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 How much sleep do you get a night?

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i've tooken four before and nothing happened
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 How to get awesome night's sleep?
Anyone got any good pointers/tips?...

 My boyfriend has smoked weed for 5 yrs since he was 14. He has quit now. Should he still be able to have kids?

 How many hours sleep do we need?
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I only slept 4 hours, I can't go to sleep!?!?
It's school winter break, So this is what happened..
I woke up at 1pm. and 4pm i go to my friends house,
and 7pm i drink this cheap Arizona Ice Tea Energy Drink called (All City). So The party was great.. i arived home 12am. I didn't sleep at all till 9am, then i woke up at 1p.m here i am now it's 12am. i can't go to sleep. i turn and my body hurts and it messed me up so bad. i feel pain all over my body and neck and it's driving me nuts. Now my mom tells me don't ever drink that again! what's a nice way for me to relax and sleep?

well you should eventaully adapt. You should run a lot and not eat. thats will tire you out.

Chicago Legend

Robert G
Read a book.

drink warm milk
and listen to azure ray or michael andrews.
their music puts me to sleep, it's amazing.
lol happy sleeping:)

Jesus Quintana
take some tylenol, and get something to read. a book, or magazine, or something else. reading is the best way to get tired. works for most people. your eyes get tired.

Alexa U
A good way to try and fall asleep is to maybe drink some warm milk before sleeping. If that doesn't work, count sheep, or think about something pleasant.

take a warm or hot bath and try to relax

Just wait it out. You'll fall back into your normal sleeping patterns soon enough and don't worry about the drink either, I'm pretty they don't do anything. Caffeine and energy drinks usually don't do anything for me. The pain and aching is a common thing in your instance. I find that staying up really late at socials, parties, etc. leave me restless and aching all over. I don't know what it is but it's natural :]

i cant help sorry i go to sleep at 8am and wake up at 1pm so i only sleep for like 5 hours

take a sleeping pill or nyquil, i take nyquil when i cant sleep

just take some acetaminophen for the pain and you'll just have to wait it off.

Take a sleeping pill and from now on go to bed a a normal hour wake up at the same time everyday and go to sleep at the same time every night. If you still have issues you may have insomnia in that case you would need to go to the doctor. This sounds like you just slept too late therefore you were not tired at your normal time..

Mr. Malevolence


Natalie C 美??
Exactly, read a book, a boring one. When you're not into it, it tires your brain and eyes for working so hard. It'll make you sleepy.

okay. . .do NOT take any type of medication...no sleeping pills thats what got you into this mess..just try to relax! ive been there...call a friend and just talk to them, read, take a hot bath put a wash cloth ova your face and just relax...your system is just no overload....too much slee is not good!8-9 hours anything ova that is too much!

Christine M
sit in a chair for 30 minutes and listen to relaxing music, don't get up don't think about anything, completely clear your head
tell everyone in the house not to bother you and shut your phone off, anything that can disturb you
trust me, when you lay in bed you'll fall asleep immediatly

Leo the Lion
watch some TV

Your body is not used to that sleeping schedule or that drink so its bound to hurt. Here is what I would do though. If you have an electric blanket, get that out and put it on your bed. If not, get a hot water bottle or a bed buddy and heat it up. And if you have a neck pillow that would be good too. Make yourself a mug of tea. Any herbal tea would be good. Put on some comfy pajamas and turn off the lights, but keep a nightstand lamp on. Get into your bed and put the neck pillow around your neck, and put the hot water bottle wherever you hurt most. Sip your tea and try to read or maybe watch tv for a little while so you will get sleepy. That should help you relax and be able to sleep. Hope you feel better!

rofl nice ima try doing that ill have like 4 of em and take a nice bath and watch a funny movie :PP

Soft music and meditation.

First of all, even if you don't want to you need to help your body by not waking up so late. Set an alarm so that you don't sleep in and then go to bet at a decent time.
You don't need to do this forever but give it a few days at least.
When lying in bed at night, close your eyes and imagine a bright white light is chaneling through your head. The light is making you very tense. Imagine that the light is passing through your head and into your neck and sholders. Now your head is totaly relaxed and the tension has moved to your neck and sholders. Repeat this proscess untill the light has gone through every part of your body, tensing and relaxing. You should end up at your feet. Now imagine the light seeping out of your toes and disappearing into the room. Take a couple, slow, deep breathes.
This excersise usually helps me relax. However you need to be completely focused.
Hope that helps!

Drink water and cleanse your body of toxins, resolve not to be so silly, listen to your mother, go to bed and rise at reasonable times and think happy thoughts!

first of all, the times really confuse me hun. second, your mom's right. dont EVER drink that stuff again because it messes up your sleeping patterns. now as for falling asleep, put on some soothing music, drink some chamomile tea, take some advil or tylenol, and read an extremely boring book. works like a charm. oh and no matter what people tell you, do NOT exercise!!! exercise gives you endorphins which will keep you awake!! why do you think people exercise in the morning?

take nyquil, it worked for my sister when she didnt sleep for 2 days straight. hehe

Matt I
Forcing your body to sleep is an issue in itself. It can actually do the opposite of what your goal is. See, when you try to make yourself sleep your concentrating; stressing also because you notice every ache and every pain.

It would be more effective making yourself a hot drink, not coffee or tea, and relaxing on your couch watching some trashy late night T.V.

Your body will tell you when it's time to sleep. At the moment it's doing everything it should be by keeping you energised. Remember, it does have to get rid of all the left over energy.

This might be a good point to mention that if the aches and pains do remain, and if you are still having trouble sleeping, seeing your local doctor would be advised.

Try closing your eye and relax, read a book, get a massage or day dream

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