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Nurse Practitioner 33 years
Is anybody else appalled at the inability of people on this site to write a coherent sentence?
I am curious at the age and educational level of respondents. So few are able to spell, punctuate, or use good grammar.

joe joe
absitively posolutely

Old Fart
Sorry most of us are a bit stupid, but can you write Afrikaans or Zoeloe.

i don't write properly usually because i'm in a rush and it isn't like i'm writing something that has to be correctly spelled etc

Samantha B
i dont feel the need to write properly for people i dont know.
just being honest..
im getting better at typing though.
Kudos to mavis beacon.

tommy t
Are you an English teacher? If so, I understand.

Yes, I am often surprised by the incoherent questions and responses. How can people expect to get answers if they can not phrase their questions correctly? Sometimes, I respond with a question of my own--"What is your question?"
I am also surprised at the number of people who post questions on YA looking for medical advice, and I often respond "See a doctor.".

Good question.

A Landers
Yes. I was at first. Then I started wondering how may people on this site are in other countries like India. Maybe that has something to do with it.

Ilan K
One must remember that the majority of respondents are quite young, and mainly use the Homework Help section of the site. Students use this area of the site for assistance in their work, and if they need assistance one cannot expect them to spell "coherent" correctly.

i agree

Most are kids. What do you expect?

Diamond Player
Well most people use new lingo/slang and when they use cell phones or IM they talk without sentences/punctuation. They have the education it's just they like to type fast and take the easy way out. I personally am only a teenager but like the way people type, it's easier to understand for most beacuse that's just the way it is now a day. Don't judge someone untill you meet them like most people like me and my friends are the best at sports and still take honors classes like to take the easy way out of things.

Yeah, sometimes it gets out of hand.

Susan Yarrawonga
A lot of young kids are actually asking and probably answering questions.

Kids under the age of 13 are not supposed to be members but a lot of them are and some even mention their age when they ask questions. Some of them are as young as 8.

Some of the incoherent questions and answers are probably posted by adults but probably most of the incoherent material is posted by young kids.

Some people who post incoherent material may well be foreigners with broken English.

Nurse For 20 Years
So glad to hear that someone else is thinking the same thing I am. What on earth is wrong with people?
I always wonder if its a bizarre trend or if people really don't know how to spell.
Hello from one nurse to another.

Most of them are teens, you know how children are. Society today isn't like it used to be! No one is respectful or cares for anyone but themselves now a days. What are the tax payers dollars going to? Obviously not education. Finally someone who sees with me eye to eye.

It's not really surprising.

Yes, I totally agree. I'm only eighteen, but once I had someone not believe me on account that I don't write lik dis 4 U!!!!!11!!

Luke S
wut u sayin bout fool, y u h8 yahoo answers peeps
I should pull a 187 on yo a.ss.

miss alexa.
Yes, but I'm also appalled at how hard some people try...

Unfortunately, I don't think that problem is just limited to this "site"....most of them are either in a hurry or young children. You're welcome to correct them if you give an answer... but I don't think they'd soak it in.

somethings wrong with u if u think ur better coz u can talk with inverted commas

Home Run Henry
I'm not appalled. It's just the decline of Western Civilization, that's all.

(:•)Scratch Pad Answer(:•) ^•^
Yes and then some; "I believe it is because of some that are to lazy to check the spell ck, or they, they never took advantage of the little schooling they have that is if they went to school.
Being proactive is the least worry in their mind because to some, it is street talk. EG: deh, 6ish, cool dud, high five ma-man.
Some use capital letters for no reasons but, just to yell.
The passed, the future, the present never existed for many it is a shame and maybe, just maybe, the site should have an automatic spell check and then, the site would blow up at the language and composition that is written on here. L O L

I feel the same way, but I wouldn't just limit it to the responses on this site. I have a degree in Economics and you can only imagine my frustration with this entire society right now. I guess that's why they say, "ignorance is bliss."

I sure don't like or agree with it either; as "old school" teachings were inclusive of the written word being one form how one presents themself.
But I also accept it as part of the nature of these younger generations who have been raised with
instant gratification; and who are not inclined to make any extra efforts in life; especially when they believe they are totally "anonymous" in cyberspace.
Very Truly Yours,
Rea Lee

I wun some Cooookies.
I agree. J00 4lwayz get da sl4ng liek thiz. It's very annoying.

I agree that the responses are badly written. I think most people are either too lazy to write properly or they're just in a hurry.

Jack X

Rapid Fire
Since this is a public forum I have no objections; nor am I appalled.
All members share the same right to be on here. The only thing I am appalled by is the lack of tolerance shown by some members towards others that do not have the benefit of their education. It's a shame that their education process did not include a course on good manners.

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