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jojo, thanks!

sweets, I do exactly what you do! cool!...

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I can't sleep but i have to go to school tomorrow... plz plz help!?
ok so I don't think I got enough excercise today, it's a sunday night, today my friend came over and we went outside for like 30-45 minutes, then we went inside and we did other stuff. Right now it's like almost 1 in the morning and I am like not tired at all, seriously i could run a marathon or sumthin. Tomorrow is school *groans* and should I pull an all-nighter??? problem is, whenever I do the all-nighters I am EXHAUSTED the next day, I really can't keep my eyes open. Last time i stayed up all night i fell asleep while standing up, see wat i mean??? what's the best solution???

square one.
take sleeping pill
make out w/ ur mom

stranger danger
eat till you cannot eat no more. When digestion kicks in, that should knock you out.

ever notice how tired you get after a big meal?

I'm not saying it's the healthiest alternative though hehe.

It really depends on how well you know yourself if you know you can fall asleep listening to someone talk turn you tv on and turn it down the volume so you are not tempted to pay to much attention to it (turn on the news or something that is not that interesting to you.) If you know that will not help turn off your lights get off your computer and just stare at something don't think about what time it is or what you are doing tomorrow just think about that object and that object alone and eventually you will fall asleep...do not pull an all nighter its bad for your body!

Little Ms. V
drink either decafe, or caf, coffee (for me caf, coffee makes me sleepy :)} then turn down the temp. in the house real low and rap ur self up in as many blankets as you can, AND THEN turn off all ur lights, except the one closest to the bad, and read a really really boring book u'll b asleep in no time, but u'll still be tired 2morrow, just not falling asleep while standing up

go to sleep on time if you do not you can get sick why its good for your healh you can get headaches from that be careful that happened to me if have go to sleep or do you what to go the hospital go to sleep

A sleeping aid

Tylenol pm..... NyQuil..... But what I usually do, is I drink coffee at night.... it actually has a reverse effect at night time.

[email protected]
I understand, and I'm currently in the same boat.

I find that it helps to make yourself a nice cup of your favorite (Non-caffeinated) drink and sit down with a good book.

Or eat something. It's hard to sleep on an empty stomach.

Paul G
Step one: get off the computer. Melatonin, the chemical in your brain that mediates your daily sleep/wake cycle, reacts to light such that pulling away from the bright screen for a while will begin to coax it back to normal levels, allowing your body to assume its usual (for 1:00am), sleepy state.

try laying down with everything off!

um... this happens to me all the time lol... i just lay down watch tv or listen to the radio and just lay there with my eyes shut eventually i fall asleep... hope i help happy holidays

poonam g
don't worry, sometimes due to tention it happens, so its better try to go on a morning walk then you will definately feel happy

same here i gots skool tom. and i cant go to sleep so im on answers

Just go to sleep!!! Do not pull an all nighter UNLESS you want to be embarrassed by falling asleep in class and drooling on the desk or snoring!

Jaimi P
Do something that you find relaxinng, avoid lights try reading.

Lie down, close your eyes, and try to visualize something complex (generally, visualizing sheep jumping over a fence works for most people).

The most important aspect is to stop any internal monologue - focus on visualization only.

Do this and you should be asleep in a matter of thirty minutes or less - it has worked well for me when I find myself awake and restless.

The Token Emo Kid
me 2 it's 12:30 here and i have to get up at 5:30 nd i still have homework
i thinki'm gonna take some pills

First of all get super ready for bed! Make your bed all comfy with all sorts of pillows, the whole time moving slowly and taking looooong slow breaths. Just focus on calmness and how good it will be to fall asleep.

Then crawl in bed and maybe put on some nice soothing music. Not any upbeat stuff, but classical music or something. If you don't have music (I know this sounds crazy) sing yourself a lullaby in your head. And it really helps to consciously try to relax avery muscle in your body. Start at your toes, and just focus on relaxing every part of you. Just keep going until you doze off.... Woo, now I'm getting sleepy...

Cheers! ^^

lol. I always have this problem. Try sleeping under a few cozy and warm blankets, and listen to some music. good luck.

blah blah blah
start reading and listening to quiet slow music that always knocks me out. or wach the news that kills me too

when I can't sleep I make the whole room pitch black, shut my eyes and not open them at all, if u concerntrate on not opening them u just fall asleep...well at least I do

>> if u can't keep ur eyes shut coz u can see in the dark after a bit, blindfolds lol, i had to blindfold myself once. Atleast it worked

Abbie RN
Hot shower, comfy PJ's, eat a snack, put on a movie (not a real action packed one) really low volume, snuggle up in bed and focus on the TV and your comfy full belly.

drink hot chocolate and listen to classical music. that always puts me to sleep.

drink some warm milk, if you like milk, it should calm the brain and make you body want to shut down.
Or sniff some lavender, its supposed to make you drowsy.

Get something really boring and start reading it. Make yourself keep reading it. It will literally bore you to sleep. Night-Night pumpkin!

Even if you don't sleep try to lay down. I feel asleep once by just thinking of the color black and how dark it was when I had trouble sleeping.

Check what you are eating and drinking. If you have chocolate or caffeine late in the day it will keep you up. Exercise for many people will keep them up. Avoid too much activity. It sounds like you are very sensitive to these kind of things. Read a text book in bed. That almost always works.

Mdme. Mango Keeps it Real
Start by turning off the computer and getting your behind in bed. Play some soft music if you can stand it.

Drink a glass of warm milk. It really helps.

I think you should take a hot shower, then bundle up and read a book...that'll get you drowzy! Ah, and you need to stop looking at the computer screen. The bright light from it prevents your brain from naturally getting tired at the moment it should...no Tv either

take nyquil.

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