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I wore a pair of panties I bought at a yard sale and now I have an angry red rash. What will soothe it?
I picked up a darling yellow and brown pair of "Monday" panties at a yard sale last weekend. I've been wearing them ever since, and now I have an angry red rash in the crack between my leg and my noony. What is a good ointment or cream to stop the itch?

I think I am going to fall on the floor if I don't stop laughing..do people not realize you are yanking their chain?

this is why you dont buy underwear at a garage sale and wear religiously with no washing....that is just nasty!!!!

Personally, I think you deserve the discomfort for your stupidity. Seriously, I would go see a doctor!! And not just for your rash either....

From your various questions, I have concluded that you are indeed a very stupid girl. Who the hell buys panties at a yard sale. So because of your stupidity, you contracted a nasty rash from the other person who wore them. Learn to use your brain!

Try some butter or margarine.
My grandma said to use a flavored jelly like raspberry. That way you can have toast when you're all better.
Personally, I like strawberry more than raspberry, but that's just me.


In all years,never have I heard anyone refer to their female privates as "Noony".I've heard all the others but that one takes the cake.

max m


Okay, why did you buy underwear that someone else has probably had on their *probably* disgusting body? Gross.

I would buy some monistat.

First off, why in HELL would you ever buy used underwear, and then to not change your underwear all week - **** your asking for a rash, or a something..... First, throw out the damn underwear, go buy a baby diaper rash ointment, and change your panties EVERYDAY!!! That is just gross!!

Charly P
well first of all, it's not a good idea to wear someone else's panties. You can treat your rash how you would diaper rash and that should help. There's some ointment called A+Z zinc oxide cream that you can get almost anywhere that should help. Hope this works for you. Next time wear your own panties!

**BLu Tinkerbell**
ewwwwwwwww never buy reused underwear..that is just gross.

w/b corn.
do you really speak to your rashes? how did you KNOW it was angry and not just a wee bit miffed?
try some Pine-Sol.

It's me Snitches
Ewww...gross. Why would you wear someone elses underwear? That is just wrong on so many levels.

<3 The Pest <3
Ooo. These things can be sensitive. Where was the brown on the panties located? It might have been poo, and come to think of it, that's where the white squiggly things probably came from.

You must sniff these things, Cornfunkel, before you BUY them, no matter how good the deal seems to be.

Now, about how you're going to get rid of it. I think that hydrochloric acid should do nicely, and make sure that you follow that up with smearing toothpaste on the rash and spending the night in a diaper. That should clean it right up.

youre supposed to wash them first....geesh youre dumb. oh and you are only supposed to wear them for a freakin day! take a shower

Well, first of all buying underwear at a garage sale is hella gross. You can get them at Shopko, if you're concerned with the prices. Second of all, you should've washed them first, then maybe you wouldn't have gotten a rash.

Cornfunkel...how many times do we have to tell you that you need to clean your noony with bleach atleast 2 times a day? jeez- I'd think you could pick up on a few of the lessons people from YAnswers have given you. Right now- go get the bleach and clean that noony so it's disinfected properly. <you are the craziest person on here....I swear!>

Btw- I always love seeing your questions...do you sit around at work all day thinking of the crazy a$$ questions to post in the evening? I think you do!! ;)

hi! i think better u pay a visit to clinic,before u start Ur own treatment k.

go back and ask the previous owner what she used for the same problem!!!

Go to the free clinic and get a shot of penicillin.

gooey haato
I would recomend the Fruit of the Earth 100% Aloe Vera Gel. Its a life-saver!! i use it for a whole host of applications. Its great! It will reduce itchiness and also the swell.

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