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We're Not Bouncy Balls!!
Please I'm desperate! I lost my voice and i really want it back!?
well me voice was going away since yesterday. I went to the doctor and he said he had no medicne for it. i need some remedy that works. i have to do a presintation tomorrow and if i don't talk the teacher told me i'd get a low grade!!! is their and grany recipe out there that has worked for you?? Please i miss talking!!! :( ;( ;(

protein shake.........mmmmmmmmm....... just ask a male

tea and honey

gargle with salt water so it kills all the bacteria, it's probably laringitus (sp) of some sort. anyhow tea is very good for you since its rich in antioxidants as is orange juice.. and to top it off always bring a cough drop for temporary comfort.

Zac V
i would try hot tea with honey with it it tastes pretty good too

SusanS, Incognito
The doctor didn't give you any medicine because laryngitis is usually viral. Try hot tea with lemon and honey. It is quite soothing and must may get you through your presentation tomorrow. Good luck. Let us know how you make out.

Salt water...and tell your teacher you have laryngitis (b/c that's exactly what you have)!

thunderthighs mcgee
have a friend speak for you during the presentation.

try gargling warm salt water an do it a a few times a day . that always works for me an has and everyone in my family my grandma an her family has always been in to home remedys . good luck hope it works for u as well !

Hot liquids... but most importantly.. REST. That means no talkin for the rest of the day... at all! period! You can gargle if you want. But hot tea and honey are your best bet, LOTS of honey. That holds the heat on your larynx as a liquid just passes by it quickly. When i lost my voice, i had a heating pad around my neck. The key is to rest your voice and keep it warm and relaxed.

If you dont haev your voice back in aweek... go back to the doctor. i lost my voice suddenly 2 years ago, turns out i had calluses on my larnyx and still havent recovered.

Wait it out. Fight through the presentation and show that you gave a good effort and it should work out. Home remedies probably won't work. Some tea with honey might ease the pain a bit.

I agree with the salt water, hot tea and lemon juice, but try honey, too.

DO NOT talk at all till tomorrow, your voice needs rest. Drink hot tea with honey & lemon.

chicken soup and tea

Tea with honey might help. Your teacher can't penalize you for being ill!!! Don't whisper - it strains your vocal chords worse!!! Just try not to talk and when you do, talk normally (as normal as possible) - not in a whisper.

Good luck! :)

Gargle salt water; lots of hot tea and lemon juice.

eat lemon with honey.. that works for m all the time, for reals... and lots of water too

Andrew L
Best thing is to rest it.

Can gargle salt water to help. Honey and lemon juice is very good.

Bet your teacher doesn't really miss you talking ;@)

Teacher, UK

gargle with salt water. if that doesnt work, raw egg, honey, and lemon (GARGLE, not drink!)

if THAT doenst work, drink 2 tablespoons of red wine vinegar mixed with honey (gross i know, but FAST WORKING). every two hours.

tell me if it works; in my experiance it has never failed.

I think you can use salty warmish water and gargle it ...try that ...or try some hot tea with honey in it ...Just honey no milk or suger ! ...Hope this helps ..This should work for you !! ..Good luck ....Hope you get better soon ~ !!

look up www.abchomeopathy.com for a remedy. I have had laryngitis several time with zero voice and used a homeopatic remedy that really WORKED! Get the name of the remedy from abc and then go to local health food store and buy it now!!!

Please give the lady at my front door $50.00, and we will be more than happy to mail it to you. Just kidding. I know what you're going through. I have lost mine too. Try not to say anything for about 3 days. Give your voice a chance to heal!

Robin B
There really is nothing to do about it but rest. Call the doctor and ask for an excuse. The teacher CANNOT fail you because of an illness. Use cough/throat drops to help ease the dryness, drink lots of fluids, use the spray throat reliever. But, there isn't anything you can do to make it come back as soon as you need it to.

There is nothing that will work. You have larangytis and your teacher CANNOT give you a low grade because of your illness. If the teacher does then talk to your counselor or the principle IMMEDIATELY. You are sick with larangytis so tell the teacher ahead of time and let him/her know that your doctor saw you but there is nothing they can do for larangytis.

Sheryl W
Quick, warm, honey and lemon juice!

You can trade your legs to the sea-witch and get your voice back...but you'll be stuck in the ocean so you might not make it to your presentation...it's a lose-lose for you bud.

Miss mama
dont talk for now (best remedy)
lemon tea with honey all day long and keep the throat as moist as possible all day long!!!

if you can't talk the night before the presentation, tape your mom or someone saying your speach/presentation and play it in class, your teacher will be very impressed you found a way to complete your assignment or recruit a friend to read an exact speach while you stand and point out things on poster board (the last one might require and ok from the teacher first)

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