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Atul B
I just want to quit smoking !!!!!! how ?
smokes 6-7 cigarette every day and want to come out from this habit ..... for this pls suggest me strong tips how it will be possible...

go to any public place( if any policeman is there ,is good ) start smoking .after getting fine , u always remember

Quitting smoking is not a easy task, but if you want to quit sincearly, you cn do it. Fisrt made yourself busy with the things and try to avoid smoking in public areas. Dont stop smoiking at once, it may be serious. quit slowly. day by day you shold reduce the smoking. 6..5.4..3..2..1....It takes time but you will see the difference.

just think about the cigarate every time u will leave it after some days belive me

all good
Will power is the best key but start something else like Manikchand,

Prasad D

when u want smoke then u do only stile without cigarette


1-it makes your lungs week so u con't run like others,
and if u love your own power like me then sorry,u r loosing your love.

2-each have to go ,but u will go early.....do u want to go..

3-if u smoke besides other u r harming them also,why to do so?

If u want to get rid of this then,

1-think that there is no advantage of smoking ,whenever it compels u to smoke..

2-it will take time,

and u will be normal and healthy like others.



wishing a healthy life to u................

Why do you want to quit smoking?

reducing the cigar...day by day,...on da 1st days Smoke 6, next day 5, and other day 4,.....and so on and when you smoke 1 cigar...a day stop it in a week-.----this way stop smoking.......

It took me 2 times to quit. The first time, I used lollipops anytime I had an urge..I eventually weened off lollipops and quit for 16 months..and then I had a bad day and it started all over again and I didn't have the motivation to stop until 3 years ago..the 2nd time...I had cut down to the same amount you currently smoke and limited it to smoking only at work..I did the lollipop method again..but I found that by changing my routine by limiting where and when helped tremendously..honestly, don't finish your last pack..if you get the urge to quit..and feel like you are ready for it, toss them out..I would always say after this pack...but it never worked. If you are still having trouble..go to your doctor and as for a prescription of Ciantix to help you quit..I've known numerous ex-smokers state that Ciantix saved their lives and made it easy...Good Luck..it's a tough road, but it's well worth it.

Human Cattle 555-55-5555
I took chantix and it helped A LOT!. I haven't smoked in almost 18 weeks now.

6 to 7 cigarettes a day isn't really bad, shouldn't be that hard to quit. But i can tell you its VERY VERY hard. You are basically going to have to rid yourself of all influences. That means no bars, no friends, ect.... at least untill you geta handle on it.

several experiements have been tried but the best ways are:- 1. avoid the company of smokers
2. To have a great feeling use 6-7 Neem sticks of the size of cigrate and act as if you are smoking.

Scott H
My dad was a heavy smoker most of his life, he'd say it is easy to quit, it's the staying quit that is hard to do.He was a 2-3 PACK a day smoker. He finally quit when he died! Just think of all the Americans attached to oxygen bottles that go with them to the store, out to eat, shopping, just to breath. That should scare you into quitting. If you can not quit on your own cold turkey, take the pills, chew the gum, occupy your time it's a bad habit that needs to be broken, behavior modification!

there is a lot of ways : 1-the special gum
2- spray as for asthma 3-the sticking and a lot others.
but you know that back to you because you control yourself .
i know a person who would to quit smoking 10 years ago and until now he smokes .
i read that if you want to quit smoking you most follow this stage :
1-take the cigarettes
2- then spray the milk on them
3-dry the cigarettes
4- when they dry-ed completely smoke one of them .
this way has symptoms: you will suffer of vomiting

first of all
throw every single one of your smokes out!
and when you throw them into the bin
say to yourself 'i will never smoke again'

secondly, when you feel like a smoke
slap your face? lol i don't really know
you have to do something each time you wanna smoke
like eat chili or something you hate!

thirdly you could try a nicotine patch
or something like that
get it from your chemist/pharmacy

Good decision at last.

This is one thing people refuse to do i.e to avoid those things to which they got habituated.

It is almost like an impossible thing to do that but it is possible for anybody to avoid them.

You told that you smoke 6-7 cigarettes a day na.
For such a heavy smoker it is not possible to avoid them at a time i.e instantaneously as as soon you think of stopping. So it takes sometime i.e a week or a two.

As usually you smoke cigarettes when you thought of quitting them, but try one cigar less. I.e in that day try only 4-5 cigars.
try this for 2-3 days.

In the next step, i.e after 2-3 days, try out with one more less cigar (try to be more resistive and indulge your self in some work always.) i.e 2-3 cigars for that day and do it for an other 3-4 days.

In the next step try to satisfy yourself with only one cigar(Be much more resistive and try to engage yourself busy with something or the other). Do this step for about 3 or 4 more days.

Later try to smoke only 1-2 cigars in a week.
Finally by the end of the week or the next, leave it completely.
Hence you could avoid anything like that.

Before removing the smoking habit completely,
Better make a new habit of smoking 3 cigarette daily.
Make yourself comfortable with three.
Then go for one cigarette per day.
Then start the new habit of "no smoking "

Hey Pal...I'm very much pleased to have somebody on my boat. With your advances in mind I'm seriously feeling the real strength from inside.
Especially,if you can think then why can't I?So friend,let's try it together. I'm decided to quit from now onwards.I bid adieu to my last puff.I learnt that staying off for the 1st 72 hours is the most challenging task I will have in my life.But believe me we can change the rock.
Enjoy nicotine free life.

[email protected]
Since smoking is your habit,u cannot quit it all at a once.Reduce the number of cigarettes gradually to 5 one day then 4,uptill its 1 and finally 0.And you are to determine yourself that 'I WILL NOT SMOKE'.

Indian nightingale
Everybody smokes! Models, actresses, everyone! Don't they realize that it's gross? I understand it's an addiction, but it still pains me to see my friends do it.? ..........
You own yourself, so if you want to do something that destroys yourself, go ahead. Just don't harm others when you do.


1. Don’t be alone
2. feel am not healthy for this habit
3. Put some work
4. Don’t try to read books and trying yoga it can’t use for Starting stage
5. go Gym – here u can feel the effect of ur smoking habit

All the Best to quiet

suggest your self that smoking can kill you every time, everywhere.

Blessings of Victory
you know...its your will power thats key to quitting....

just strt chewing chew gums or toffes whenever you mean to smoker

Quit Smoking.
Start chewing something (anything but tobacco).

HI Atul its good that you wish to quit you'll need lots of willpower and strong determination not to look at those ciggies and there is a very ptomising ne drug called as Champix by pfizer pharmaceuticals it contains a drug called as varenicline tartarate which is beleived to be a good medical drug for those who wish to quit.
the Indian wbsite of pfizer where you can find quit smoking resources is-

and here's some info on the drug CHAMPIX itself -
What is Champix?
Champix (varenicline) is Pfizer's new prescription tablet designed to help smokers stop smoking. Champix is a non-nicotine tablet that helps you quit smoking. With assistance of behaviour adaptation and counseling it helps you get rid of your smoking habit completely and quickly. Champix is reported to have the potential to be a significant therapeutic advance over existing therapies.

Are Champix and Chantix the same?
Except for the name, both medicines have same active ingredient (varenicline), same effects and are manufactured by same company, Pfizer. However chantix is available only in the US while Champix is presently approved for sale only in the European Union.

How does Champix work?
Champix tablets contain the active ingredient varenicline, a type of medicine called a nicotinic acetylcholine receptor partial agonist. This means that it acts on the same receptors in the brain as nicotine does.

Varenicline works by stimulating the nicotinic receptors in the brain. This produces an effect that relieves the craving and withdrawal symptoms you can get when you stop smoking. At the same time, varenicline blocks nicotine from acting on the receptors. This reduces the satisfaction a smoker receives when smoking a cigarette.

How well does Champix work?
Studies indicate that about 4 in 10 smokers who want to quit smoking will be able to do so with the help of Champix. This is better than those who are able to quite using previously available medicines (bupropion or nicotine replacement therapy – such as nicotine gum, spray, etc.)

This figure is based on two large trials that involved several thousand smokers who wanted to quit. In the trials, smokers were randomly assigned to either Champix plus regular counseling ('stop smoking' counseling), or bupropion plus counseling, or dummy tablets plus counseling. In trials, 44% of the group treated with Champix had stopped smoking after being treated for 12 weeks, as opposed to 11% of smokers taking the placebo. Over the same duration, it was also shown to be twice as effective as Zyban (bupropion), the other main anti-smoking drug treatment.

How do I take Champix?
Decide on a 'quit date' - the date you intend to stop smoking.
Start taking the tablets one week before the 'quit date'. The aim is to build up the dose so your body gets used to the medicine before the 'quit date'. The usual advice is to start with 0.5mg daily for the first three days. Then 0.5mg twice daily on day’s four to seven. Then, 1mg twice daily for 12 weeks.
Take each dose with a full glass of water, preferably after eating. So, ideally, after breakfast, and after your evening meal.
Tell your doctor if you develop any side-effects. A reduction in dose may be an option.
The usual course of treatment is for 12 weeks. If you have successfully stopped smoking by this time:
In many cases, treatment is stopped and that is it. You are a non-smoker!
In some cases, an additional 12 weeks of treatment may be advised. You can discuss this with your doctor. It may be useful for people who are not confident off the cigarettes.
In some cases, a short 'tapering off' of the dose over a week or so may be helpful. This is because at the end of treatment, if the medicine is stopped abruptly, some people develop an increase in irritability, an urge to smoke, depression, and/or sleeping difficulty for a short time. These problems can be eased by a gradual reduction of dose.
If you have not succeeded in quitting after 12 weeks there is no point in continuing with treatment at this time. Perhaps it is best to discuss things over with your doctor or practice nurse as to your future options.

What are the side effects of Champix?
As with all prescription medications, there have been some reported Champix side effects. The following are some of the side effects that are known to be associated with this medicine. Because a side effect is stated here, it does not mean that all people using this medicine will experience that or any side effect.
Stomach pain
Weakness and fatigue
Increase in appetite
Unpleasant taste in mouth
Insomnia and unpleasant dreams.
Talk to your doctor about any side effects that seem unusual or become aggravated. If you have any allergic reactions like difficulty in breathing, swelling of face, lips, tongue or throat, immediately consult your medical practitioner.


Think of your love ones.

Vivek M
actually smoking is very bad thing's that the people do it is injurious to health so you can come out from smoking slowly within a month

rajendra s
There two methods:-
1 - Ins ted of 6-7 cigarettes in a day, smoke more than 50-60 cigarettes in a day and you will totally leave it after 7 days and would not think of smoking again. By over doing a thing people are fed up.
2 - It depends how strong your will power is. Decide one day that you would not smoke further and do not smoke.
Do not start any other thing instead of cigarettes, People think that they have left smoking now start chewing pan or tobacco, this is not solution. I was chain smoker and I use to smoke Cigars instead of cigarettes. One day suddenly after twenty years of smoking, I thought of leaving it and I left it intensely and threw away my cigar box and lighter after that I did not saw the shop of Cigars.

Violette G
Try the nicotine gums and nicotine patch after consulting a doctor.

Pfizer has also recently launched a smoking cessation therapy with a medicine called 'Champix'. Visit your doctor and get the best guidance.

All the best.

work hard, what ever you do like your job or business, just sink in. and you will find you forget to smoke. always remember, a person who doesn't like his work to do, will have some bad habit.

It's never too late to quit smoking and there are many benefits to be gained no matter what age you are when you give up. Here are some quick tips to help you kick the habit.

Tip 1
Quitting is different for everyone, so find an approach that will work for you. This may be either the cold turkey approach (stopping suddenly and totally) or a more gradual reduction in the number of cigarettes you smoke each day. Set a date to quit — and stick to it. Make it sooner rather than later. If you are quitting by yourself, it is recommended that you stop smoking completely on your quit date.

Tip 2
Get as much support as you can from family, friends and work colleagues. Let them know you are planning to quit, and ask smokers not to smoke around you or offer you cigarettes. Quitting with a friend can also be an excellent idea — you can share your feelings and encourage each other.

Tip 3
Throw out all cigarettes, ashtrays and lighters and anything else that might remind you of smoking. Wash your clothes and clean your car to remove the smell of smoke.

Tip 4
Nicotine replacement therapy, such as nicotine patches or chewing gum, could be a good idea for those who smoke heavily or who feel they may need the extra help. There are also medicines available on prescription, such as varenicline (brand name Champix) and bupropion (brand name Zyban) that can help you quit by reducing withdrawal symptoms and the urge to smoke. Talk to your doctor about what would be best for you.

Tip 5
Plan ahead for situations in which you are likely to be tempted to smoke, such as parties, drinking or going out for coffee. Try to avoid these situations in the early stages of your quitting programme, or try sitting in the non-smoking section at restaurants, drinking your coffee standing up or with the other hand, or keeping something in your hand when you're talking on the phone.

Tip 6
Write down all the reasons that made you decide to quit smoking, and carry them with you in case you need reminding!

Tip 7
Keep the following 4 Ds in mind when you have a craving.

Delay: remember that the worst cravings last for only a few minutes and will become even less frequent the longer you have quit.
Deep breathe: this should help you relax and focus your mind on something else.
Drink water: it is a good idea to drink plenty of fluids to help flush the nicotine and other toxins out of your system.
Do something else: you could go for a walk, to the movies or visit a supportive friend. Try eating an apple or cleaning your teeth when you would normally have a cigarette. You could hold something else, such as a pen or beads, to replace the need to hold a cigarette, or chew some gum or eat or drink a healthy snack to have something other than a cigarette in your mouth.
Tip 8
If you drink a lot of coffee, you may also want to cut down on your coffee intake as you will retain more caffeine when there is no nicotine in your system. Feeling jittery will not help your plan to quit. It may also be best to avoid alcohol as many people find it hard to resist smoking when they drink.

Tip 9
If you find you are losing motivation to quit, remind yourself of the many medical and financial benefits of quitting! For example, did you know that 12 months after quitting, your risk of heart disease is reduced to nearly half that of a smoker's?

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