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True Blue
What is a painless and quick way to die?
I want to die, badly! From the moment I was born I have only brought pain to others and myself. I just want to stop suffering but I am too much of a coward, I'm scared of suffering while I try to kill myself and also that it won't go well and I'll end up paralysed or something and be even more of a pain to others. No need about suggesting about anti depressings and counsillors, I have been on and off them for the last 7 years and I just don't seem to get better. Don't see my family that often so my absence won't be that noticeable to them. Don't have that many friends and my boyfriend will be better off without me, so no fear there about causing pain to others. I just need a plan B cause I am 35 years old and haven't got anything in my life and things never seem to change, they do, momentarily, but they always end up worst than before. Just a quick and painless way to die please.
Additional Details
I am an organ donor. I do believe that my life is worthless but that is not the case for everyone and if I'd rather die at least my organs could help to make someone who has the opportunity of a happy life live. Knowing that my life is so useless and there are people out there wishing to live and can't makes me really upset. This world, or God, or whatever is unfair, and that makes me feel even more like me dying will help more people than me living

Broken Hearted Bby</3
did you come here for sympathy or really wanna know a painless way to die? you obviously have mental problems and cope issues. check yourself in on the psych floor at your local hospital. the anti depressants didnt work b/c you wouldnt give them a chance to. if you really wanna die, take a handful of ibuprofin.

look AT ME

there is no painless way to, if you died painlessly you would cause someone pain even if its the person who found you. I have had one not so serious attempt and one very serious one i hurt a lot of people and when a get them thought i think of that time. I'm 45 and hope you live at least 10 years longer than me. If i found out you were dead it would hurt me, remember that and good luck staying alive..all the best John x

Quit your pity party belly aching. If you really wanted to die, you would have found a way to do it by now. You're obviously smart so quit acting like and idiot.

PLEASE don't kill yourself. go to clubs and other places, and try to make new friends. try being yourself and maybe someone will like you.

dying is not easy ,,,,,,,,so forget about it!!l if you dont want to live for yourself then live for others...helping them..involving in social activities it will make eassy to pass your days and die on your limit age with no pain lol..try to understand

Lady Poetica♥
You are worth living for! Live for the good days, the smiles, and all that you love! If you weren't supposed to be here, then you wouldn't have been created...but guess what! You are honey! You are! God loves you more than you could ever imagine. Don't take what He gave the world (you) away! Pray and reach out to Him. He knows what you are going through and wants you to ask for His guidance. So go and seek Him! :))

Please don't kill yourself. That will not solve anything. God loves you, and I care about you, too. I know it seems like there's no end in sight now, but you just have to play the hand you have been dealt to the best of your ability--you never know what the next card will be! I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers, because I really want you to get better.

Four years ago, our family lost a loved one to suicide--someone who also felt that no one loved him or would miss him, and that there was no hope for his future. He was wrong. Everyone still misses him very much, and we wish that he would have told us how he was feeling, because we could have helped him.

You're beautiful, special, unique...don't forget it! You are the only you in the whole world, and you can choose how you want your life to be. Again, I will pray for you as much as possible and keep you in my thoughts. Good luck. You can do it!

Buddha is right. Forget about killing your body- kill your ego. You can do this by helping others: volunteer, help people randomly, commit your entire being to the lifting up of others. Get to the point where the "you" in you is irrelevant. The pain you feel is the pain of separation from the oneness of existence. That desire for death is a desire to be reunited with that oneness. This is why so many people talk of religion when they talk about overcoming the desire for suicide: it's been their path to that awareness of oneness, but there are many paths to this awareness, and if you start searching, you will find your own. It begins though when you simply reach out to others and try and lend a helping hand. You have the capability gain this awareness ,the pain you feel is proof of that. Now it's time to begin your journey to a higher way of being. You can do this. Begin today, ok?

god is the one who gave you this life and he didnt make the mistake. when he is ready, you will die happily. if you die, more pain will be caused to everyone else...think of others too! if god hasnt killed you by now he oviously has a mission for you to accomplish in life. he didnt make you for no reason. things will get better soon. god knows when you are suffering enough that you will die. only god knows what is in store for you...destiny is written for you are the way i see it, you do have one amazing thing ahead of you. good luck with what god has for you to do for the next hapy years ahead of your position now.

Watch Fred

Dont die! peese
ur just gonna bring more pain than ever.

If you knew how pathetic this rambling seems to someone like me who is terminally ill. I don't want to die, life is precious. I have had a very hard life but have battled through. You sound very self-absorbed and need to start caring about others and putting something back into life and then you might find you get something out of it.

I've have been where you are. Life was a pain and I wanted out. I tried booze, wild behavior, meditation, Hinuism, Buddhism, Witchcraft, but none of this helped. I was a mess and it all started when my younger brother was shot and killed by a friend. My family ran down the road to where he laid bleeding to death, but I could not go and face death(I was thirteen). My brother opened his eyes and looked at everyone before he died. I was not there and the guilt nearly destroyed me.
When I was twenty-six, life was really out of my control. I decided to try Jesus; it did not happen over night, but after months of church attendance and hearing the preached word of God, I put my faith in Jesus. He helps me make it day by day. I came to understand that through the fear of death we can't really live; but through Jesus, we can live forever. Give Jesus a try and live. I hope this is a help for you.

why would you want to die

killing your self isnt the answer. jus see if someone that u know can understand what your goin through and if they can help you with your problems

Sandy K
Why don't you ask God for help? He isn't ready for you to die.See a counselor and they can help you greatly.

You do not need or want to die. Wait & talk to a doctor. Maybe go to some clubs/training and make new friends? And I'm sure your boyfriend&family love you very much and they will hate not having you around, although it may not seem like it. Please forget about this, and eventually you'll get through this. Don't get yourself down. x

What's the point of killing yourself? Do you honestly think no one will care if you die? A cowards way out is not an option. You really should appreciate your life, instead of cursing it.

Why would your boyfriend date you if he didn't care about you and FYI: no matter how far away your family is they stll love you. This is a stupid way out. Don't be a coward and work things out on your own.

Old age!

thedjkid3 e
hey, don't kill yourself please..things will work out eventually, but killing yourself won't be the best solution. regardless of how much you think you won't be missed, you WILL. think about it first, don't be so hasty to end yourself, PLEASE!

Jack Hawkins
A natural death is best.

Just don't. Think of your boyfriend, would he be any better if he found out?

Find a plan C, but you will cause even more pain if you do this, no one wants you to die...^^ that guy doesn't and neither so I, so please,

good luck with plan C ok, there is no plan B

Tom Foolery
I don't want you to die. Please don't!

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