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"Kh a a a a a n n" ! !
What's all the controversy about Antibiotics? Are they bad for you?
I've heard that people shouldn't take them. Or that they at least shouldn't take them too much.

What's the main controversy about antibiotics?

UHHH I dunno... *goes to dictionary.com to look of contreversy* ahhhh...... DUNNO

anitbiotics create a fake virus that you body will fight off so when the real virus hits your body is prepared for it. the problem is if you take to much of it your system will become immune, posibly making you sick without being to cure the problem.

antibiotics block "cells" not from the local body. if you take too much, then i dont know, maybe they reject your own cells.. not sure...

I dont think so.

My doctor prescribed them for my acne and it helped

Susan Yarrawonga
The fewer prescription antibiotics you take the better as many of them have unpleasant side effects. Long term use can cause many problems. The problems have been adequately covered in other answers.

Natural antibiotics are much better and two natural antibiotics that you can safely take every day are colloidal silver and garlic oil. They both have numerous health benefits.

Goddess Lily Rose
Antibiotics are great when fighting an infection. But when taken constantly and the overuse of them they become not as effective. Your body builds a resistance to them and then that is how MRSA is more prevalent now a days

Pocket Protectorate
It causes virus's to mutate and form resistances to anti-bodies...

I don't think it is such a controversy.
Antibiotics have been a great success in many areas, where it's going wrong is the usage.
Too much and your body will develop an immunity to it and its effectiveness. Now this is not just a problem with someone taking too many but also how much we are getting without knowing it.
Chicken for one example are feed antibiotics in henneries, to keep then decease free while living in cramped unhealthy conditions, the drug being feed them is transferred to us through there meat.
We are slowly building a Resistance to common antibiotics and as such there is on going development with new ones just to do the same job.
New ones always need trials and testing

It can cure the disease you are in and may cause another disease.

Abel R
Depending on how they are used and their frequency of their use. Your body can develope an immunity to their effectiveness. They can also contribute to the destruction of your "good bacteria" your body needs for proper health. the destruction of your good bacteria can make you vulnerable to Yeast infections and Candida Overgrowth. Restoring your good bacteria and taming candida overgrowth can be a time consuming healing process. God bless.

Kristi and Matt
The problem with antibiotics is not that they are harmful or cause problems, it is the fact that doctor's have been writing out prescriptions way too much. When a person takes the same antibiotic too much, they can become immune to them- making it harder to get rid of illnesses.

there are likes and dislikes -with me it's OK

Almost 2yrs without sleep...ughhh
antibiotics are used to fight current diseases, flues, and other bugs...problem is that by taking too many antibiotics your body becomes immune to the chemicals and new super bugs emerge. so you should keep the antibiotics, anti bacterial stuff to a minimum so that your body is able to build up your immune system to fight the bugs on its own.

Too much use can make you immune . Then when you need them most they don't work so good .

They're "bad" for you because you build up a tolerance to them so the next time you need them they don't work as well. Not to mention the more we use them the more resistant the viruses become.

Not so much a controversy but a concern is that bacteria are becoming resistant to very strong antibiotics, making them difficult to treat. MRSA, or methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus is a problem facing many hospitals.

Shana D
You just shouldn't take them unless you really need them because if you do than your body gets used to them anddevelopes an immunity. They then won't work if you get sometihng serious.

If you take them too often your body will develop an immunity to them and when you get really, really sick.......the anibiotic won't work.

my health teacher told my class that if antibiotics are taken when they are not necessary bacteria can develop an immunity to them. that's why people should not ask for antibiotics if they have a virus like a cold. also if people are prescribed an antibiotic and their symptoms disappear so they don't finish the medication the bacteria can also develop a resistance. so antibiotics are fine to take if one needs them its just important for one to finish taking what they have been prescribed.

Over a long period of time they can affect your small intestines

Antibiotics are wonderful for many illnesses. The issue which I believe you are speaking about, is that MD's prescribe meds way to frequently to treat everything. Your body eventually becomes immune to their positive effects.

they are not actually BAD for you... its just that you develop immunity to the antibiotics andd you will need stronger medication to achieve the same effect. plus the more people use antibiotics, the more the virus/bacteria become immune and then antibiotic resistent forms of the virus appear which makes it so much tougher for us to cure

Always Fabulous
Overuse or improper use creates resistant bugs. The antibiotics kill off the good bacteria and bad. Then you can't fight off the germs when they are really needed.

they are good when u need them but if u take them often next time u need them they may not work and they will give you another in addition to that you body will be more venerable to getting a infection that antibiotics will not be treated so easily and they need to give u a even stronger as u need stronger and stronger ones the availability of them decreases and if u need the strongest that is out their it is a last resort if it comes down to that your in big trouble

Wow. I've never seen so many incorrect answers to a question before.

First of all, _people_ do not develop a resistance or immunity to antibiotics, _bacteria_ do. All of the people saying that _you_ develop an immunity to antibiotics don't know what they're talking about. The bad thing about _overuse_ of antibiotics is that it can cause bacteria to evolve into resistant or immune strains, which then cannot be stopped by antibiotics.

Second of all, antibiotics do not affect viruses AT ALL. Taking antibiotics for a viral infection will not help you, and will only help other bacteria become more resistant to the antibiotics you're taking. All of the people saying antibiotics affect viruses also don't know what they're talking about. Drugs that affect viruses are known as antiviral drugs, and are quite different from antibiotics.

Also, antibiotics affect other _beneficial_ bacteria that live in the body. Our digestive system is dependent on symbiotic bacteria that live in our guts, and killing it off with antibiotics may cause digestive problems (such as diarrhea) or other problems. In some cases people are allergic to specific antibiotics, such as penicillin, so obviously you should avoid any antibiotics you're allergic to, but generally speaking they are fairly safe.

The person who suggested "colloidal silver and garlic oil" is another person who doesn't know what they're talking about. They said "prescription antibiotics" have "unpleasant side effects", which, other than the diarrhea, isn't particularly true. Then they suggest "garlic oil" which is almost useless because it is destroyed by digestion before it can help you, and colloidal silver, which can have the particularly "unpleasant side effect" of argyria, which means it permanently turns you BLUE! Please, stick with evidence-based medicine, and not "some person says this works" home remedies, because evidence-based medicine is provably better.

Antibiotics are not inherently bad, but they should only be used against bacterial infections when it's absolutely necessary. If a doctor tells you that you can recover from the infection on your own, it's best not to take antibiotics, because that will make it less likely that yourself or others will run into an antibiotic-resistant strain of bacteria the next time someone DOES need to take antibiotics.

Bri S
Antibiotics are not bad for you. The problem is that over the years, the misuse of antibiotics - meaning people not following their treatment plan properly by stopping treatment before the antibiotic regimen is done and people taking antibiotics when they didn't really need to - has caused drug-resistant strains of bacteria and now they are having to prescribe and in some cases create stronger medicines to combat these.

The controversy is about people who take them needlessly for things like viral infections or the common cold. Bacteria are becoming RESISTANT to the antibiotics and then they no longer work and new ones have to be developed. The problem is what happens when the strains become SO resistant and SO strong that NO antibiotic will work? That's the controversy

Antibiotics kill or prevent the growth of bacteria. Some bacteria are good for us because they perform a normal and needed function for humans, primarily in the alimentary canal. As a result, infection, diarrhea and enterocolitis are risks. About 20% of people who take antibiotics develop diarrhea. Some diarrhea risk is associated with the Clostridium difficile bacteria which is resistant to most antibiotics and requires medical intervention.

Infants who receive antibiotics in their first year of life are more likely to develop asthma by age 7, and multiple courses of the drugs boost the risk more.

However, the main controversy surrounds the widespread and inappropriate use of antibiotics for viral infections such as colds. A second consideration is that over time bacteria develop a resistence when used indescrimnately.

Taking antibiotics under a physicians guidance is best.

Your body contains good bacteria and bad bacteria. Antibiotics kill ALL bacteria. If you need to take antibiotics for something serious that your doctor prescribes, it's a good idea to go ahead and take them.
But I've heard of some people taking antibiotics just to try and get over a cold quicker. Which is really dumb...because first of all antibiotics kill bacteria, and the common cold is a virus. We don't have a cure for viruses. Second of all, the good bacteria all of us have plays a hudge part in the strengthening of our immune system. So unless you have a serious situation wherein you need to take antibiotics, it is best not to.

The mom
The controversy is about the proper use of them, and when it's appropriate and when it's not. It's compounded by the problem of people being prescribed properly, but using them improperly. When you have an infection that can overwhelm the body's immune system, antibiotics make sense. Folks think they work by killing the bacteria causing the disease, but that's not really how they work. Antibiotics kill bacteria several different ways, but they are indiscriminate killers, floating through the body killing whatever bacteria they do come in contact with. Your immune system, on the other hand, can specifically target an invader. Antibiotics let the immune system swamp the invader, while the antibiotic takes care to prevent opportunistic bacteria from taking advantage of the situation. Properly used, against bacteria that are suseptible to them, antibiotics have saved plenty of lives. However, most folks still tend not to take them as directed, or for the full course of the prescription. They will feel better after 3-5 days, and quit taking them. At that point, the body usually can finish the job, but there are bacteria that have been somewhat resistant to the antibiotic still alive. Damaged a bit, but alive- and they are the "parents" of the next generation, passing on the resistance until it gets perfected, and the antibiotic is no longer effective against them. Worse yet, folks put the rest of the antibiotic back on the shelf, and next time they feel ill, they dig it out and take it. It may or may not be effective against the actual gerbie in question, and they don't have enough to kill everything. So agian, some get exposed but not killed- and live to pass on the resistance. The body itself isn't getting resistant to the medication, the bacteria is. There is also the problem with folks wanting a pill or potion for every ailment, including viral illness like colds and flu, that are not killed by antibiotics. Our continual use of "antibacterial" soaps and cleaners also isn't helping matters either. Instead of having some confidence in the human body's ability to defend itself, we want to dive in and "help". Despite the fact we aren't actually providing much help, and the body would probably prefer we didn't. Antibiotics have their proper uses, and should be used properly. Used that way, there is no need for controversy. Our current problem with antibiotic resistance is more due to our abuse of the tools than the tools themselves.

j dog
you're body develops an immunity to them over time...

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