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sarah m
Please help me. I'm having a Blood Test. I'm terrified of needles. Will it hurt ? Really don't want it. SCARED
Having a Blood Test soon. I'm 13 years old

Sooo scared and hate needles. Been in tears about it.

Mom's making my have it, but i don't want it. lol.

Do i have to have it ? Will it hurt ? What will happen ?

When you go in tell them to not show you.

Look the other way. Have them tell you when theyre going to do it.

Yes it'll hurt.

It's not like say....a REALLY bad stomach gramp.

For me it feel like a pinch and it's sore after like a bruise.

I do recomend sitting for 5 minutes afterwards incase you have a bad effect to blood loss like me. Last time was ok. but the time before that I felt sick for 5 minutes.

Never hold your breath, or clench the arm you're getting drawn from.

Have someone hold your other hand and talk to you.

I am not going to lie to you it hurts just a little a first then once they get it going it doesn;t hurt after that.If you are afraid get your mom to hold your free hand and the both of you look the other way.It is so fast you will be done in no time.Before you go to make it easy put a hot-pack on the arm that your going to get blood taken From; before you leave that way when you get to doctors you will be more relaxed not so tense.They did that for me when i was young and it works.

just do not think of it ..

I assume that you're going to go through this whether you like it or not. Here's the scoop on having a blood test. You will have your blood drawn with a needle and it will sting just for a moment when your arm is punctured. I've had blood drawn and I flinch the moment the needle goes in. After that, no big deal. However, if you don't like needles, do not look at the needle while your blood is being drawn. Concentrate on something else. This is not something that is so painful that it will make you cry. You'll just flinch when the needle punctures your skin.

I love to get needles.
I don't notice it and I like to watch surgeries where I am under a local anesthetic.

Blood tests feel like nothing.
They take an extraordinary amount of blood, but no worries.

You must have this, because the blood is a great indicator of any problems.
It doesn't hurt.
They will ask what arm you prefer, stick a needle into your forearm and pull.
Look away or watch.

Don't worry about it doesn't hurt at all and it doesn't last long you'll be fine just hold your breath and don't look at it you'll be fine and yes if they say they wanna do blood work you should really have it done it'll be fine please don't worry

Sweety, I am a total needle phob!!!!
I am 49 yrs old.

I've had lot's of needle tests, and still they scare me, but don't hurt, it's just the thought of it that hurts, the anxiety.

I tell the person who is taking my blood that I am
afraid of needles, and that I don't want to see the needles, or vials, but I do ask how many vials, cuz when they change them in, not the needle, you hear a click, and i want to know when it's over!!!
I cover my eyes, sometimes i blindfold myself
or wear a hat and pull it down over my eyes.
I ask the nurse to hold my hand/ or I take my teddy bear and squeeze it!
I have them tell me when the needle is out,
cuz it doesn't hurt!! Really! it's just the thought!

If you tell them you are terrified of needles, they will be more gentle, and tell them that you are so scared, that you don't want to start shaking and have the needle break off in your arm-- IT WON'T-- BUT THEY TAKE YOU SERIOUSLY THEN!
They may ask you if you faint at the sight of needles and if you need to lie down. I'd say yes. cuz you don't know!

Just be honest, yes, you need this test, if you are not comfortable with mom in room, ask her to leave. I always did.

I take my stuffed animal with me, and I often wear a hoodie and put it over my head and cover my eyes.

I show them both arms, and ask them to find the best vein and ask for the best vampire who doesn't hurt people.

the more you joke and are honest with them, tell them you are a big baby, and they will treat you very nicely!!!!

I cannot even watch needles on TV!! or in a movie!!

im me if you need more support mystic_gift

Michelle T
well if you scared of needles you need to ball your fist up real tight and it will all be over.

It doesnt hurt at all.
its all in your head,the best way to get over your fear is watch it being done.

Well...when you take the shot, try to think of something else that make you happy! It is really doesn't that hurt, just in a second, and done! I had take one too. And I am fine! Good Luck!

I know this sounds silly, but it works, I swear! Before they stick the needle take a deep breath and start exhaling when they are sticking you, blow the air out slowly. It will be ok ;-) Merry Christmas!

It hurts a little, nothing like you think it will though. I have lots of blood tests and after your first one, the rest are easy. You are afraid of the unknown. You don't know what is going to happen cause you never had a blood test before. My suggestion is to be sure the people that will draw your blood know this is your first one and that you are scared. It will help them to help you. Sometimes I have them and I cannot feel them, other times i say ow! but not a loud ow.. just ow. Have Mom hold your hand or a friend hold your hand. This is not as bad as you think it is though never having had it, well yeah, you would be scared. So would I if I did not know what to expect!

its okay, it won't kill u. it wont hurt i don't think u should worry about it.

Daniel A
Usually the people that do this are expereienced at this you should tell them you are a little scared so they will go easy on you.

It does hurt, u feel a little sting, taking a deep breath just before they poke helps, also looking the other way, especially if seeing blood makes you queasy.

And you should try to relax, because if you are too tense, the muscle will be flexed and it will hurt even more.

Blood test are pretty routine, so don't be too scared.

Good luck

I am petrified of needles too and I am 28 years old. I have gotten better the older I get. But I cried at the dentist when I was 23.
I learned a few things that helped me a bit.

1. Do not to dwell on it or even think about it you'll just phsyc yourself out.
2. Remember they really aren't that terrible, a little pinch
3. Don't look at it.
4 Relax!!! Try to breath
5 Think of something you love and breath

The more you tense up the harder it is to take blood. When they are doing it use your other hand to pinch another part of your body.
I usually count. I actually ask if I can lay down while they take blood because I can relax more.
Hope these things help. I actually have to go in for blood tests after the New Year they are testing me for a bunch of things and I know I will be trying to remember all of the above things.

Andy L
Sarah it will hurt for a few seconds. Ask the nurse to use rubbing alcohol before injecting (The person should anyway)

country girl 006
Apparently, you must have the blood test, because your mother and probably your doctor said so. I promise, after the initial stick of the needle, it won't hurt at all. The stick feels like someone is pinching you real hard. I'm sure you have had that happen to you before, like at school or something. Just be real still, don't look, and it will be over before you know it. The nurses who take your blood are very experienced and they really know what they are doing. If you are really, really nervous and scared, talk to your doctor about it. I know my son is very, very scared of needles and he has to have a needle every single week. He has Multiple Sclerosis, a very terrible disease. Believe me, every week when he has to have a shot, he almost cries, but now, he knows if he is real still and doesn't pay any attention to what is happening, it will be over quickly. Just think about something that interests you a lot when you are fixing to get the needle stick. The nurse will calm you and talk to you the whole time. Good luck and remember, it will be over before you know it!

try looking the other way when the procedure starts. It's just like a tiny pinch, talk to you your mom about having her modivate you and keep you distracted when its about it start but its not really a thing to worry about but mainly don't look at the neddle and you should be fine.

dances with unicorns
It will only feel like a little pinch, and that will only last a second. The amount of blood they take is only a couple of thimbles-full; the person taking the sample will understand completely if you turn away while he/she is drawing the blood. They only have to stick you once, even if they draw two or three vials (they just remove one and put on another one). If you can talk to someone else while you're getting it done, it's very helpful for distracting you. Be sure to tell the person drawing the blood that you are scared; they are pretty good about talking people through it as a rule. Also - this is NOT to scare you - some people pass out, so they need to know that you're scared so they can prevent it from happening.

Hang in there - it really WILL only last a minute; I'm scared of needles too, and if I can do it, so can you!!

I don't like needles either, so first I would suggest you tell the medical tech that you are very scared, so they will help you. Next, do NOT look at where they put the needle in to take your blood. Concentrate on other stuff, if you have an ipod listen to some music you like or have your mom talk to you while you are getting your blood taken. It may sting slightly but it should not hurt. Try to relax because tensing your muscles may make your arm sore. Good luck and I am not sure why your mom is making you have a blood test, but she is your mom and knows what is best for you.

Its a little freaky the first time. It stings a bit, but after the first time it's all easy. You can give blood and it won't even bother you. My advice is to breathe normal and look away as they do it. Seeing the needle go in combined with the sensation could just put you over. Just relax and breathe.

It's totally fine!
I just hold my mom's hand, and everything is over before you know it. The first time I went with my best friend.
So, bring somebody you like!

Sarah, there was a question just like this about a month ago. I'll see if I can find it for you to read. There were a lot of good answers there!

Found it!

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