problem and in a worse case scenario cause permanent hearing damage.


You should see a doctor and they will get a syringe to unblock it. I noticed that someone said that olive oil is a myth, i dont think it is and if it is then that person is one of the few people who know that.

Waxsol is good as is cerumol but you should go to your surgery to confirm it is wax and then they will syringe them

abuela Nany
There are some drops that you can get at your local pharmacists, they are more effective than olive oil. You have to warm them a little (the instructions come with the drops).

If these do not work in 24 hours, go to your otorinolaringologist (eye, ear, nose and throat specialist)...

Your profession depends on your hearing...don't put it off!!!

Use a solution of 1% peroxide..lay on Ur side and have someone gentle pour into ur ear it will bubble the wax loose...the place some cotton wool or a cloth over your ear and turn over to do the other ear....its a funny feeling but bear with it cause it does work and does no harm to your ear. You usually don't need to put more "oil" into your ear if you have an over production of wax already.

Use Otex ear drops for a few days to loosen the wax, and if the blocking is still there, go to your doctors to get the ear syringed. There is no point going straight to the doctors as they will only send you away again to put ear drops in to loosen the wax for syringing later.

BEWARE: the doctor must check for ear infection before syringing though, this is vitally important!! I nearly lost my hearing in both ears because my doctor of the time didn't do this and just kept syringing every month.

And do NOT whatever you do, use cotton buds! This will only make it worse and possible damage your inner ear permanently.

Olive oil will soften the wax, but you may have an ear infection and will therefore need antibiotics or an ear spray (I am speaking from personal experience).
No harm in seeing a doctor, you can refuse if he wants to syringe your ear. He may be able to advise you to alternatives.
Good Luck

Go to an ear doctor (otolaryngologist)! They can clean your ears right in the office. You shouldn't be messing with olive oil or putting anything in your ears at all!

Try 1 part peroxide and 1 part water..dump in ear and hold for about 10-15 seconds then lay over on a towel and let it all run out..then do other ear. My doctor told me to do this because my ears produce a bit much wax..it seems to work for me, but I've never gotten to the point of being completely clogged. Hope you get it taken care of soon!!

put your head over a bowl of boiling wayter and albas oil - or vicks - it unblocks everything

Olive oil? Oy vay! Stop the oil and stop by the market or pharmacy and pick up an earwax removal kit. Follow the directions to the letter. This is assuming that you know for a fact that it's cerumen (ear wax) causing the blockage. FYI, when performed correctly, lavage is effective and there is no real chance of permanent hearing loss. Who told you this? A medical assistant or a real nurse? Part of effective ear lavage is the patient using the recommended ear drops for 3 consecutive days prior to lavage. If left untreated, there is a chance of hearing loss.

kate d
I used to get the same problem quite a lot. I went to the docs and got some ear-drops, which clears it over a few days, sorry I can't remember the name. I was told that syringing could also cause tinitus.

Go to an ear specialist and they have a device that shoots water into your ear canal without damaging the ear drum and it clears everything out.

go to the doctor and ask to get them syringed.

baby isabella due april 7th
Audi clean is a fine mist spray that u squirt into ur ear it helps dissolve the wax so it can drain out u will find it in most chemists. its very safe and recommended by doctors can even be used on small children, cotton buds only shove the wax further in. i used it in a last ditch attempt to clear my blocked ear like u i didnt want syringing it took a couple of hours but it did work.

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