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I just took 6 ibuprofens....?
and im perfectly fine..
i've tooken four before and nothing happened
could this affect me in a way of some sort ?

You'll be way fine, as long as you don't do that every 4 hours for weeks on end. Doctor prescribe much higer doses of ibuprofen than what you've taken.

no wont hurt, dont do it regularly. it causes the blood to thin could bleed to death, hope this scares you, be carefull pls

that cant be good ! that can cause breathing problems!!

It can make you sick and is hard on your liver. Do not take more than 4 at one time and no more than 16 in 24 hours. You should see your doctor if a pain persists.

dont be stupid follow the instructions on the bottle 6 is too many for anyone

I was told I can take up to 12 a day of the over the counter ones from a doctor.
You do this for years and your stomach may be irritated, just eat some food or milk with it.
If you have no reason to take these I do not understand why you would. These do not make one high or anything like this. The pills from the doctor are of bigger doses, go get them from the doctor.....

I hope you had food in your stomach or the medication can burn a hole in your stomach.

You can also do some damage to your liver.

It is best to take the recommended dosage.

You need to see a doctor about this reason you need so many pills

if u pass out in the next 20 minnutes then i think you know what did the trick

Ibuprofen can cause stomach ulcers (long term) but short term, like paracetamol only a small amount can cause damage to your organs!

^^^^^^I couldent have said it better. Why do something so stupid??

Anne B
REnate is right. Four is 800 milligrams; prescription strength. But 6 - are you crazy. You're not getting my liver.

SIX!!!!!! That's alot of ibuprofen.
I'm surprised u felt fine when four didn't do anything to you.

that's really dangerous b/c ibuprofen is a strong drug

Liver damage....

Aj H
It depends on your weight and tolerance. I'm 300 pounds and I've never taken more than six, I hate to sound like a prude but you shouldn't take more than the bottle says

jack y
Seems like four of them did,It makes you feel like you need six., Why did you take them?All they do is make muscular pains easier to handle.They also will make your stomach bleed and can cause a very painful ulcer.

I took the equivalent of 6 once and was vomiting for 24 hours... everyone is different... i have seen many of my patients take that much and do fine... others reacted more like me...

I would STRONGLY STRONGLY recommend that you never take more than 800mg at one time (same as 4 regular Advil), and then no more than 3 times a day. Even that much should only be taken under orders from a doctor. The reason is that you can damage the lining of your stomach and not even know it until the damage is very severe (like a bleeding ulcer)... Ed, RN

yes, it hurts your liver, and it can give you a nasty upset stomach, and it is a blood thinner. best you take 2, and if that does not help, wait 2 hours to take 2 more, never exceed 12 in a day. you never know when your liver goes south until it is too late, better safe than sorry!

I'm surprised you didn't vomit

Ibuprofens can tear your stomach up. You can bleed internally. You can take no more than 1000 in a day. IF its not working then you need to try something else. Where are you having the pain? How much milligrams are they? Depending on the dose, you can only take about 2-3 at a time. You can cause kidney damage.

All hat
My gf was a physician and she would take three - I asked her about it and she said more than that and you risk damage to liver or kidneys - I dont' remember which - but yes, I've seem people gravely sick and evey die from that drug, when I ran ambulance.

It All Matters.~☺♥
watch it!it can damage your liver,and can cause internal bleeeding

Your liver stores this...if you take too much it can cause liver damage. You only have one liver...you need to take care of it.

Taking that much ibuprofen can damage the lining of your stomach. But if you don't do it habitually, it shouldn't be a big deal.

Clown Knows
Yes, it can damage your organs.

if they are 200mg each you should be just fine, but DONT make a habit of using ibuprofen...it destroys your liver with prolonged use. drink lots of water!!!!!

it hurts your liver, but other then that i think your good.

You should be painless but not dead or anything. Eat some bread or drink some milk to coat your stomach so you don't hurt yourself.

Captain Flatulence
I think it's affected your brain since there is no such word as "tooken."

You're an idiot.

Great; destroy you liver and then don't come begging for a liver donor when you have been so stupid.

It could cause internal bleeding, I've nverseen more than 800mg given at one time. Why did you do it? If you were in pain, and normal doses aren't helping, you need to see someone about it. If you were trying to hurt yourself, you should notify someone and get some help. when in doubt, call poison control, they will be the experts in OD, intentional or accidental.

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