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Bren J
Is it gross that I don't wash my arms and legs?
I usually don't wash my arms and legs because...well...they're not dirty. Unless I've been doing yardwork, I usually just...yeah.
Is that gross?
Additional Details
Wow so all these years I've been nasty and abnormal and I didn't even know it :D

in my opinion,yes

answer mine?

Timothy H
I mean I pee in the shower sometimes...sometimes I even arc it in from the shower into the toliet. But honestly I did not use soap for the first 14 years of my life...and I was healthy.

I mean it can't hurt to use soap though. You will smell nicer and feel nicer.

psh if i dont know then who cares...for real im sure you know when you need to wash your arms and legs and if they dont look nasty or smell stanky then screw it i wouldnt care

kinda i mean just because you can't see it doens't mean its not there you know? the whole point of washing is to clean all the dead skin that you don't ee.

mary nell!
yes. But I guess it's a personal thing.

At least wash them every other day I say. I wash my arms and legs like any other part of my body.

Kinda but as long as you shower and wash your parts i think its ok (:


damn girl

:D haha
um... yea...:D

Invisible Alligator
yeah. your supposed tu warsh everything on your body

of course thats disgusting !

Dean P
yyyyyyeah... that's gross. you get a build up of dead skin cells and bacteria that will spread, then you sleep in it on top of that. so, yeah, that's gross and it doesn't help with the spread of diseases either.

if it aint broke dont fix it

YES don't be a nasty skank.

are you seriously asking the general public this? ._.

are you also saying you don't take showers either?
because how do you avoid your arms & legs while standing in the shower??

anyway... from a more "scientific" view point, you should keep in mind that your skin contains microorganisms, such as yeasts and bacteria. An average of 50 million individual bacterias are found on one square inch surface of your skin...
And sweat is secreted through your skin, whether you like it or not. Like breathing, it's involuntary. When sweat mixes with dirt particles and dead skin cells, the millions of bacteria decomposes it.. dirty skin may lead to infection too.
So, just cuz you don't "think" or "see" that it's dirty, doesn't mean it's not.

matt o
It doenst take much time to simply wash them, maybe 30 seconds?

You need to wash those areas even though you don't see any visible dirt. There are microscopic pieces of dead skin, dirt you can't see, etc. You should wash your entire body from top to bottom.
Yes, it is sort of gross, but you can easily remedy the situation, right?

Morgan C
not gross, but yet.. not very hygienic.
always wash all over no matter what.

my my metrocard
they are dirty.. just because you don't see dirt doesn't mean it isn't there!

O_o hells yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
u know what u should do take a bar of soap and alcohol and rub it in ur arms and legs and see all the dirt u have in ur legs and arms u nasty

Consider all the germs you're exposed to on a daily basis -- when you put your arms on a table, bump into something with your leg, anything. Yeah. Those need to go. So it's kinda gross, to be honest.

uh you should wash your whole body because even if you don't realise it, theres dirt and oil and little germs caked on your skin so yeah it's kinda gross

If I cant smell you and you dont feel gross, then who cares?

No offense but yeah that's gross. The idea of a shower or cleaning one's self is to entirely clean the whole body.

Its like leaving old/dirty rims on a new car.

Also just because they don't look dirty doesn't mean they aren't.

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