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Really bad sore throat....?
Starting on Sunday morning I had this nasty sore throat and then later in the day I got a fever and even threw up once...last night I didn't sleep well because of this obviously and today I just have a sore throat again. I don't know if I had the flu or what because it went just as quickly as it came...except for this sore throat. Any good remedies to help my throat? thanks!

Hot lemon with honey. Preferably spoon fed to you by your mother or by a loved one.

drink some tea with peppermint and lemon.and medicine

Disolvable vitamin C's are yummy and they are good to keep your body working and help fight disease. Also, breathe in steam.. and eat strepsils.

Nella Mae♥
rest rest rest

you'll be just fine in time...

im serious, rest if you want an enjoyable chirsmas/holiday

all the best

Nella Mae♥

I had a REALLY bad sore throat a few weeks ago this is what i did....it sounds terrible, but its tollerable, believe me and you will fell better the next morning.

2 tbsp- lemon juice
2 tbsp- honey
1/2 cup - apple cider vinegar
2 cups- h20

drink it, don't just gargle

warm it up a little and voile

also, gargling 5 times with about 1 tbsp salt per 1 cup of HOT (as hot as you can stand it) water about 2-3 times a day will kill the germs and help you feel better, too.

Take a lot of vitamin C. I was gettting that sore throat flu and I just took a couple vitamin C throughout the day and I was better in two day. Also get rest and lots of sleep! And don't smoke.
To help your throat, just drink hot liquids, stay away from cold drinks. Hope this helps :)

hey my dad showed me this way you could,ok you get some vinegar and honey and then you mix it. Then you drink it it has a very bad taste,but within minutes you throat will not irratate you for while if it comes back do it again

Heidi Anne
I like to heat up water and add honey and lemon juice and sip that and I like losenges (sp?) and throat spray.

Sue B
here's an old home remedy. it helps me and my sisters a lot. get some peppermints and a light Jack Danielle's. Boil the mints and Jack Danielle's together to a warm temperature.(make sure the peppermints are melted) take two tablespoons of it once in morning and evening. it should be gone by the next day if not try it for a few more days.
If your throat stays sore and nothing else works seek a doctor.
take care and eat soft things.


go to the doctor.. try to go tonight or first thing tomorrow morning!

you most likely have strep, if not.. you have a bad virus.. it really won't go away. you have to get it treated.

hope you feel better

pure lemon juice i no it sounds bad but it works or
tea and or honey

Sarah B
gurgle warm water and salt

dont know where your from but in dublin theres a bug going,my 3 year old has the cough of an 80 yea old smoker,im giving him exputex,its brilliant and neurofen plus,works wonders,unless you have to go to the docs?

I take a spoon full pure honey 3 times a day ,honey coats your throat helps you colds.

This will require some effort and may seem gross but it will completely cure you're problem. Trust me, it works every time. Some mucus is coating the connection between your throat and nose and it's gonna take a collective effort of your lungs,nose and a finger to blow that stuff out of the nostril that isn't closed. The left side is usually the easiest side to clear so have a blast on your way to a non sore throat.

5 star
honey lemon or if your realy up for it, chew garlic and swallow it, it's a natural antiseptic, it will clear it up in no time

Emilie Delilah
One of my teacher he told he whole class he drinks so much water till he pees clear. nasty i know but he said it works.he said it gets all the bad stuff out of ur body

You may have strep throat. Try to go in and have a throat culture. Strep can be very bad- even spreading to your internal organs if not treated.

ben cjr
Put some water in the air in your house and eat some ice cream helped me 2 days in a row, and im over it now.

Sounds like you have a bit of a cold/infection as well as a sore throat!

Look at the information here to help you on your way ...



You need Zicam

kinda sounds like strep throat...i would get my butt to doctors...especially if you have a fever....but remedies would be ibuprofen (like advil)..great for pain....also thera flu..the liquid form....it comes in different flavors (lemon, apple cinnamom) and just is really soothing....i think it has ibuprofen in it or someother pain killer...but again..i woudl at least call your doctor! strep can be pretty serious!

Gaggle hard and long with Listerine the regular one. Drink some hot chamomile tea

antibitotics prbably strep.

Brenda S
Gargle with warm salt water and vicks vapor rub on your
throat and when I was younger I used to get terrible sore throats and the doctor would have my Mom put hot wet towel on my throat...seemed to help.

gargle salt water it works!!!

Chris E
sounds like your getting better. try gargling with salt water for the sore throat

Brenda F
I use warm tea and honey with a splash of sugar.

When it's difficult to swallow I sip the tea and let it sit in my throat (if that makes any sense). The warmth of the tea and soothing feel of the honey tend to work for me.

Good luck!

tha 1 n only
mix some honey and lemon and drink it

Gargle warm salt water and drink lots of fluids! You should by those cloroseptic throat losenges. Sorry you feel bad!

Terry H
Seriously try gargling warm salt water every hour. People think it's an old wife's tale, but it's not. It works because of the antiviral and antibacterial properties of the salt. I once had such a bad sore throat that I ended up at the hospital, and THEY told me to gargle salt water.

Warm herbal tea with honey will also help soothe it. Plus, have some orange juice or other form of Vitamin C to help your body fight the illness. If it doesn't get better soon, you should see a doc (could be strep).

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