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The Dictator
What's the best way to stop smoking?
I want to stop but I'm so weak when it comes to cigarettes even though I know I'm killing myself&I'm suffering a terrible cough.Please give me your suggestions to kick my filthy tobacco habit.

get hypomotized

stop smoking

Cut off your fingers ;)

Stick the butt of each cigarette up your rectum for about 5 seconds each. Don't forget to swirl it around. This way you'll associate smoking cigarettes with the taste of your own crap.

I've never tried this method myself, being a non-smoker.... let me know how goes.

Craig and Ana
Put out the fire.

Try using Nicorette gum- it tastes like soap powder so you will never get addicted to it. I soon associated my cravings with a foul taste and stopped very quickly. Good luck

Cold Turkey. It really is the only way. You make it to two weeks and you've got it licked.

cold turkey

arveen paria arasuk
try chewing gum or best thing is your on motivation

Just stop. Accept that it will be hell for a while, and after that "mission accomplished". Theres no other way!

Good Luck

There are some documentaries that use gross-out tactics to turn people off from smoking. It showed former smokers who had to breathe through holes in their necks and people coughing up mucus.

I stopped for 12 days in June then had a bereavement and started again, OK 12 days is not long but I had been smoking for 30 years. I plan on quiting again when the kids go back to school.
I got the nicorette inhalator from the doctor it tasted vile so just used will power.

Good luck.

Everytime you go to put a cigarette in your mouth - you must picture that it is a fresh steaming hot turd ! This should work - or you are very strange indeed !

i had a uncle who was a chronic 3 day a pack smokerr etc, good loking trucker, type dude, etc,he eventually died recently of lung cancer at 41, was in the hospitall with him holding his hand and the last thing he releated too me was , daveey, the only way to quitt smoking is inn your head and he pointed at his fore head and says, with all of the june on the markets,, it all up stairs, the n shortly after that his lights wre out, my best friend, i trulyy mis him he died in my arms, etc, the best way?? like he says ita ll up stairs up too the in divuial, nothing helped him in the end thou, etc

It`s all about willpower.I gave up over thirty years ago and i realise now it`s the best thing i`ve ever done .Be strong and determined.It will encourage you if you put aside what you would normally spend every day.Watch it grow then you realise what a complete waste of money it is.You will feel an improvement in your health in just a few weeks,and it keeps getting better.Good luck.

stan w
Suffering a terrible cough is reason enough to put a scare into you.. I have tried a number of things but only one thing worked but developed an alergic reaction, I used the patch. and lots of deap breaths and breath holding to get me over the first couple days, then it was easy going, The gum? ouch, to hard and yucky, and to harsh on the throught, ZYban? did not work for me, but did for a buddy,.. to make things even more harsh on you..
I started when I was 17, I am now 55, a long time to stay smoking. I saw a lot of my friends die, Why am I not Dead? I am not sure.. When am I going to Quit? well, I may try the patch again without the tape and use Hypoalergetic tape as the Dr., Recommended, but I am camping next week with my son of 16. He is insisting that I give it another college try with his support..
God bless him.. Cigs are to much money to die for. give yourself a kick in the butt and get yourself prepaired to quit, You have to mad enough to be ready. Good luck.

you have answered your own question, you know what you are doing to your body, what else do you need. and if you can, for one week instead of buying cigs put the money in a jar and at the end of the week see how much you would have spent on killing yourself !

go to a cessation session - most GP centres run them. You will be advised on different methods to help you stop. There is no weakness in admitting help. My partner used patches, but I used gum., it really does depend on the person themselves.

The Mr. Pine
Cold turkey.

Put your mind on something else that is fun to do - for me its PC games....

Easyway – Allen Carr.

This does exactly what it says, it is an easy way to stop smoking, and the way it works is essentially by de-programming the ingrained notions you have on smoking and quitting smoking so that it deals with the psychological problems of your smoking rather than the chemical. The chemical addiction is not the problem, you can go all night without being woken up by a craving, you will find sometimes you're having so much fun you forget to have a cigarette, quitting smoking does not have serious withdrawal.

Socially we are taught that smoking needs to be difficult, we live now in a very anti-smoking society, rather than a pro-quitting society, where there is no real support for people to quit, it teaches non-smokers that smokers are idiots and smokers that they have to suffer when they quit – if you believe it is difficult, this makes quitting smoking difficult – you believe to quit smoking requires will power and that quitting smoking will be depriving yourself of something you like doing, when you do not really like doing it, nor are you depriving yourself of anything, you are actually gaining something by quitting smoking.

Problem with most methods is that they will either involve going cold-turkey or nicotine replacement. Cold-turkey is not only depriving yourself of smoking but it is also just dealing with the chemical addiction rather than dealing with the psychological, nicotine replacement isn't depriving you however it is again only dealing with the chemical addiction, this is not the problem with smoking.

Allen Carr can explain this far better than I can, so let me just stick to telling you about Easyway – yes, it sounds gimmicky but it is the only way I have ever seen anyone quit smoking for good, and the only method to quit smoking that I have seen people happy with rather than being moody miserable and remaining under the impression that they need to fight the urge to smoke every day for the rest of their lives.

A book on Easyway from Amazon will set you back just £4, less than a pack of cigarettes, the book also offers money off their clinics – their clinics boast well over 90% success rate and give you a money-back guarantee – so that is just £4 you are spending for something that will help you quit smoking, be happy about quitting smoking and remain a non-smoker.

Not only that but you are allowed to carry on smoking while you are reading the book, in fact you are specifically told to carry on smoking while you read and the further you get into the book the less you want to smoke.

Check out the book reviews;

You really don't know unless you try it, I honestly recommend this to everyone I know, a lot of people are too scared to try it because they aren't ready to quit yet, but all those who have read it agree it is fantastic and the only sensible way to go about quitting smoking.

Link to Easyway web site - http://www.allencarrseasyway.com

Wax Crayon
Stop thinking of yourself as weak.
Stop using negative self-talk - it tends to become self-fulfilling.

Have something else to occupy yourself, and do that whenever you get cravings. It might be chewing gum, or having a drink of water. Just something to 'do'.

Also, when you get your cravings, stop and rationally analyse whether you genuinely want one. Rationally analyse the 'craving', what it feels like and whether you can deal with it.
This will remind you of your reasons for quitting and will engage your rational mind, which will stop your subconscious from following its routine sequence of reacting to the craving by lighting up.

Don't be too disheartened if you fail. Each time you fail to quit, your chances of quitting get better for next time you try. In effect, you become better at giving up, until you can get off it completely.

Learn about Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

Just quit! Ive done it many many times. Mind over matter, you don't want to quit bad enough if you just don't care enough to just stop. I'm only speaking from my own experience. I'm smoking again and will stop when it starts getting on my nerves again. Just stop is all I can say.

Mac Attack
Firstly do not tell anyone, they will only remind you that you want to give up by asking you 'have you have a smoke today etc..', Go cold turkey, and some guts and be tough on yourself. Say to people (exactly), "No thanks, I do not smoke cigarettes'. 10 out of 10 will not press you any further. I know some worse habits. Good luck.

I had a three pack a day habit. I asked God for help. I read all the books I could find on it. I even went to smokers anonymous. But I kept asking God for help. And I quit till I quit. I would break down and buy another pack , smoke some and then throw water on the rest of the pack and throw it away. It took a long time. But I didn't start out smoking three packs a day. I just made up my mind to keep quitting. I got stronger and stronger. It has been many years now. I am so grateful. You can do it. Quit till you quit.

J Somethingorother
I have tried everything without success...patches, gum, lozenges, hypnosis. I finally talked to my doctor who put me on Wellbutrin because he says they have found that people who take it lose their desire to smoke. Well I've been taking it for a month and while I did reduce my smoking i wasn't finding myself stopping. some do however...I just didn't. So I made up my mind I was giving it up anyway hoping that the pills were at least cutting my withdrawal symptoms far better than anything else. I've had some rough spots but I am on day 12 of not smoking and I think I'm going to make it. So I highly recommend getting the pills from your doc.

The people who tell you to just simply stop are idiots and have no clue what the addiction is like. Medical Science has published articles and done studies proving it's as bad as a heroin addiction. Unfortunately, unless you've been there and know what you're talking about you should hide your stupidity by just shutting up. I smoked for 35 years. I know what I'm talking about.

dont ever buy a pack again

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