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I got kicked out and need help.. :(?
My dad kicked me out of the house last week and I've been living with close friends of mine. I need help with insurance, school, etc.. IM 17!! i dont know whwat to do.. i can't do this by myself.. I live in VA and people have told me that Child Protective Services could give me medicaid, monthly financial support, etc.. but i can't find anything about it. I turn 18 in April but until then i am not recieving ANY type of support from my family.. I need help, but on that note I dont want to get my family in trouble with CPS because my littloe brother still lives there happily. Are there any services or financial assistance I can recieve??? I need help..
Additional Details
i cant get a job because I don't have a car and I have to go to school.. :( I got kicked out because I confronted my dad about his drug usage.. and he FLIPPED

You can move to Ireland and live with me lol. I honestly don't know I'm sorry.

well if ur old enough to get kickd out the house... ur old enough to solve ur own problems =D... have fun. ur freeeeeee!!!

go say your the sorriest girl ever to your family and see what happens but if they don't take you back nicely ask if you can take some of your stuff

may god be with you child of mine

There are some schools that will pay you to stay in school.

Sorry I wasn't much help.

Try talking to your schoool counseler or go to your local division of family services or CPS. Just tell them you need help with money etc.
Is there any other family you could live with, aunts,uncles,grandparents?

Im sorry to hear about this.
good luck.

Julie Ann
There are a lot of help your state can give you. Are you sure that your family won't help you in a week or soemthing, is it really that bad? Maybe they just need time to cool off. any way





& get a part time job.

If your father kicked you out, he needs to be in trouble with CPS. See if an of your friends parents can help you. Where are your other family members? maybe they can help you.

All I can say is you're worried about getting them in trouble with CPS but your father uses drugs. They...sorry HE shouldn't have kids.

circa 1980
I live in VA, too. What you need to do is contact your local social services department. They will be able to help with medicaid, food stamps, etc. Also...do you really want your brother to be with your father if he is using drugs? That could put him in danger. Talk to a social worker at social services and tell them everything. You and your brother deserve a bright future. If there's anything I can help you with....feel free to email me. Good luck, Sweetie.

Kay G
get a job.

Joe S
talk to a counselor at your school, they will know what to do.

Stay with your friends until you get back on your feet for a little while and then call somebody like CYS or the Child Protective Services and have someone personally talk to you about your situation. They would most like list some options for you to do to help you out. Go to the website. Hoped i helped out and good luck!!

Geez girl. What did you do to get kicked out? There is no way you could move back in with your parents?

Well, you need to get in touch with CPS because you can't keep living with your friends. They will help but only until you are 18. So after that, you need to get a job, or go to college. You can take out loans for college. That would be probably the best route. Take out enough to live on and get a part time job. Live on campus. You can even do early enrollment in the summer.

what is his drug usage? you need to get a social worker involved. and how about your mother?

Well.....good luck. I hope your situation gets better.

Brandon A
Well it's ashame you didn't manage to get a scholorship or something to pay for collage and get an education to make something of your life like many kids do now. but just talk to your dad and work whatevers wrong out. I understand this can be hard on a 17 year old but try to find a job anywhere and don't be scared to look around. usually the local carrer center offers free cirtificates for work after taking a few cheap to free classes then you may be able to make some good money and get your own place. I certain states you can get medicade. Just look into it and don't give up because anything my have a strong affect on your future so good luck in everything and i hope your life works out good. Hope this helped :)

Well mdoggs83 figures you must have pissed off your dad. You either kiss *** and go back begging dad you forgive you and take you back.

Or you bite the bullet and grow up.. Get a job. And support yourself. Get an education.. Millions of people your age do this everyday...
It's time to grow up.

Judy B
Talk to your school guidance counsellor; they will be able to get you the help you need.

You will not get your family in trouble with CPS; parents can kick 16 year old kids out if they don't follow the house rules.

I would speak to your school counselor and tell them what is going on and that you and you dad just had a disagreement and they can tell you what services are in the area for you. Since you will be 18 soon you may be able to get food stamps and your local health insurance. You can go to the health Department when you are 17 for medical treatment at low to no cost. Also check with your local capital area community services and red cross. there are a lot of resourses out there that can help.

Maybe talk to your mom or dad and see if you can get a copy of the insurance card they have for you, if they care they will get this to you and explain to your parents that you are worried about school as well, if this does not work can you talk to an aunt/uncle or grandparent about this.

Good Luck and be strong we as parents can over react to things too. You can make it just keep your head up high and focus on your future and bless your freind that took you in. Now stay out of trouble LOL.

I'm pretty sure that's illegal.... I really think you should call the child protection agency, and since your brother is a child as well, they can't really do anything to him, seeing as how it was your parents who kicked you out... I think that the CPA could at least convince-- or scare-- your parents into allowing you to be with them. I can tell you right now, though, at the moment, they don't deserve you.

erm why do u got kicked out in the first place? just get things done and ur fine...what i mean is, get back to your family..

Stephen T
You need to find a job.

Dances With Mops
Try going to the local county courthouse. Someone there should at least be able to give you directions to the CPS office. Good luck.

It sounds like you seriously need to go to CPS... just because you go to them doesn't mean your brother will get taken away, in my experience they usually just give the family a lecture or two. I would be really careful not to stay away from home too long, because unless you're 18 >and< graduated highschool, you're still considered dependent on your parents and they can call the police on you as a runaway at any moment. If you really don't want to go to CPS, try talking to a representative of a local charity or a church member, they can generally point you in the right direction of where to get aid quickly.

jed slade
Would it not be better to apologise to your family for your attitude and ask their forgiveness,hoping they will give you another chance to behave in a proper manner.IF,as you now say,your father is unfit through drugs to be with his family,you should try to support him and your mother in getting back on the tracks.

Vegetarian Deadhead Hippie
could you talk to a school counselor??
and i live in Virginia too.

I vote for CPS. You want your little brother around him when he's using?

Look up the closest welfare office to your current address. Regardless of the fact you don't want them in trouble, once welfare or child services finds out they will be. Your parents are legally bound to provide for your needs if you are not 18. I would personally call the police and report it because they will have all of the resources to help you out. If there is infact drug use....they need to be turned in to protect the young child in the house.

Consider joining the military. You are the perfect age and most dad's kick their daughter's out because the daughter is undisciplined. The military will turn you into a strong, young woman who can think straight.

Panda Lover
Congrats young lady!! I wasn't going to respond but the more I thought about you and your little brother, I just had to. I am assuming that your dad is at least 34 years old (you are 17 & if he was at least 17 when you were born). It's about time he got a swift kick in the pants and made to live up to his responsibilities. I am proud of you for confronting him about his drug use. He is the parent of at least two kids. What kind of example is he setting for you & your brother. Drugs also cost money that he should be using to support his children & saving for their college education. You need to get a hold of CPS. You are his responsibility. It sounds like your family may need counseling. You don't mention your mother. If she is still in the home, she must be weaker than you. You were very brave to confront him. Now get him & your family the help they need. Ask your friends parents to help you get in contact with CPS. You need their support to back you up.
I wish you & your brother the best of luck. Stay strong. You are becoming a wonderful young woman. I'll be thinking of you. Good Luck!

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